This Week Fast Forward 4.10.16

Speed through the highlight's from the latest episode of "This Week."
1:07 | 04/10/16

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Tied Secretary Clinton delegates you know closer to getting the nomination from Wyoming but here's the Boy George been the last the three and a half weeks. We have reduced her margin by a third what exactly think President Clinton should apologize look I think we all knew back. All what that language. Email server. As well if you made any arrangements for the interviews with the FBI she offered last summer. To do to be interviewed life they wanted to talk or they can talk to they have amassed. Then Donald Trump is not get the twelfth and I think Ted Cruz is clearly in second. Cruises value evaporates. When trump is no longer a threat so. There's a very good chances conviction does not turn to Ted Cruz trump folks say I don't wanna crews got crews guys I don't wanna try a guy and you begin to look. The least threatening Canada has brought Ed cousin Donald Trump together the one thing they agree on is. That they the ultimate nominee should be one of the candidates in the raise rates at.

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{"duration":"1:07","description":"Speed through the highlight's from the latest episode of \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"38289832","title":"This Week Fast Forward 4.10.16","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-fast-forward-41016-38289832"}