'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Kristol

The Weekly Standard editor answers viewer questions.
5:54 | 08/18/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Bill Kristol
Hi I'm David -- this week -- George Stephanopoulos I'm joined today by Bill Kristol of the weekly standard thanks both for joining us is very happy to be here again. And because we believe all politics is social -- this week of course we're gonna put some of the questions that you submitted on FaceBook to -- so the first question comes from Leslie Jenkins. And she says what is wrong with being a moderate Republican I've been a Reagan Republican all my life but I'm looking for an alternative in the face of a party that does not want to accept. Moderate -- I don't think that's right I think most -- the party is about a politician so if -- -- the questioner has some Republican she's she likes better than others -- as Chris Christie -- Scott Walker. BJ or someone she should support him. The party's shaped by who wins the primaries and there are a lot of conservatives the country on one of them. Who are happy to have a pretty strongly Conservative Party but they're -- to moderate Republicans Mitt Romney when the nominations ways of what was most conservative and the field John McCain won in 2008 he wasn't the most conservative and the field. -- -- -- -- -- The next question comes from Sharon -- by Chiluba. And she -- what does he think is the most important thing that the GOP needs to do to get its act together maybe a better candidate in 2016. Candidates matter in politics I don't think Mitt Romney's -- -- was not a good presidential -- has -- two things good candidate. Proven record of accomplishment. Either more than one term governor excuse me or senator or congressman is really show legislative leadership. And secondly I would say a positive conservative reform agenda. You do need to explain to people how you have an agenda that will help solve the problems they care about it can't just be opposing. The president's agenda and Obama care and so forth I'm happy to oppose us. Next question comes from billboard -- and he asks who'll be the Republican nominee in two point six -- He could be very rich man if I knew the answer that. You could it's hard to predict I think Republicans typically nominate the next in line -- dole the McCain in the Romney I -- I can't believe that will happen again I do think the party. Post Tea Party post President Obama who upset the next in -- 2008 Hillary Clinton. Oppose those two events I've got to think -- Mormon appetite among -- in the Republican party for younger candidate. But it will be a very big. Fight for the nomination and I think that's good I think that's good for too long the Republicans have tried to kind of clear the field. Establishments got to mobilize behind what -- two candidates. And then they end up with a candidate. Who turns out not to be great general election candidates elect Christie and walker -- crews -- Rand Paul Paul Ryan and many others said Bobby Jindal a fight it out and let's see who wins. The next question comes from LT Atkinson and she's as does he have a better pick -- Sarah Sarah Palin this time but. So what do you you know -- to that viewer's question what do you think about Sarah Palin's post 2000 -- Career machine sort of stuck to the track you thought she would -- she disappointed you could you were big supporter of hers initially right. I was -- taking the gamble putter on the take an -- to get her to -- in 2008 I think in fact the best two weeks -- the became campaign against Obama two -- they would -- except he picked Sarah Palin mentioned a little bit of rough patch was mishandled I think by the McCain people. I think -- stepping down as governor of Alaska was a big problem people don't like to see the candidate a good governor executive. Yes and some medical reason whatever -- just leave office early and she'd been a good governor soundly but once. Until then so calm that I think is something she has to recover from a jurors are being a serious leader of the party solves a lot of loyalty. As she -- still subject to debate she is a great political touch I think they've way Palin would. Possibly restruct yourself that's the right werder rehabilitate yourself against -- that are happening to run for senate and Alaska's when he fourteen about urging that I just think if I were. If I were heard -- I would say. Take on the incumbent yes -- -- primary continue to beat incumbent Democrats IDC but she did that suddenly if she can -- -- that -- -- Sarah -- freshman senator -- a fifteen. In Washington having beat an incumbent that would be pretty interesting. And for the final viewer question comes from Karen -- and she says I wonder what he thinks about what the GOP has managed to accomplish in in quotes so quickly North Carolina I think she's referring to that. Tough. Voting law that sort of restricts. The Kutztown early voting time by one week eliminate same day voter registration. What is -- what is going on there. I mean I support most of those efforts I'm not a big fan of a lot of early voting I think it's better to have the elections where she can one day opposite you have to make provision for absentee votes and people who -- traveling at all that I don't think it's a reasonable to ask people to show an ID I don't think it's a reason I think same day registration is an invitation to fraud. And abuse I mean the media goes around don't even know where what happened North Carolina to sound like a lot of rightwing stuff let's go through though the school choice. -- North Carolina for stricter abortion after five months to the case of medical necessity. I think north a lot of Americans who support that agenda -- -- I think -- Republicans -- to sway sixteen defending the agendas they passed in various states. Where the citizens of those states seemed pretty happy accidentally with most of those Republican governors will be pretty good shape. OK so now on -- our lightning round Donald Trump isn't ruling out a run for the White House what type of president would he be. And I don't think to be a particularly good one and I don't think he's going to be one of the Washington Post sale good or bad for journalism. Can't tell good I think if if there's more capital available and have just -- -- -- serious about. Make get a you know -- wouldn't. Make it easier for the post to be really -- trade paper. Short false immigration reform -- the path to citizenship -- passed the house this year. I think -- Well bill thanks first to get around to answer your questions and thank you to everyone who submitted their questions you can -- the show on Twitter at this week ABC. And publisher -- FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week maybe saying.

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