'This Week' Powerhouse Roundtable

Newt Gingrich, Robert Reich, Gwen Ifill, and Jeff Zeleny on the week in politics.
9:27 | 09/22/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Powerhouse Roundtable
We are trying to. Get to a balanced budget and we're trying to keep open the government the president will sign the bills the government can stay open. That was house speaker Newt Gingrich three days before the last government shutdown in 1995. We're back with the round table including speaker Gingrich cohost of CNN's crossfire. Robert Reich former labor secretary and star of the new movie in equality for all ABC senior Washington correspondent -- -- And Gwen Eiffel of the PBS desire Newshour -- all of -- so speaker Gingrich the Republicans. What are they gonna do with this and watch what they do. I think they should -- financially. This is the next 345 which can be very tense. Going to be very challenging we always people who want the house Republicans to surrender and and that under the constitutional system if the house gives up the power of the -- -- surrenders. So Obama goes three times this week for partisan attacks beaches and -- this -- I'm not -- negotiate and -- which you guys do. This is not a dictatorship under our constitution. There should be a period of tension. And there should be a compromise in both sides ironically Obama said on soon Friday nobody gets a 100% well what's he willing to give up. Look I don't think -- due respects to the speaker that the issue here. Is anything about. Is the Affordable Care Act Obama -- good or bad you like it or do not like it. I think the issue is whether. One party in congress is going to be allowed to use the entire system of government. Has basically blackmailed. To get its way after that loss has already passed both houses of congress and puts into law by the president -- law. The constitutionality. Of that. Particular -- has been undeniably. Affirmed by the Supreme Court. Once you go down the road meant where you can fit the simply if you don't like a particular -- you can threaten to shut down the government. What's next -- Social Security Medicare. Big if within the fair labor standards. You would repudiate. Basically the American system America remember the Democrats -- are really helping him are Democrats lost 63 seats -- house immediately after passing obamacare. So both sides have talking -- to present its -- election. Vatican saying we won the election. Under our constitutional system all of that to magna Carter and 1215. The people's house is allowed to say that -- -- given you money I'm okay I'm sorry under our constitutional system you're not allowed to basically. -- the entire system of government to get your way they'd like put -- Jeff that there is a reality here and we knew we heard it in your piece of top of the show from John McCain. The senate is not going to go along with -- obamacare. Right and you hear that again and again and again from Republicans I talk to Orrin -- last week walking through the -- the capital. He said you know what's happening in the house. They're unfairly raising the expectations for everyone in the country who wants to and who does not like the of the race are -- -- -- -- -- -- all the right -- and they can't do -- so there. So that's a big -- -- as this -- to the senate this week there's going to be a lot of huffing. And puffing but is Ted -- going to be standing alone or who's going to be with him and senator Rand Paul was in mission over the weekend. He bluntly said what seems to be the obvious you know we can't get rid of -- -- and even if the government would shut down. The Affordable Care Act continued his -- -- exchanges still open on October 1 so that's the underlying point here. The health care act is here to stay but all tied to the debt limit and that's up for a discussion this week. We're talking about sending messages on my least favorite things in Washington when you do things just to send the message -- but both Rand Paul and Ted crews are talking filibuster. Which means they get to hold the floor for as long as possible it doesn't mean they get to stop Obama -- doesn't mean they get to do anything but bouncing back to the house and then -- yet another dilemma. In John Boehner is rapidly mr. speaker elect Fischer -- can head that was it it's -- -- I don't know what I just sweater that was a good luck. -- -- I remember. The bitter cold -- there's something bigger here which you didn't even do first when you controlled the entire congressman to the Republicans were trucked to the senate to. But but this time around with this is really just the warm -- I mean. Secretary Reich did debt ceiling we're talking. They're -- -- any negotiations whatsoever the White House says they won't negotiate on the issue. And we hit the debt ceiling. In the middle October. And the last time there was a threat. You were call to actually not pay our debts not pay interest on the -- not repay their creditors -- Americans -- A bond system the United States government was downgraded that cost. American taxpayers to huge amount we -- another downgrade I wouldn't get otherwise the White -- not negotiating on this stuff because it is it should not be negotiable -- -- that