'This Week' on Baseball's Black Eye

George Will and ESPN's Jeremy Schaap on baseball's latest drug scandal.
4:14 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' on Baseball's Black Eye
If I had done this intentionally or unintentionally, I would be the first one to step up and say i did it. I truly believe in my heart, and I would bet my life that this substance never entered my body at any point. The more you think about it, it's disappointing, that's a great word, for the game, and as one of the guys who defended ryan braun, it's unbelievably disappointing. He did come clean this week, out for the rest of the season. Suspended. Another black eye for baseball, there is more to come. We want to get the latest from george will, jeremy schaap of espn. A lot of rumors swirling around alex rodriguez, many others. What's your best reporting on how far it's going to reach and when it's going to break? We think in a couple weeks. Maybe a little bit longer. Alex rodriguez and 20 other players in the majors and in the minors will be suspended. Rodriguez is a special case because -- he's fighting it, right? He's fighting in the media in new york. But it's presumed he's fighting it with major league baseball. There's the possibility of a lifetime ban. Not only does baseball believe he was cheating, not only does it believe that he lied to them about it, but that he tried to undermine its investigation. So he's a special case. Lifetime ban, that would be the seriousness about cleaning this up. The sea change here, the seriousness on the part of the players themselves. George, in 2011, the brewers played the diamondbacks in a five-game playoff. They beat the diamondbacks three games to two. In that series, ryan braun was 9 FOR 18, FOUR RBIs. He almost certainly was cheating. The players know he took money out of their pocketbooks, and the player's association changed in response to the constituency, the players themselves. For years, the player's association treated this as a privacy issue, a civil rights issue, this resistance to testing. It's like smoking cigarettes, it's a bad habit, but no concern to anyone else. The players have changed their minds. Agree with that? It's totally changed. The leadership at the player's union, the rank and file thinking about this has changed entirely. And that is an essential element here. But it's still worrisome that there's no real deterrent, the way there is in other sports like track and field and cycling. It was pete rose, who knows something about crime and punishment, who said the other day in cooperstown, there's no too many people who wouldn't take the deal that ryan braun seems to have made, you get $120 million, and give back $3 million. So until baseball approaches this with even greater punishment, and doing a better job than the other pro leagues, we're going to have a problem. It does suggest that someone is going to have to get a real permanent ban. Ryan braun could be back making a whole lot of money. A subsequent collective bargaining agreement with the players, you may find there's a mechanism for voiding the contracts. Voiding the, I don't know how many scores of millions of dollars braun still has coming. About 120. Million. 88 million for rodriguez. If you can void contracts, that's the hammer. About a minute left. And a big change for the chicago cubs. Wrigley field going to have a jumbotr jumbotron. And advertising. The problem is, it's been a baseball williamsburg. A quaint art fact. But not serious. And the cubs find unless they can generate revenue, they can't compete with the more modern venues to put a better team on the field. They had no choice, did they? They had no choice, but some of the people who have the rooftop exposure, they're a little bit upset. How many signs and score boards they put up is less consequence than the lack of pennants they have put. Thank you very much for your insight. And in the sunday spotlight

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{"id":19796628,"title":"'This Week' on Baseball's Black Eye","duration":"4:14","description":"George Will and ESPN's Jeremy Schaap on baseball's latest drug scandal.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-baseballs-black-eye-19796628","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}