UK prime minister on Brexit: 'It will happen'

Theresa May tells George Stephanopoulos, "I'm going to make sure that Brexit happens because the British people voted for it."
8:38 | 09/17/17

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Transcript for UK prime minister on Brexit: 'It will happen'
Thank you for invitinging me so soon after your inauguration. It's an indication of the special relayingship that exists between our two countries. A relationship based on history, family, kinship, and common interests. Theresa may was the first foreign leader to meet with president trump in January. The happened-in-hand walk a vivid show of their personal relationship. You're coming to the united States this week. You're speaking to the united nations. You're relatively unknown to most Americans. What is the most important thing you want them to know about what you're trying to achieve? There with two things. One is this issue of ensuring that we can stop terrorists from plotting online, on the internet. And we stop the spread of the hateful, extreme it ideology. And another issue is something most people probably don't think about. Don't think happens, is what I call modern slavery. When people are being effectively taken into servitude into slavery for sexual exploitation, labor exploitation. It happening under our noses. You have been prime minister a little over a year. Came in at the brexit vote. Came prime minister even shthough usual against it. Were you wrong? I said on balance I thought, it was right. But the sky wouldn't fall in if we left the European union. Now you have to make it happen. Now, I'm making it happen. You'ring right. We're in negotiations. We must take opportunities from brexit. It's about looking out around the western world. We can control our own laws, our money, and our borders. People look at it and say, it is never going to happen. It will happen. We're in the negotiations. And we're looking at -- the deal that we can do. The way that we can come to an agreement with a -- the eu for the future. For our future relationship in trading terms. But what this enables us to do is by having our own control, is do our own trade deals. Hence, we're talking to the United States. President trump is very enthu enthusiastic about a trade deal. It's taning a toll on your government. You almost lost the prime ministership back in June. The former minister, George Osbourne said you're a dead woman walking. Passing brex yiit might be your last act the. I'm going make sure it happens because the British people voted for it. I think it's really important that politicians do respond and do listen to people. We gave the public the choice. They made their choice. And -- that's why I think it's important. After that, you'll still be prime minister? Well, the next election is not going to be until after we have the break yit. Until after we withdraw there the European union. You were the first foreign lead eer to meet with president trump. How do row get on with him? I do get on with him. He has an affection for the United Kingdom. He has fmly connections with the United Kingdom, like many Americans. We work very well together. The U.S. And the uk have always had a great affection. It doesn't appear the British people have affection for him. A poll in June, 22% of the British people have confidence in him to do the right thing. For the world. What do you say to your fellow britishers? Well, what I say is that they should see what president trump has done. One example, because I know a number of people were concerned before he became president about his statements about America's commitment to nato. Nato has been the bedrock of European security. I was pleased when I came to see him shortly after the inauguration he gave a 100% absolute commitment to nato. America continues to stand by us in supporting that security and ensuring that security of Europe. You have the tral ban. His comments after charlottesville, pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement. Big differences. Well, I think the point about the special relationship wean the uk and the U.S. Is that when we do disagree, we're able to say so. And pretty bluntly. For example, on the Paris issue, that you talk about. The the Paris climate change agreement, I have made very clear I was displayed when America decided to pull out of that. As I have said to president trump, I hope they'll find way for America to come back in. Can he still come here for a state visit? Her majesty, the queen, issued the invitation. It's a question of getting dates. The president accepted it. Nothing to do with the opposition here in the united Kingdom? No, this is about finding dates. The invitation was issued. It's been accepted. Another missile test from North Korea. Just yesterday. Do we just have to learn to live with the idea that North Korea will have nuclear weapons forever? Look, what we have seen in recent weeks and indeed before that, is continuing provocation. From North Korea. With illegal actions. These are illegal tests that they're taking out. Carrying out. I think it's significant that we saw at the united nations security council, that unity. Everybody coming together around the Tabler including Russia and China, and agreeing to the increased sanctions. These are still baby steps. These are important steps. We're continuing to put pressure on North Korea to stop what is illegal activity. Now to Russia. Reports that British intelligence were the first to tip off U.S. Intelligence to the idea that Russia was interfering in the United States elections. They have interveered in the French and German elections. Do you think they have interfe interfered with the brexit elections as well? There's no sign of that. But the point you make is very important. A clear message should go gnat@ no country should be interfered in another country's election. The election should be free and fair. The view of the people. Can the west work with Putin? Well, the west is working with Putin. I mean, the United States and Russia obviously are trying to find solutions in Russia to Syria. Do you thing he is a reliable partner there? I think what is important is that engagement takes place in the interest of the region and the world. Hillary Clinton has a new book out this week. Looking back at the election. It's called "What happened." Quite candid in many places. Up with of the the things she talks about is being a woman in politic. She says it's excruciating and can be humiliating. Do you identify with that? I have always approached my being in politics in a simple way. Not think about that I'm a woman in politics in a sense of how I'm being treated by others. But just get on with the job that I'm doing. That's what I do. You know, we were getting a tour of 10 downing street before you came in. We're told that Margaret Sha thatcher let a mark in the corner of the door. What mark do you intend to leave on 10 downing street? Well, I'm not sure I'm going to go round destroying the furniture or the walls with putting marks in or anything like that. But, I just -- I'm here as prime minister. I'm getting on with the job. Dealing with challenges that we face here in the United Kingdom. Some are challenges that we face like ensuring we get brexit right. There are other challenge. Which are shared across the world. Dealing with terrorism. Dealing with modern slavery. Ensuring with E have free trade that brings prosperity and jobs to people. Those are the challenges we're facing. Thank you for your time today. Thank you. It sounds like the British prime minister may welcome the news from the white house on Paris climate change if it does, indeed, hold.

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{"id":49907879,"title":"UK prime minister on Brexit: 'It will happen'","duration":"8:38","description":"Theresa May tells George Stephanopoulos, \"I'm going to make sure that Brexit happens because the British people voted for it.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/uk-prime-minister-brexit-happen-49907879","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}