'This Week': Crisis in Ukraine

ABC's Terry Moran and Alex Marquardt on ongoing violence and today's referendum vote in eastern Ukraine.
2:03 | 05/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week': Crisis in Ukraine
Ukraine. Voters in eastern Ukraine deciding right now if they want to split off and become an independent state. A move that could push the country even closer to civil war. Alex Marquardt and terry Moran are tracking it for us. We start with Alex. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Martha. People have been streaming all day into polling stations like this one to cast their votes in this hastily arranged referendum. The ballot asks the ambiguous question about more Independence. Every voter we have seen says yes. This vote will pass overwhelmingly. There are no official monitors. They don't have the latest voter registration rolls and no way to make sure voters don't vote more than once. And it's hard to say in concrete terms what this vote will mean beyond deepening divisions in the country. Anger is on the rise. Following violent and deadly incidents in which pro-russian protesters were killed. Today's referendum is happening despite calls from president Putin to delay it. And for more from the Russian side, we go to my colleague, terry Moran, in Moscow. Reporter: Thank you, Alex. We have seen a dramatic change in tone. President Putin is keeping them at arm's length and calling for dialogue among all Ukrainians. He said he's pulling back the troops on the border. But U.S. And nato officials are saying they're not seeing it. Right now, spiten is riding sky high politically. The defiant victory lap in crimea on Friday. Last night, he hit the ice in an exhibition hockey game and scored six goals. He's kept everyone guessing, including the Russian people. Applying pressure, backing off as needed. One thing is certain. He's determined to maintain maximum Russian influence in Ukraine and block it from joining the west. And he'll use those's referendum as he sees fit to achieve that goal. Thanks, terry.

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{"id":23673343,"title":"'This Week': Crisis in Ukraine","duration":"2:03","description":"ABC's Terry Moran and Alex Marquardt on ongoing violence and today's referendum vote in eastern Ukraine.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-crisis-ukraine-23673343","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}