'This Week': Countdown to Shutdown

ABC's Jonathan Karl reports on the latest House votes on the budget showdown.
3:27 | 09/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week': Countdown to Shutdown
Orning and welcome to "this week." Breaking overnight, shutdown showdown. The house takes a hard line on obama care. All but assuring a government shutdown just one day from now. This morning, all of the breaking details and what it means for you. President clinton weighs in. There are times when you have to call people's bluff. Plus, paul krugman and bill kristol will join the powerhouse roundtable. And a bombshell breakthrough. The president's historic phone call with iran's new leader. We have a unique opportunity to make progress. But is iran really ready to reject nuclear weapons? Or is this a charmed offensive to cover a bomb? We put the tough questions to the iran's foreign minister live. All that, plus bill clinton's surprising take on hillary's presidential run, right here this sunday morning. Two breaking stories this morning and we begin with that tense scene in the house overnight. A shutdown is not a tactic. It is a failure for this country. Please accept the compromise and keep the government open. When it all wrapped up, house republicans passed the bill that would keep the house open only if obama care was delayed a here. That's a nonstarter for democrats. Let's get more from jon karl. will last? Reporter: George, positions have harden. Time is running out. I would now put the chances of a government shutdown at 99%. It was after midnight last night that the house did what they did. The bill would fund the government until december, it would delay obama care for one year and it would repeal a tax on medical devices as part of the health care law. They also separately passed a provision that would fund the troops regardless of a government shutdown. The white house response was swift. Jay carney saying that, today republicans in the house of representatives moved to shut down the government. It's hard to disagree with that. The senate will not pass what just passed in the house. George, the senate doesn't get back into session 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, ten hours before the government shuts down. So, what happens next? Reporter: Well, unclear, but what I'm hearing this morning from republicans is that they'll still attempt to put provisions in there dealing with the health care law and send it back to the senate. No signs of compromise on either side. The question is, how long does that go? A couple of days? Or does it stretch on to the point of that second major deadline, the debt limit reach OF OCTOBER 17th? Far more serious, does this back and forth make it more likely that we'll avoid a confrontation over the debt limit? Two schools on this. One, this works out so poorly for the republicans they realize they can't go to the brink again with the debt ceiling. On the other side of this, george, positions have gotten so hardened here and there's such division, hard to imagine a compromise on the debt ceiling. That said, I should tell you, aides to the speaker of the house say they're confident that the debt ceiling will be dealt with and there will not be a default. I just can't see exactly how we GET THERE BY OCTOBER 17th.

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{"id":20411894,"title":"'This Week': Countdown to Shutdown","duration":"3:27","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl reports on the latest House votes on the budget showdown.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-countdown-shutdown-20411894","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}