In Tuesday's debate, Biden has to reassure, Trump has to change minds: Rahm Emanuel

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates all the week's political news on "This Week."
14:44 | 09/27/20

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Transcript for In Tuesday's debate, Biden has to reassure, Trump has to change minds: Rahm Emanuel
When you golf they've really dishonest. Dumb politics. Not as a dumb guys. But we look forward to seeing him in the debate he's got a lot more experience you got 47 years I've got three and a half years. My guess is this going to be says street attack they're going to be mostly personal certainly knows how to do. He doesn't know how to debate the facts peace not that Smart aren't prepared to. Go out and make my case as to why I think he's failed. First debate is Tuesday and talk about that a million things now on our roundtable joined by Rahm Emanuel. Republican strategists say there is Kerr veteran of the child administration is now political analyst for CNN and the dispatch. The irreverent gor professor Harvard Kennedy school. And Sarah Fagan whose Republican strategists as well veteran of the George W. Bush White House to promise starter with a Supreme Court. Fight here this seems to be a big debate going on in democratic circles over how to handle. Amy Connie Baer you heard senator Durbin right there he's gonna go to the hearing she's going to be whether he's gonna talk to were a lot of Democrats say Blake. Nah I. I think you treat this serious I think first of all. There's going to be a lot of collateral damage to the senate and to the Supreme Court in the way they're handling this. And I think it's a mistake that what they're doing and I think it will be felt for generations. The senate was always constructed to be slowed around the house slowed on the emotions. There's anything else they put it into fifth gear and I think that's going to be actually damage the senate. That said he treated very seriously respectfully and do the lines of attack. Specifically on preexisting condition. Roe vs. Wade and her philosophy as it relates to those issues that matter to the American people I also think it's it's going to be actually not go to the president's benefit. Because in fact all the issues are gonna come up in this process as a relief to cope with the economy except for they're hoping this blots out stuff. You will not achieve that and you can see that in our own poll here at ABC the energy starting to pick up for Democrats I think this is not an accrue to the benefit for the. Republicans are Fagan seems like a lot of senate Republicans have made a different calculation first of all they want to conserve and yet Jordan and the sprint corporate secondly. It appears that at least right now they believe it will actually help the more than or hurt them in November. Well if you think. About the selection for trop and we criticize him at times for not making the case for the next four years and setting up the choice between Joseph Biden there is no better choice. And the Supreme Court. There's nothing that energizes Republicans more than a Supreme Court by. And the basin Republican Party will not forgive the senators if they are not able to get this pick through and on the court and there's. Apparel here there's a very tight timeline this has to go flawlessly to get hurt mostly get voted on November 1 or second it's all it. Hunts that there's any reason why it needs to pot to posts the election I think she would still get through in a lame duck but. You know there are senate races in Georgia Arizona. These are specials. If a Republican were to win those rice us the Democrat would be seated right away. So there isn't really any room for hair air and Republicans have to X VITAS. Wallace and Lira Griffith the reaction to that justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death is any indication this is likely fuel an awful lot of energy enthusiasm on the democratic side as well. Absolutely and so I think we shouldn't be surprised that Republicans in the senate right now seem overwhelmingly in support of confirming and holding hearings and things like that. But what we should be watching out for is how Democrats are responding. And the worst right now wants its own version of red meat until they want. Democratic senators tough fight they don't know how we want them to fight they don't know what the strategy is right now but they know they just want to take it sitting down and so what we're going to see is continual kind of pushing on this issue at the very least what they want to see is that. Politicians. Hate. Haven't failed the base of the Democratic Party. I actually holding Republicans to task the best way that they absolutely can't so it's not you know we may be in an end game situation in terms of what you know what you can and cannot do. But that doesn't mean that the base wants the party to give up they want fight they want meat and they won a talent passion republicans' hand with what are the risks here Republican senators. So Republicans just like Sarah said have always been far more reliable court voters than Democrats and you sought I would. Perhaps the Kavanagh fact it's funny team which some people pointed to but Allison mid term and this is a very different election a very different electorate. And one each when he. So when you would think about single issue voters pro life voters tend to be that number has gone to thirty points pro life voters being single issue that's doubled over the last