Roundtable II: What We're Watching

George Will, Matthew Dowd, Paul Krugman, Greta Van Susteren, and Rep. Keith Ellison.
3:05 | 06/09/13

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Transcript for Roundtable II: What We're Watching
Let's go quickly around the table. George, what's on your radar this week? As the immigration debate intensifies two republicans to look at, concern for example, access to health care for illegals. Orrin hatch, republican of utah worried about back taxes to be paid. Just examples of the kind of amendments that are going to clog up the works. Okay, the fed getting wimpy. The fed sending to strong signals it was going to do everything it could to boost the economy and the employment. It wasn't worried about inflation. For the last week we have been getting signals that suggest, well, maybe not so bad, maybe we'll start tapering. That's the word that we have right now, which is affecting expectations. Looking at that awful tragedy in santa monica where people got killed, I'm hoping we'll revisit this conversation about guns, especially in light of the the idea basically we're willing give up civil liberties to have people to access records we're unwilling to take guns out of hands. One thing that concerns me, what is going on with white males predominantly between 18 and 30 years old? I hope we can revisit this issue. I'm looking forward for people calling government waste government stealing. Because that's what it is. So many americans have to debate $1,000 to fix a leaky roof. Let's start calling them conferences they're parties. The government wastes money on conferences. Student loan rates on stafford loans are due to double by july 1st if congress does not act. I'm hoping people say something. Weot to try to make thur that university doors stay open. Do you think that's going to move by the end of the month? You know what, I'm mentioning it to you, get us to focus. Not just an interest loan rates doubling. The cost of college, you can't work your way through college any more today. I know you're going to stick around to answer questions on our web extra today. Thank you all for a terrific discussion today. And now we honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week, the pentagon released the names of seven soldiers killed in afghanistan. That is all for us today. Thank you for sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out "world news" with david muir tonight and I'll see you tomorrow on "good morning

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{"id":19359714,"title":"Roundtable II: What We're Watching","duration":"3:05","description":"George Will, Matthew Dowd, Paul Krugman, Greta Van Susteren, and Rep. Keith Ellison.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-ii-watching-19359714","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}