'Trump absolutely thinks' health care a thing GOP should 'hammer on': Axios reporter

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics.
13:50 | 03/31/19

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Transcript for 'Trump absolutely thinks' health care a thing GOP should 'hammer on': Axios reporter
They're the elite. I'm not. Well, I have a better education than them. I'm smarter than them. I went to the best schools they didn't. Much more beautiful house. Much more beautiful apartment. Much more beautiful everything. And I'm president and they're not, right? All right, on that note, let's bring in the roundtable. Jonathan swan, national political reporter for axios. Ayesha Rascoe. White house reporter for national public radio. David Bossie, citizens united president and former trump deputy campaign manager. Heidi Heitkamp. Former democratic senator from North Dakota. Let me start with you, David, you traveled with the president to Grand Rapids, flew on air force one. As a matter of fact, I think we have a picture of you with him backstage. I'm a little confused, does he feel vindicated or hellobent on revenge? Because I'm kind of hearing both things from him. Both things can be true, right, he feels completely vindicated that after two years of lies by the mainstream media and by the Democrats in congress that he has been completely exonerated from this fake Russian hoax investigation, which all Americans now know was not true. So, the president wants to move on policy but he also wants to make sure that the important questions get answered. That's why what did Barack Obama know it and when he did it? What did the FBI do with this fake Russia dossier? How did it get to the FBI? We all know the answers to some of these questions. I think those are the important ones. Lot of smoke here to quote James Comey. We need an investigation of the investigators. So, it sounds like he's not ready to move on. I think that's true. First off, just a moment for common sense, can we all wait until we read the report and not the four-page summary? The principal findings of the report. Let's read the report and if the report is as the president has described it, and it exonerates him 100%, then fine, he should want everyone to be able to read it. The president is the one who's not moving on. Let's talk about policy, let's talk about the border, let's talk about the budget deficit. The president now has hammered away at a second investigation that's going to suck up the energy from important work we need to do. Is he serious about investigating the Democrats? Rand Paul was out saying Obama should be investigated. Absolutely, they're serious about this. I spoke to Lindsey graham about this last week. Lindsey graham was playing golf in Florida in palm beach and he promised, I promised the president I would look into the FISA process. Within the context he was trying to calm the president down. Don't worry, just be happy. Take the victory lap. Trump is frustrated. He's angry and he wants answers on this stuff. They're dead serious. Lind see graham is going to use judiciary in this way and you'll have support from certain people in this house, mark meadows, for the investigation. Ayesha, are you struck that -- the president talking about his victory lap, his advisers were clearly giddy with what they felt vindication. The president's almost first reaction was anger. I don't know that's quite surprising having seen president trump's history. It does kind of negate the argument, when you say I don't want any other president to go through, president Obama was a president. You want him to be investigated. You want to continue the investigations. It kind of undercuts that argument that we want to take politics out of this when you say let's go after the other side now. That's the question. I understand but if you look -- let's talk about Adam Schiff for a second and Nadler, in the house, these guys are unhinged. Their hatred for this president is greater than their love for country in my opinion. These folks have lost their way. Lile Adam Schiff, this guy has lost his credibility. I believe you'll see the intelligence communities stop wanting to give this liar who uses intelligence as a political -- that's what's gone on in the house. I think be careful what you ask for. If you want to continue this, that's the last thing the president should want. In spite of this, already people in this country don't believe the report. Everybody's become so, you know, I got my camp, that's what's I'm going to believe. It's time to do policy, fix problems. It's nice to say it once you guys -- That's what called leadership. Leadership, let's put it aside and address the problems of this country. That's not he's doing. He's out promoting grievance and that's not good for the country and it makes people even more cynical than what they are, David. Having been lied by the main stream media. Open up the report. David, open up the report. Let's all see it. First of all, we'll get to see what we'll see from the report. We have executive privilege issues. Why executive privilege? Do you think the president is going to balk at this? He seemed to hint at a tweet over the weekend, maybe we give them nothing. What was he talking about? I wouldn't give congress anything -- it's illegitimate investigation -- They have to give congress. I wouldn't give them the time of day, Jon. This congress. Why exert executive privilege if you want the public to see report -- I don't know what they're going to do, I take that seriously. Bossie wants privilege review. I think there has to be a privilege review. Irresponsible not to. Why? So, let me ask, the president also surprised a lot of people by coming out for this move in the courts to terminate Obamacare, all of Obamacare. Jonathan, you remember what Kevin Mccarthy said about what health care did to Republicans during the course of the midterms. Let's play a little bit of it. There's one issue we lost