'This Week' Roundtable Game Changer Picks

Our powerhouse roundtable regulars on who they thought changed the game in 2014.
3:24 | 12/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week' Roundtable Game Changer Picks
Are this week regulars on their game changes of 2014. The Ferguson protesters are my game changes for this year they changed the national conversation. About police accountability and they raise important issues about whether or not. The military should be sending weapons to local government. Robin Williams in his life he made us laugh and he made it I and is death he signed a life and I'm depression. And mental illness and hopefully all of us who it's affected all families in the country because a focus on and do something about it. My game changer is the rate rise elevator video it was September 8. And it started a national conversation. On such an important topic not only in the national football league for throughout our country. My game changer I hope. This could be awful stories about domestic violence and sexual assaults on campus have brought attention to those crimes and that's what they are. And maybe some attention be paid. It's my game changer the years the American voter. Who in his or her infinite wisdom elected Republicans to take control of the senate that much for the rest of government that the federal and state levels well. Thereby really ending the Obama era and laying the ground work perhaps for Republican victories and twice sixty. My choice is Pope Francis because on issues that range from treatment of women to treatment of gays to even whether our hats are gonna make it through the pearly gates. He put a soft over due face on the Catholic church and for that reason he's the gauge. My game changer 42014. If Eisen who. She won them MacArthur genius award. Because he's changed the labor movement by giving rights for domestic workers in the anything we do the first time that's happened in this history of the country. My game changer for this year is Taylor Swift for two reasons she's teaching the younger generation that you can be a lady. And she's teaching and songwriters. And musicians. That fake can control their future. As someone his watch Kuwait too much house of cards and forms a new black my game changer in the year because Netflix and they're wonderful streaming TV shows that enable binge watching. Thanks for wasting so much of my time Netflix. I'm getting kind of the year but 2000 portraying of the Coke Brothers and all wealthy Republican dollars. After a disastrous 2012 became battle a bucket load of money and insisted that they have discipline among candidates United States senate and much to martian ground the work. Hope France's full France's as bad back feel. He is open their doors to church at least among best he's reminded us to walk humbly with the lord and to not judge. My pick for game changer is marriage Rockies the president of the European Central Bank not so much for what he's done which is not. Nearly enough but he knows that aspirin finally getting honest. In Europe finally acknowledging its problems are these rocky years and that's the first step towards any hope of recovery there. My game changer of the years Edwards known because in courageously revealing the NSA's abuses of mass surveillance and reminded every citizen. Of the need to fight for their liberties their freedom in order to maintain. President Barack Obama destruction of the Democratic Party was my first game changer for. But the second game changer is this all comes on the true beginning of cyber war in the way we'll take all.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Our powerhouse roundtable regulars on who they thought changed the game in 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"27863276","title":"'This Week' Roundtable Game Changer Picks","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-game-changer-picks-27863276"}