In Memoriam: Lindy Boggs

'This Week' remembers trailblazing Louisiana congresswoman Lindy Boggs.
2:53 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for In Memoriam: Lindy Boggs
And in the sunday spotlight today, we remember an american treasure with a special connection to "this week." Lindy boggs, congresswoman, ambassador, and mother of our cokie roberts passed away yesterday at the age of 97. Heartbreaking tragedy forced the spotlight on lindy boggs. She worked harder than anybody else, and this is for you from me. When the plane carrying her husband disappeared in alaska. 70 planes up over southern alaska searching for the twin engine cessna. I hopto be the congresswoman you expect me to be. She had run her husband's campaign, and was carrying on his work. But it didn't take her long to make a personal mark. Lindy boggs from the great state of louisiana. Louisiana native who grew up on a plantation, she became a champion for civil rights and equal rights for women. Lindy boggs. Thank you, mr. Chairman. Using her seat on the banking committee to help women get credit cards without their husband's permission. As she told cokie, her role model w another trailblazer. You got to washington, eleanor roosevelt was first lady. She was my inspiration. Boggs served 17 years in congress. The first woman to chair a political convention, then ambassador to the vatican. What is it about john paul that makes him so accessible and inspiring to the younger generation? His total repoire with them. He believes in them. Boggs retired in 1990. A washington fixture famous for her southern charm, she never forgot lessons learned in the louisiana she loved. I suppose all women, but mostly southern women do what they do when they have to do it. And you just don't think about whether you should be doing it or not if you're called upon to do something, you do it. What a lovely presence she was. Our thoughts are with cokie and her family this morning. Now we honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week, the pentagon released the name of four soldiers killed in afghanistan. And that is all for us today, thanks for sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out "world news" with david muir tonight.

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{"id":19796667,"title":"In Memoriam: Lindy Boggs","duration":"2:53","description":"'This Week' remembers trailblazing Louisiana congresswoman Lindy Boggs.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-memoriam-lindy-boggs-19796667","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}