ten years. That is something Republicans can really count on perhaps but on the other hand when you talk about enthusiasm like Leo -- like rob. Actually the case the trump campaign has said they are counting on using this to demoralize Democrats. I losing another Supreme Court seat but it very much the opposite of fact. And so finding a way in those hearings. To basically keep the temperature actually down as low as possible you don't give senator Harris. The chance to energize her voters by showing up at that Judiciary Committee hearing and knocking it out of the. She's gonna be really careful that she's she in particular because she has. And very aggressive in previous Supreme Court nominations she was its Howard forward in the past her about her base I don't know that it works. For her with the average the few undecided voters that may be still remaining in the selection. Democrats more broadly you know we sol over the weekend before the actual announcement. People again attacking Amy Tony Barrett's Catholic faith is came up at her seventh circuit hearing not senators. The senators the senators I think downright. Question whether somebody who was in religious conservative. Could be an impartial judge. And that is aligned with a base wants them to doubt their Smart not to go there because when you think lucky swing states high Catholic populations that. Couple things one I think being mistake to touch faith anymore it'd be missed the question Nancy Pelosi speak with cook there as a Catholic. Or infected I grew up a home. We're being a Democrat was one of the ten lost tribes of the Jewish people OK so. And the idea it's a docked and sense of justice is what got you into public service I would not go there are standing issues. I persons foremost. This nomination it's gonna effect the senate race more than the president. We have gone through. Epidemiology of a hundred your pandemic in economy 75 year economic depression a fifty year civil and social rust. Nothing moves it's a typical fourth of the presidential electors. It's how you feel but now drop. Joseph Biden. Getting 53%. Of people say that they'll never vote for Joseph for Donald Trump 53%. Trump is getting 43%. That's 43% of the people who think he's acted copperweld nothing will affect us and if anything. I think people are actually disquieting put off by the cool raw crass this up a power grab here and that Biden Republican. It's now been up. Flipping can they be moving incrementally and I think the actual energy is gonna come to the democratic side which is with a one plates that we've been lagging on the presidential. One and one thing that could lead to a lot more questions we've refocused on earlier in the program Sarah. And whether or not just judge barrel be forced recuse yourself from anything having to do. With the election. No it certainly that legal rules of ethics would have nothing to say about her recusing herself in the case of an election controversy but. Remember bush gore was 54. In a remedy for what to do about those ballots but was actually 72 that there was a problem I don't see oh world. In which chief Justice Roberts. You know 54 or 44 he's just not gonna let that happen and so. I don't think her I don't think she will accuse helping she's required are accused and I don't think it will matter whether she refused. I want to move out of the question the debate and hadn't we have rob made the point that nothing seems to move this presidential race you look at the polling averages it's gonna seven point race. All through the summer the question is will it change on the debate and one of the wrist for Joseph Biden going in the debate. So I think one of the rest so far slowly start after saying the debate isn't gonna change anything. Have to debate Reagan rang out the majority of people in this country have made up their mind you don't have very many people who meant have a smattering of people who go win. Let's say not this is really gonna make me decide they're not diamond that's not happening here. I'm one of the things that we know in Donald Trump has long done this and he's actually quite good at doing this is setting a low expectations for himself. Because then if he passes the Bart then he looks like a superstar. And so one of the things that we've signing Simon that clip earlier in the show where he's talking about how well you know Joseph Biden has had forty years to do this forty plus years to do this. I'm a newbie I'm not a politician even though he's been running present you know running the president and running the United States. For four years. What we're saying is that he's setting up an arena which he can look way key I think what's really a little late. To that strategy yes Joseph Biden dumb about four times in the end this morning Sarah he's out there are calling again for Joseph Biden ticket drug test going to recite I think what are the dangers for the president. If he's actually in some ways he's coming to this now but in some ways has done. The opposite is well. Briefing so many questions about Joseph Biden's mental capacity of Cuban comes up there and does the kind of debate performs it against Bernie Sanders back in the spring. Can look like a win. I agree I think that's been and mistake Japan because he does that the vice president for situation where all he has to do was be average. And he will hub done very very well in an expectation is that he can't articulate sentence. Which he kept with the times but he also has had some very strong debates he's had some some