overwhelmingly, it was health care by 66 points. Now, you and others reported that Mccarthy actually called trump and said, don't do this. Mccarthy had a private conversation with the president which we reported in which he said he doesn't understand why they're doing this, that it makes no sense, that after an election in which they got absolutely crunched on this issue, you know, why would you do that. I have done a bit more reporting since then. Lot of people -- Republicans on the hill assuming this was a Mick Mulvaney puppet string. That's not the case. This is really trump. Something he thinks they absolutely thinks they need to hammer on and some of his staff are now coming around to his point of view on that. This goes back to this idea of president trump feels like he has to keep his promises. They promised to repeal Obamacare and they haven't done it. That's why he keeps talking about John McCain after he's been dead for months. This is something that he continues to go back to, it's not really ideological, it's this idea of I have to get this done the problem is, Republicans don't have a plan, they're divided. No one thinks this lawsuit is going to succeed, they all think it's going to fail. Whatever, I kept my promise. We know Obamacare is broken. We know that Obamacare is not working. The Democrats are moving for medicare for all. By the way, Jon, ten years ago when we had the debate over Obamacare, we had the debate and conservatives said it's the first step toward socialized medicine. The medicare for all is the next step towards socialized medicine. This is part and parcel of what the left always wanted for America. Let's talk about politics. I have as a college student I have the protection of my parents' health insurance. I have protection against pre-existing conditions. This administration now has said, we're going to take them away from you. We'll promise to give them back, this is horrible politics. I think that there are good things and bad things in the health care law. We need to stop politicizing health care. It's too important. We need transparency. We need competition. We need insurance across state lines. You don't have a plan. You never had a plan. Go to the congress with a plan. Instead of going to the court. Let's get to 2020. Because it's not just Donald Trump. We had Beto O'rourke announced. He's become the latest. Big announcement in El Paso. What's your assessment? It's interesting if you look at the polls, we had a poll out this week that looks at the, you know, big name recognition thing. You see Biden at the top. You see Bernie Sanders. You see Beto O'rourke. Would you have predicted three white men would be at top of the democratic field now with a big percentage of the vote? This to me speaks more to name I.D. Than anything else. We're so early. Donald Trump hadn't even announced at this point in the last cycle. Like, we forget that. These numbers can move pretty quickly. If Biden gets in, he's potentially at his high-water mark right now. And maybe going down. Well, he has a lot -- Biden has a lot that he's going to have to answer for and deal with. These questions aren't going to go away. This is something that he's going to have to kind of answer for and the question is -- These Lucy flores allegations. The Lucy flores allegations. The question is, when you get in, more of this stuff is going to come out. What does that mean for him and his legacy? Joe Biden has to be concerned, does he want to be remembered as Barack Obama's vice president or does he want to be remembered as a another failed presidential candidate? He has a lot of issues. I think this story about Ms. Flores is the tip of iceberg. I think that's a high fastball to him. It's also the corruption issues Joe Biden will have to deal with Ukraine and other places. I'm with Jonathan. NCAA if you could predict who's going to win you'd have billionaires in this country. We're going to find out who's going to be winning. It may not be duke at the end. What do you make of the allegations against Biden? I'm with ayesha. I think you need to be prepared to respond to them, but I think also -- I thought the vice president issued a thoughtful statement. I think he understands that there's going to be a level of scrutiny that maybe there hasn't been in the past and that you have to respond to these concerns. It was kind of a weird statement, wasn't it, if someone accuses of you coming up behind a young woman, holding their shoulders, sniffing their hair and kissing them, of course I didn't do that. I would never do anything like that. It was sort of this, I don't recall but, you know, I don't think I did it. I think it was honest. I think it was honest. I think it was an honest statement. Even before this, didn't Biden have problems? Anita hill said she never got an apology from Joe Biden. We saw Biden actually supported an amendment to nullify roe V wade. We've seen that he floated the idea of running as a ticket and we saw that didn't go over well. Pretty tough rollout. I mean, I think that kind of floating Stacy Abrams without her buy-in. It was so tone-deaf, whoever's idea that was was completely tone-deaf, especially when it seems like you're pushing a black woman, a politician, very polished to the side and saying, be my number two, when she could run on her own. What was the thinking about it? This is an incredibly weak field from the Republican standpoint. President Donald Trump is looking forward to this long and bloody contest. It will probably go to democratic convention. We'll see how the Democrat party handles what their business at the convention. Final word. Final word is that, wait, wait to see what happens. I think that trump should be afraid of anyone who's in this field. Because he can't break 44% in the polls. All right, that's all the time we -- He hasn't broaden his base. Okay. We'll be right back. Thank you. New York needs criminal justice reform

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