This Week Fast Forward 3.12.2017

Speed through the highlights from the latest "This Week."
1:07 | 03/12/17

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I would say from my friends and house representatives. With her might serve. Do not walk applying and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate and then have to face the consequences of that. I'm afraid that if they vote this bill they're going to. Puts them house majority at risk next here at the rest of the criticisms. London in that fashion. The bill actually helps a great many people and helps them get something they need which is health care. Not health coverage. Well I don't expect we're gonna see any evidence this either I agree with Tom cotton. You know for their one or two possibilities here either the president quite deliberately for some reason. Made up this charge show or perhaps more disturbing the president really believes this. Question almost anything good comes out of the president's mouth so. I just admit that the president has to be told in this by the way that you need to be careful with what he tweets and what he says. And do lists we can do Morley.

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{"id":46080361,"title":"This Week Fast Forward 3.12.2017","duration":"1:07","description":"Speed through the highlights from the latest \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-fast-forward-3122017-46080361","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}