'This Week': Contraception Case

ABC's Jeff Zeleny and the roundtable on the latest challenge to Obamacare before the Supreme Court.
3:00 | 03/23/14

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Transcript for 'This Week': Contraception Case
Emotions over obamacare still high as the signup deadline approaches. And now the law is heading to the supreme court again. This week, the roundtable weighs in after ABC Jeff Zeleny. Reporter: Hobby lobby sells arts and crafts at more than 500 locations across America, but not on Sundays so employees can spend time for family and worship. It's the Christian beliefs of David green and his Oklahoma family who founded hobby lobby four decades ago. They're at the center of a supreme court fight over the nation's health care law. Should for-profit corporations be required to provide insurance coverage for morning after pills and other kinds of contraception? The greens say no, it violates their religious views. My convictions enter into how we run the business. Reporter: But supporters say that only people, not companies can hold religious believes. Corporations can't pray. They don't express devotion to a god. Reporter: It's the biggest challenge since the court upheld a key provision in 2012. A critical moment for the law with an enrollment deadline on March 31st. The white house hoping a legal victory brings political relief for a law still as controversial as ever. For "This week," Jeff Zeleny, laurel, Maryland. Thanks to Jeff. And back with the roundtable. And I want to ask you, Dan, first, what's your instinct on this? I think the administration's case is weak and I think it has enormous political implications. If hobby lobby chooses to avoid providing these coverage for four contraceptives out of the 20 they are required to, they will get fines of half a billion dollars a year. It employees 13,000 Americans. Plus when tens of millions of Americans are exempted. All the selective implementation of obamacare combined with huge fines for business that are actually employing Americans I think is terrible for the overall debate over obamacare. It continues to drive bound down popularity. Congressman. Step back and ask ourselves what this would mean. Do we want a corporation to have religious views and impose them on its employees? What would that mean for the separation of church and state and for individual liberty? What would it mean about corporate personhood? This is scary territory and the people need to win. Congressman. I know the green family and the company very well. They're absolutely outstanding people and they live their believes. This is about the free exercise of religious beliefs in your business. They follow these precepts in terms of ordinary personing the -- opening their businesses, or not opening them, on Sunday. That sort of thing. I think Dan makes a good point, at the end of the day, we have exempted millions and million was people. We exempt religious institutions. This is a privately-held corporation, by the way. In this case I think they have a strong argument. They won at the district level. I think they'll win at the supreme court. And I want to turn to cokie. I don't want you to answer the question about obamacare here. This week with the plane missing, we all thought of you and your family. 1972, your father, congressman hale boggs, disappeared in a plane crash and was never found. I have to ask you what it's been like for you watching this these last few weeks? It's very hard, obviously. My heart just goes out to those families. I think they should probably expect never to see their loved ones again. And that plane is probably at the bottom of the sea. There was a 39-day search for my father's plane, and it was the biggest search in American history. It rewrote the map of Alaska. And so I think this is just where it's likely to go. It did some good, mandated emergency locater transmitters on airplanes. That's a good thing. Thanks to you all, we'll be back right away.g. Thanks to you all, we'll be back

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Jeff Zeleny and the roundtable on the latest challenge to Obamacare before the Supreme Court.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"23026322","title":"'This Week': Contraception Case ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-contraception-case-23026322"}