Sunday Spotlight: Byron Dorgan's 'Gridlock'

Former Sen. Byron Dorgan discusses his new thriller novel 'Gridlock' on 'This Week.'
3:18 | 08/11/13

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Transcript for Sunday Spotlight: Byron Dorgan's 'Gridlock'
Time now for our Sunday spotlight shining today and Byron Dorgan the former senator from North Dakota -- a few of us by surprise. When he started -- spy novels after retiring from the senate. He told John -- the plot of his latest thriller is based on Intel he picked up in congress. It's the terror plot the part of the movies live free or die hard the entire network. Fashion -- entire financial. And it's the top of the real life US threat -- the next. Pearl Harbor that we confront could very will be a cyber attack. And now the key plot and a new book called gridlock by former senator Byron Dorgan the next war might be digital might be cyber terror shutting down electric grid systems and so I decided to that's. Let's write a thriller about that at one time author of appropriations bills. Is now turning out action thrillers this is his second I gotta say -- -- right and those bills. They didn't really breed like thrillers. You haven't you know what people say they say well okay you -- in politics now you write fiction same thing and that quite. Gridlock traces a global conspiracy engineered by Iran and Venezuela. Using a hacker in Amsterdam to shut down the US power grid. With the action colliding in where else to -- home state of North Dakota -- -- -- -- it's entertaining it's a novel but. It also relates to some really serious issues in our country we were to lose power for a week a month. Could -- the American economy -- and isn't the first senator to dabble in fiction writing the list includes former senator Bob Graham. And current senators Barbara Mikulski and Barbara Boxer the Washington Post. Reviewed her book saying. You'll not often find deep human insight in a novel written by senator. You only need to sit in on any committee hearing to know that if we find deep human insight from a US senator well I -- I hope so I don't fiction is a different. Then honor for me but you know I hope that you read that and you can't sleep afterwards and you can't stop reading and -- get to sleep then you can't sleep for this week Jonathan Karl ABC news Washington. Very little nap on the beach thanks to Byron Dorgan for that. And now we on our fellow Americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the Pentagon released the name of one soldier killed NF. Afghanistan. And that is -- for us today thanks for sharing part of your sunny with -- us. Check out world news and -- here tonight and I'll see tomorrow on GM.

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{"id":19929870,"title":"Sunday Spotlight: Byron Dorgan's 'Gridlock'","duration":"3:18","description":"Former Sen. Byron Dorgan discusses his new thriller novel 'Gridlock' on 'This Week.'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-sunday-spotlight-byron-dorgans-gridlock-19929870","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}