the principle that you can. I there's a kind of scorched earth anything goes to set of tactics they can be used by one side in a political game. In which the entire government of the United States including the faith and credit of the government and the United States can be thrown -- into that same game it is. 612 this is historical Bologna. We have added something to the debts are pious baloney that -- is not -- he's not pie and it's an -- an and it's an and it about it. The fact actually wrong now that want a second. The fact is since Dwight Eisenhower. We have added things to the debt ceiling. Gramm Rudman which was a big change in spending was on the -- -- Obama has better things than that since when the president does it did the president business roundtable says this is unprecedented and I -- -- notion this is not a dictatorship. At some point members of the house allowed to say come sit at the table he doesn't sit at the table does that makes partisan attacks. It's true that the president likes nothing better seems to be no more editor tries than when he gets a moral moral judgment and that's true of everybody else the White House do. He is not unhappy right now I don't think anybody is talking to the spreading like the White House who are saying OT it's a shame that Republicans are fighting among themselves it's the best week he's probably had -- a few weeks after Syrian and although it suddenly he is president and if that if the economy goes down result of this disease ultimately not a question -- I wanna I want to change quite dramatically to the what is happening in a wrong we have a potential game changer in the Middle East knew Ronnie and president talking about reconciliation. Saying he is ready negotiate. Ready to talk. To the United States and the White House square and seems to be open mean -- gonna see the -- In New York this week first -- -- -- on in the president of you know that's what we're all waiting to see I think even if there's as. Choreographed handshake a still photograph that would be. All the would be course changing it's been 35 years since we've had any kind of conversation with Iran. -- -- They say is a moderate by. Definitions. Iranian definitions that might be up that we -- runner but he is undertaken -- bold flat out flat. Charm offensive to win his Twitter with -- square with American -- class with interviews he's going to be he's going to be you know style and around new York at the general assembly has the -- shown a congratulate Fleisher shot a crop -- especially want to accept what man curry asked him. Whether he also agree with Armitage on whether. They're all holocaust was and I'm -- -- still I'm artists are among politicians. But he so so if you are one sign that the White House is sort of worried about it a little nervous arcade and. I don't get the sense -- buying. Offered first of all a moderate Iranian revolutionary. Acceptable to the Ayatollah. -- I tell approved all the candidates and hostile trucks turning and this is a guy whose energy he's been charm us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- I. I let me agree with new partly I think that the issue here and we can't get expectations. Two high we've got to be very cautious but one of the big -- -- -- that economic sanctions do seem to work. At right now Iran is suffering 30% inflation 20% unemployment. In -- this nation is hurting and our economic sanctions because we've been patient with them because we have actually rounded up almost every other nation to support -- have had a huge impact we -- -- elected the first right -- -- wants -- sanctions lifted which is why he's been given a green light by the Ayatollah to at least begin this process -- -- you're not suggesting that a President Obama should meet with him -- you. That this would be historic and of itself we have seen this since Jimmy Carter that with a shot seven question -- what do you get for the meeting. That meeting with president state is an enormous advantage. To anybody who's been isolated. So when we get for the meeting a photo what are they gonna give us. Should we tested. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tonight I think you know from from Eisenhower through Reagan was a pretty clear sense to get to -- the president states he would have worked something out. You know we thought there's a bad idea do you think that those sentiments don't -- I don't think it's a crisis a disaster on this Tanya this guy is part of the dictatorship. He has zero interest in giving up a nuclear weapon this is a game to buy time. And in fact in his earlier career. He's he claimed that he managed to confuse the western Europeans in order by wartime president let's look at do we really -- her normal -- normal the normal pattern of diplomacy through these things is not to begin with a -- -- meetings are to begin with underlings who clear the brush who actually create the agreement and then the face to face meeting. Has to confirm the agreement and that's the way it should be here are gonna -- what's interesting because of Syria virtually we are out of time but thank you very much -- Jeff secretary Reich Newt Gingrich.

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