Voters vent frustration, disappointment with Washington, elected officials

ABC News contributor Frank Luntz held a focus group with Democratic and Republican voters to understand how they feel about the state of politics heading into the midterms.
3:40 | 04/29/18

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Transcript for Voters vent frustration, disappointment with Washington, elected officials
If you're looking for disgruntled voters in America. You don't have to look far. A new pew survey shows two-thirds of Americans believe their side has been losing more often than winning. Focus group guru frank luntz set out to look at the political divide. He spoke with two dozen voters in Orlando, Florida. Half Democrats. Half Republicans. All self-identified as angry. The only thing uniting the two sides? Deep frustration with what is going on in Washington. Take a look. I haven't done a lot of elections. This is the first one where families and friends lost each other. Show of hands. How many of you lost a friend because of this election? That's -- my god. Yeah. What happened? Just so set in their ways. Don't want to hear anything. Don't want to listen. Can't hold a conversation. It's -- you're the a-hole. And I'm right. But to lose a friend? Yeah. Yeah. What happened? You're a racist. You're a bigot. You're this. You're that. You're a bigot. I'm unfriending you. Don't contact me again. It's becomes exhausting to do nothing but argue with people you once loved. I just felt like I couldn't friends with anyone who agreed with our current politics. My position was, you may not be racist. But I think you're saying you're okay with racism. Reporter: Within minutes, that word set Republicans on the defensive. Do you think a majority of trump voters have -- not necessarily are racist, but have racist tendencies? You're nodding your head. Why do you feel that way? Because of the focus on immigration. It's us against them mentality. Are you? Do you have racist tendencies? I disagree with her 100%. But you're pointing fingers. But that's what I think is wrong in America is we stop the dialogue. And we start the name-calling. You're pointing fingers at one individual race. Build a wall. Build a wall. That's racist. As somebody who is hispanic. My dad voted for trump. Why? Because he came here legally. My wife came here legally. From Ecuador. Why is it fair for somebody to get in the front of the line when they come here illegally? Reporter: That conversation showing vastly different experiences. Which group have the most difficult challenges? African-Americans and hispanics? Who chose hard-working taxpayers? Two, four, six, seven. And zero over here. Muslims? One, two, three, four, five. All over here. If this is not tribalism as they have defined it, I don't know what is. This is not arguing over issues or even Donald Trump. It's like we're two separate countries. Reporter: Though there was some consensus over who to blame. I want a word or phrase to describe congress. Self-serving cluster. Selfish. Incompetent disconnected. Highly inept. Is it possible that the two-party system is so broken that we should seek an alternative? Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Reporter: Some common ground at the end. They have issues they want to focus. We have our issues. And we can do it. But, we don't need to denigrate each other for doing what we support. People need to be able to sit and have uncomfortable conversations and ask the hard questions. We can come to consensus. Somewhere in the middle, we can meet and say, we'll help this much here. We'll help this much over here.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"ABC News contributor Frank Luntz held a focus group with Democratic and Republican voters to understand how they feel about the state of politics heading into the midterms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"54812094","title":"Voters vent frustration, disappointment with Washington, elected officials","url":"/ThisWeek/video/voters-vent-frustration-disappointment-washington-elected-officials-54812094"}