'This Week' Debate: Countdown to Shutdown

Rep. Chris Van Hollen and Rep. Tom Graves debate the looming government shutdown.
8:35 | 09/22/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Debate: Countdown to Shutdown
The threat of a government shutdown approaching fast my colleague Jon Karl is back in the studio. With the very latest John. Thanks -- the shut down a showdown is on in Derek as the clock eight days -- the government runs out of money and right after that. The US government faces default -- -- congress raises the debt ceiling. Big battles ahead and we've got two of the key players right here but first we asked ABC's -- is only to break it all down for us. Call -- Washington's own twisted reality show. Do tonight in LA the Emmys will celebrate the best dramas the best comedies I want to thank me for hiring me as a director but if you want -- -- Hollywood. And head straight to Washington. Where -- budget showdown in fear of a government trust. Now is the latest and most dysfunctional reality show around my department could not disagree with everything you -- -- didn't he award for leading actor. Senator Ted -- I will do everything. Necessary to defund obamacare. The Texas firebrand trying to make his mark -- health -- to the budget fight defund obamacare. Friday the house agreed voting to approve money to keep the government running. Only if obamacare funds are scrapped. -- and conservatives pushed the plan with speaker John Boehner. He gets the award for best supporting actor. -- -- with Diane Sawyer last year obamacare. Is the law of the land but now a different tune it's time for us to say no I'm sorry Mr. President but I will not do. But -- Newt has sparked a rift in this Republican Party. I can -- in the United States senate we will not repeal. Or defund. Obamacare we will not and to think we can. Is not. Rational then another battle is brewing over the debt limit which is coming in mid October about president warning of dire consequences. If we fail to increase the debt limit. We would send our economy into a tailspin this is -- -- A Washington cliff hanger away. For this week -- Melanie ABC news Capitol Hill. And joining us now Maryland congressman Chris van -- the top Democrat on the Budget Committee. And Georgia Republican Tom graves who has been leading the fight to in the house to defund obamacare so. Thank you both for joining us congressman -- help me understand how far you were willing to push here if the senate does not go along with us. In eight days. Are you still agree to insist he will not support funding for the government in less Obama -- defund it. Which -- thanks -- let me join -- more is in my inaugural Sunday shows so it's good to started here. What his real and I know this is about reality TV we saw a minute ago is that the American families all across our country. Are facing the real impacts and negative impacts harmful impacts from implementation of obamacare so we do have eight days. To reach a resolution on this and you know I propose and I did it kept the government operating in an open for an entire year while delaying the funding Obama care per year so we can work out those differences but the real in this of all of this weather. It's in my district or Chris is district or anywhere else is that American amendments are feeling that my questions -- -- how far you willing to push if the senate does not go along -- days. Are you still going to insist. No funding for the government -- -- obamacare -- -- we are united around a very simple goal that is keeping the government open. While protecting our constituents from harmful effects of obamacare so we -- do everything we can't protect our constituents we have eight days to do that. My hope is is that the senate is going -- act and a very positive way did you skip a very important step your assumption is the senate. Will not defund obamacare will not his -- that -- -- -- I know we're gonna get Carson -- homeless but I wanna. Bring you something that the Wall Street Journal this is an editorial page. It supports are your view on on on the health care law but thinks that the way you're going about this is just crazy here's what they wrote. Perhaps the only war strategizing more inept -- president -- on Syria. Our GOP plans for the budget hostilities this autumn Republicans are fracturing over tactics. And even over the nature of political reality which may let mr. Obama outwit them look like -- domestic Vladimir Putin. -- -- and -- isn't an investor opinion best. An editorial clearly is what that is but when you read the Chicago Tribune -- -- delay and stop obamacare Warren Buffett says stop it now start over. You have the three top leaders of unions in our country saying. This is not -- to work -- -- creating an underclass of workers. That are under thirty hours there's not -- Republicans declare it's not just Republicans this is widespread even the Baltimore Sun says. That is going to cost 25% increase in rates in chris' district. John -- there's a reason Republican senators like Senator McCain and others are saying this is actually insane because the Republican proposition here. Is they're gonna shut down the government. If they can't deny health care to millions of Americans including millions of kids who were right now. Benefiting from the affordable care -- his with preexisting conditions who can no longer be thrown off of there. Insurance policies that's right now they're saying we're gonna shut down the government -- -- we get rid of those protections number one. Number two I think -- and his colleagues have to explain the American people how they voted for a budget. That includes all the Medicare savings from obamacare. That includes the same level of -- revenue. Generated from obamacare and in fact. Would not even balance in ten years if not for the affordable care -- -- -- -- running around the country on the one hand saying let's get rid of the Affordable Care Act and yet they passed a budget. That only comes to balance because of it and and that's misleading. And that's a hoax and they should explain that to the American people. You're trying to do two things at one time. What I mean it's clear that I was in my district during August listening to -- I know what I asked are all about the budget Tom -- you guys passed a budget that -- rooms. Big parts of obamacare are -- And then you're going around and an -- -- and legend also assume that it would not be in effect as well. -- action actually your actions that's that's not the case you assume all the -- care savings in -- -- yesterday's armed marine or our guest Friday Chris Chris voted to impose 25%. Increasing premiums on his constituents and I -- -- you back that I should you know -- -- -- -- towards and say you're you're willing to do that what whenever there's a flood the justice. You guys the Republican Party say that's obamacare what I find interest yet to -- washers -- -- -- Let me -- -- get my interest is execs want to ask you congressman how -- we got a whole. By this week ABC news Washington Post. Which could the health care law's -- -- popular as ever balanced look at some of the numbers 52%. Say they oppose the law 55%. Disapprove with the way it's being implemented. And only 11%. In this ABC Washington Post poll say they believe that Obama -- is going to make their health care about her. At page on the biggest Paul we have on this was the last election this was one of the most heavily litigated issues in the last election. President -- race hostile we have committed out and -- Obama said that he was gonna implement the Affordable Care Act in Mitt Romney said he was going to. Defund it and the president one on that issue and other issues. I'm not surprises lot of confusion these guys have been running around the country demagoguing. Scare mongering on this issue. They're afraid that it's going to be its unsuccessful they're afraid it's going to be successful and all that makes -- formation -- -- -- idea. So -- something very -- what has happened since the president did win the election and that he himself has amended delayed or repealed. Nineteen components of his very own -- also if it's so good for America then why is he delaying it for his friends and big business -- he delaying it for. Members of congress like yourself what I worldwide -- quite sad actually so actually Israel is one is that there -- only all the only 5%. Businesses are -- effected by this -- only ones with big number six number -- let me let me ask you -- provide protection -- all of you guys don't you guys don't -- provide affordable health -- under under the system for millions of Americans -- -- have a plan to take -- -- started when Medicare. But it is still obamacare system that's what you're gonna oppose the idea to continue to I'd say it's Saturday in a business and have been very quick thing for you just is John Boehner going to be back as speaker of the house -- the next congress I believe -- will -- -- -- -- -- All right thank you very much Chris -- -- Tom graves are appreciated.

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