coordinates. It's not unusual felt burning comet president to do very poorly in the first debate we've seen this repeatedly certainly. Mitt Romney blasted Brack Obama and their first debate and Democrats where. Apoplectic after that about the race and and then of course the president went on to win so. Yet I don't think this debate will have much outcome in any direction and I don't think it will change any thing. I think probably Biden has more to gain and more to lose front. Taxis disagree. And in this case the fact is you have it you're going into this debate. The first debate the first forty feminists are crucial. Joseph Biden did massive write Joseph Biden has to reassure. It's he's ahead. He doesn't have to persuade. Donald Trump has to change the electric and changing people is a lot harder steeper hill than reassuring. Joseph Biden's first 45 visits if any in there's a little history here you look at his debate performance what I want. Hebrew excels when you have a multi stage he gets off kilter he's got that. And the best analogy here is the Carter Reagan debate Carter made raking too extreme way out there on the far right he showed up. And it didn't match and he hit the bar. They have. I think Donald Trump has set it up for Joseph Biden in a way that Joseph Biden could not such a city so away from Donald Trump reviews on Don present turnpike you might think that here's a challenge if there is a challenge for but. Nobody's replacing Donald trumps anger in craziness. For Joseph Biden's anger and craziness the best analogy here was when trump went in took no show and look like the source of the problem. Joseph Beimel like oh that's exactly the type of president we want what he showed leadership strength is not anger. It's a different quality and effort he has to reassure people he's ready for this job except for that is a different bar Donald Trump like everything else he's thrown. Anarchy is dethroned bar and order Wu a Chinese by risk nothing has stopped he stuck it it's 43. You have to change people and that is the steeper climb for the present United States was running at a consistent. Eight point deficit Serran credit Ron says that Biden has to reassure to what what can and should the president do. Ron exactly right at the premise that their. I got my people for your call at my home. The president has to. Change voters' minds he has he has be higher uphill climb. Now I would disagree slightly but I think the narrative bit that he has stuck on Biden it's it's a risky move because yes is buying comes end and can like. You know you do his sort of the minimum debate performance that's good. But as does not 2012 a Barack Obama did such a good job setting the narrative on Mitt Romney so far in advance. It'd joke and does have a problem. It trump campaign can eat that's their people with you know tons of video that they have been so what is America's nascent satellite isn't sleeping Joseph Biden or its socialist you'll buy it goes and makes a mistake if he loses his train of thought that he it's un office somewhat unhinged. And act could any social media election like this we are talking about cooking these things and putting them on FaceBook yesterday we'll have a lot of viewers those people of all made up their mind if they're tuning into the eight. It's those low likelihood voters who are gonna see clips just a clip on case that on Twitter on instead Graham tech stock whenever. Asked what the bank continues to bring about and if the opportunity of. That's for the trump campaign just to get some of those low likelihood voters to turn out. In my view it's unquestionably socialists Joseph Biden. Here's a candidate who is already called for four trillion dollars of tax increases or trillion. And this is Harley being talked about I think the president would be wise to go in and hammer. You know his climate change policy his views on health care. In out where he is gonna take the country where what kind of supreme court judge would he appoint he won't put a list out there's so much material here that's not getting. Much discussion because beer we're talking about style and people in the basement in. In a Sunday had had a bad moment at Ed at a podium in sought I think on substance. This is where the president could win and he needs to take that opportunity. I guess question because the president at this from the make this a policy not personality. I mean that the president does not have the discipline. But what I think is really important to also keep in mind is that part of this election is also but enthusiasm. It's not generating turnout and one of the things at eight you know. What a plane out about this idea of human trying to hammer Joseph Biden on socialism is that his own base doesn't buy this idea that he's a socialist that he some kind of went radical Marxist that's you know. Hunting in the dark or what have you. It has policies just blew don't match up with that. So it should could have the opposite effect which is in unifying the Democratic Party particularly the last. Which has been skeptical of this idea of Joseph Biden is some kind of radical reformer and get them onboard couple that with what's going on with with Peter Ginsberg seat. And kind of that urgency around that you do have the potential to actually do something around enthusiasm. Which has been placed a central place where Democrats have struggled to keep up with republic that is going to be the last word today thank you all very much.

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