'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable

Matthew Dowd, Van Jones, Jonathan Karl, and Peggy Noonan debate the week's politics.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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Transcript for 'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable
Time for an abbreviated edition of the political roundtable. We only have a little bit of time. How does it look going into tuesday? Walsh has the advantage. If he is even even on election day, he wins. She made a mistake being too narrow in the education issue. Walsh has opened up a lead on crime. We had a crash of traffic titans. The president is in town pushing his affordable care health care act. The red sox were battling in the world series. Was the presidential visit a mistake? No. Why wouldn't you have the most powerful man in the world here with the world series? He drove by. He never stopped. The president stopped at 4:00 in the afternoon and four hours later, the first pitch of the world series came. The president was here holding a health-care rally pushing his health care land while the rest of america was pushing computer buttons. Couldn't his business have been done next week? It should have been done three or four months ago. He needs to reboot this debate. Kathleen sebelius was excoriated by that congress. Tough questions for democrats, not just republicans. Let's move onto scott brown. He has a new hampshire pac. What does this mean? He is still interested in doing something. He still wants us to talk about him. He does not run until the are presented to from new hampshire decide he is running. Scott brown is not running for the senate because he would lose to jeanne shaheen. The only thing he gets out of it is that we talk about him for two and a half years and that is good enough for scott brown. And we are still talking about him. She has never been more right than this morning. We will continue. Stay with us. The third time is a charm. He lost the lieutenant governor's. Patrick, what are his chances? When you lose by a point in an obama wave, you come back again. In a nonpresidential year, he has a shot. He is only stronger. His three-way primary is going to help him. No one has survived more near- death experiences than john tierney. Patrick, you cannot really argue with that. Two words, big poppy. That is what happens when you win the world championship. The red sox have won the world series. Now we move onto the boston mayor's election. The winner of the boston mayoral race will be with us next week. Every sunday we go "on the record." Have a great week. This is "chronicle," on wcvb channel 5. West by the quabbin the cranberries are ripe for the tasting. Don't give me that face. Way up north in rangeley the views are astounding. On a clear day you can see all the way to mount washington. And in connecticut the animals have gone wild. You can't buy just one because they get lonely when they get to where they're going, they have to have a friend. We are hitting the road, finding places to eat, stay and play. The machines will do about 80. Taking a new england fall fling, next on "chronicle." Welcome to "chronicle." Does this describe your routine the last few weeks? Tense nights followed by fitful sleep and tired days? Well, we have an antidote, a relaxing ride to three different new england destinations. Ted reinstein starts us out in hardwick, massachusetts. The pocket of paradise. You know, there's open sky, there's winds blowing, there's country roads. Seriously, everybody is happy here, because there's no pressure. Where, you ask, is this happy little paradise? It's the town of hardwick, east of the quabbin reservoir, on the far side of worcester county. Cranberries grow wild up and down this river valley, they've been here forever. Could you say the same about steve prouty's family, owners of clover hill farm. We're the only commercial kran berly bog in worcester county, our family bought the farm in 1888. We're now five generations strong here. Today he and son dana are hauling in a bumper crop, but you won't see bobbing islands of crimson in this fog. These cranberries are dry harvested. I couldn't tell what you the percentage of it is, of dry picked versus wet picked. It's under 10%. Dry berries on the wholesale market do get a premium price. Prouty says the dry berries have a longer shelf life than wet, and for the initiated, they taste pretty good right off the vine. Don't give me that face. I won give you the face. But the worth tart was invented for raw cranberries. Think of the anti-oxidants you're consuming now, you would be get a cold for a month. Good stuff. Dry picked cranberries are often used for baking and some much prouty's have found their way across town and into glen mitchell's wonderous creations.

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{"id":20769959,"title":"'This Week': Powerhouse Roundtable","duration":"3:00","description":"Matthew Dowd, Van Jones, Jonathan Karl, and Peggy Noonan debate the week's politics.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-powerhouse-roundtable-20769959","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}