In divided country, voters grapple with 'grace and understanding'

Martha Raddatz travels from Virginia to Texas to talk with voters about trade, the Supreme Court, and civility in politics.
6:29 | 07/01/18

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Transcript for In divided country, voters grapple with 'grace and understanding'
??? ??? Almost every Sunday we ce to the end of the week finding it difficult to remember how the week began. The trump administration, the news cycle moving so fast here in Washington that it is easy to forgetow many monumental issues we face each week and how much those issues affect us all. So we want to head out on a cross-country drivat the beginning of the week to experience headlines outside of Washington, a view that N be very different from that in the nation's capital and a view that reminded us that despite the missteps, the chaos, the divide that splits this natn, Donald trp is seen by many as a hugely successfupresident. Reporter: Our week began rural Virginia 200 miles from Washington but smack the middle of one of the latest controversies. Basically we were hoping it would be a way to show our support for what this title tiny restaurant did. If you can refuse to be a cake for a gay couple because that's your right, then why can't the red hen tell sah Huckabee Sanders that they don't want to serve her? Reporter: Five short daysgo this block was the epicenter of the nationalivide, and talking to people on the street was unsettling. Somebody just gave us the finger. Yh, exactly. Instead of saying, hey, les sit down and figure out how to make this thing work, we're starting to polarize in the country. Reporter: Clayton Rockwell was solidly on the side of Donald Trump's press secretary, mincing no words about the reaurant's owner. She needs to go back where she came from. Where was that? From what I hear, New York, Meryl Streep and all them other trash up there. Reporter: The divide was no less apparent as we add southwest to our next stop in Tennessee where the topic was tariffs. We make rum, gin, vodka, bourbon and moonshine. Reporter: Kent merit who Ted for Gary Johnson in 2016 is worried about the effect of trump's tariffs. What might it do to your business? Are you talking about losing employees? Are you -- Yes, that's possible. I understand that there are issues with the trade imbalance that we have with her countries but this is going to hurt this industry. Adding tariffs adds cost on every side. Reporter: We continued ou journey along the streets of Nashville, across farm Coury, through violent storms, to Dickson county, Tennessee which backed trump 70% in the eltion. Tim span owns a men's wear store on main street. The economy is doing better than it was previously so when the economy is doing better, I'm doing better. And you've actually seen that? Yes, ye people spend more money. Reporter: Twila Snyder loves that Donald Trump speaks his mind. I love it that 'S not controlled by the Republican party, the democratic party. He's -- he is a very different personality and it makes him uniquely suited for the job. He doesn't give a crap what anyone ts. Reporter: That is one of the many trump messages, like mistrust of the media D government institutions, that supporters here are getting loud and clear. Lliam turner is a registered Democrat who voted for trump. If tomorrow Robert Mueller said there was collusion in the trump campaign, there was obstruction of justice, uld you believe it? No. Why not? I just have that much faith in Donald trp, right or wrong. Reporter: Back on the road and heading for Dallas when the biggest news the week breaks. Supreme court justice Anthony M. Kennedy announcing he will retire. This leaves a major opening. Reporter: The supreme court just upheld the president's travel ban against muslims, and for Camille, a Muslim immigrant from Turkey who's lived inhe U.S. For 15 years, trump policies, whether targeting illegal immiation or legal immigration, have had a chilling effect. I'm registered as a Republican, just so you know. Since he started running the campaign and targeting slims -- I'm Muslim by the way -- then yes, there's been fear. There's been fear, but -- especially kids' school, too. They are not comfortable tling other people that they'r muslims. I think it comes to at makes America great, in my opinion, it is the diverse thought and diverse belief. Reporr: For others we met in pla, Texas, another big issue could be at stake with the supreme court turnover. I do believe that it is a woman's right to choose what to do with her body. Reporter: This 20-year-old college student was a Clinton supporter. There's lots of talk of overturning roe V. Wade. It frightens me as a young female, just knowing that that right is possibly just gng to go out the window. Reporter: Stacy Shelby from Louisiana is interning in Dallas is summer. She feels vulnerable in trump's America. I think it's been very tiring is the word I would use and dishearteninand I think it's had a negative effect on me as a student and on me as an African-American woman base people feel more empowered to say things that can be hurtful to various communities. Reporter: It's that hurt, that split we saw from the beginning to the end of the trip. These young law students we met at a Dallas boot store say they are struggling but determined to bridge the gap, with Texas native kirsty Wallace offering an emotional, eloquent conclusion. Something I battled with peonally is not losing faith in my fellow Americans and just recognizing that trump is striking a chord with certain pele for particular reasons and 'S very easy to vilify them and I struggle with that a lo a lot of bittness and resentment of how could you, you know, support this man and his policies, and so it's been a hard line for me to walknd I'm still figuring out how to do it with grace and understanding. Grace and understanding, something we could all work on.

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{"id":56295006,"title":"In divided country, voters grapple with 'grace and understanding'","duration":"6:29","description":"Martha Raddatz travels from Virginia to Texas to talk with voters about trade, the Supreme Court, and civility in politics.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/trump-country-voters-grapple-fallout-trade-tariffs-civility-56295006","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}