Smiley: You Can Stand Ground 'Unless You Are a Black Man'

Tavis Smiley discusses Trayvon Martin
2:03 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Smiley: You Can Stand Ground 'Unless You Are a Black Man'
I think this is for many Americans George just another piece of evidence on the incontrovertible contempt. That this nation often shows and displaced for black man. In just a matter of weeks in this nation we will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary. -- -- march on Washington and then. Wonderful brilliant speech by doctor king's I have a dream in that speech you recall the one line that we all seem to know not much else we know that one line. I want my children to one maybe even a nation where they -- not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Jordan Zimmerman knew nothing of trade on Martin's character all he saw was his -- something is wrong in this nation. Fifty years after the march on Washington while the voting rights act is being guided speaking of the Justice Department what -- do about that perhaps. Something is wrong -- adults can racially profile children Tre -- -- was a child racially profiled and gunned down indefinitely. They got what I mean I think that is a big -- they were gonna -- it wasn't the question in the courtroom as it. Well I think what happens is if you go to any Barbara shopping he beauty salon even prior to the trial -- That I don't have the scientific data to prove this from a black man and I live and work and a black community. I don't know that you could have gotten a majority of African Americans who believe that this case was going to in differently anyway. They were hoping against hope that something different might come out George -- it as a legal matter could it have. Ended differently -- are different kind of case the prosecutors could not because if you watch that trial every day the way that I did. You do lose this sort of big picture and you get very focused on the little picture of -- again they get respect for the problem is on the every time we get to that nexus and I -- to -- are two separate issues here but every time we get to that nexus. We never seem to accept the fact that race in this country is real that color we'll get you killed. An -- we have all these cases and I believe religion at a case by case situation but here's the problem in the aggregate. Every time you have this issue somebody can always explain away why this person got all why this person was not found guilty and what we have as a budget didn't let me.

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{"id":19662786,"title":"Smiley: You Can Stand Ground 'Unless You Are a Black Man'","duration":"2:03","description":"Tavis Smiley discusses Trayvon Martin","url":"/ThisWeek/video/tavis-smiley-stand-ground-black-man-19662786","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}