'This Week' Sunday Spotlight: Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's Father's Day reflections on former President George H. W. Bush.
5:09 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Sunday Spotlight: Jeb Bush
Now our "sunday spotlight." Shining this father's day on former florida governor jeb bush. His dad, the former president, celebrated his 89th birthday wednesday. Your dad just turned 89. Yes. What was father's day like in the bush household? He's a humble guy. We didn't like go celebrate. Every day was father's day as far as I was concerned. I don't remember having like a celebration of him, ever. It was always about us. So I honestly believe he's the best dad and man I've ever met. The best man you ever met? I've met a lot of people now that I'm 60. I'm not kidding. He's unbelievable and keeps coming back for more. When it came to disciplining the children, the elder bush was a man of few words. All he had to do was say I'm disappointed. What did it mean to you? and it was devastating. It took a while to shake off. I get emotional thinking about it. I screwed up again. You were with him through moments of great victory, president of the united states, but also moments of real defeat. The '92 one was the most depressing. I just called -- that was hard on you, personally, wasn't it? It's painful to see a person you care for and love lose. Tus -- it's just not easy to do. Two years later, jeb came up short. I'm sad by the fact we didn't do it. Losing his first campaign for governor of florida on the same night his brother george was elected governor of texas. When you lost in 1994, which must have been a tough loss for you personally, running for governor, how did he react to that? He felt horrible about it. I didn't feel too good about it either. It was tougher on him? Yeah, it was. I think it was. I called him early and said i don't think I'm going to win, sorry. You know, I love you or whatever. He said the same thing. He was on the elevator going down to the victory celebration where george was announcing his victory. And I ended up learning that losing actually turns out to be pretty good. Makes you better. You learn and grow. My dad's post-presidency, he didn't miss a beat. He didn't get into any kind of woe is me. Dusted himself off and has led an incredible life since 1993. For a guy who has been an incredible leader in every way, he is the most humble guy i know. What I have learned from him is that humility is the most powerful tool of leadership that exists. The world today is focused on self more than previous times. A little humility would go a long way now. He's 89 years old now, his health is failing. How has he taken that? I think it was hard for him to transition to being immobile. I think he's found the right balance. He's in a good place, mentally alert, funny as all get out. Spiritually in a place we all should envy. He's comfortable with his age. That makes me happy. Now your dad is a famous letter writer. Yep. And this year to honor their dad's love of reading and writing, they held a father's day letter-writing contest to promote former first lady's barbara bush's foundation for literacy. What's the idea? The idea is to get dads and grand dads to get involved in the joy of reading. There have been really cool essays. One I most appreciated was a guy who went through his adult life being functionally illiterate, not being able to read. Graduated from high school and college, got a job, was a photographer, and he wrote a letter about the joy -- the importance of reading, the shame that he felt, and the joy of overcoming that. Your mom on the issue of whether or not you should run for president said you probably shouldn't run, the nation's had enough bushes. She said you'd be the best. What about your dad? Has he offered advice? Does he think you should run? I think we have a split ballot amongst the bush sr. Family. Pretty sure that's the case. Our thanks to governor bush. And you can see more of our interview at abc news.Com/this week. We honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the pentagon released the names of three soldiers killed in afghanistan. That's all for us today. Thanks nor sharing part of your sunday with us. Check out world news with david muir tonight. And for all the dads out there, including mine watching from florida, happy father's day.

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