'This Week' Web Extra: Jorge Ramos

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos answers viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter.
5:26 | 02/03/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Jorge Ramos
Hello I'm painfully of This Week with George Stephanopoulos and joined today by Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. And since we believe all politics -- social here at this week reporting some of your questions from FaceBook to our great thank you for joining us bring to -- investors. -- our first -- comes from a loss of grand scheme and she says. He is one of the few TV anchors who speaks honestly and forcefully about the realities of our country. Maybe he could talk about his upbringing and how he became the -- Well -- I was born in Mexico City I'm the first of four Brothers and and my sister -- this. And -- button in Mexico when I grew up it was very difficult to own practice journalism because there was a lot of censorship government censorship. So when I decide to become a journalist I want to be a free journalists that he wanted to censor -- -- -- the -- likens it to the states. He makes a lot of sense to be in this country and say the things. There -- -- all the watched it would've stayed in Mexico. I don't actually had a lot of questions about your path to citizenship -- I was at a difficult process. Into us we long process and I started death I -- a student and I thought it was going to be only one year. And after one year I -- -- They Univision television station and -- son Dennis. After that I became an encore and warn you it has become almost thirty years. Of course I became a US citizen -- and very proud of them but -- was a long long process. And and I can just imagine what happens -- -- who are undocumented to cool calm here. And their -- much more difficult than what he was for me by my -- -- eased that. This country treats doing across the same way and with the same generosity. That -- treated me. It's our next question comes from -- Thomas Nixon and he says what American TV anchors did you admire when you are considering a career in broadcasting. Well I mean there weren't there were many but I IE I remember tool -- Who I always -- -- Peter Jennings was was the perfect -- quirk is always in control he knew what -- was talking about. Well -- he could talk to send. -- the United States and Mexico or about Iraq and Iran. That coupled with fantastic took Kabul he. He knew how to ask that he had to ask the tough questions and I don't wish I got -- -- -- something we should do it and allow. Anyone just to come here and say whatever he wants Hewitt Hewitt stuff to the point. Never wavered I like both of them very much. Daisy Ella Flores asks -- Mexico ever be safe. Well. Right now it's it's very difficult we have to remember in the last six years -- for a simply because their -- more than 65. How some people died. And as long as we have. -- war in which the United States is consuming so many -- And you have all of these trucks coming from central and South America to the United States. Through Mexico is going to be incredibly difficult from expo to be safe so this is not up a program just for Mexico this is social forum for the United States. If you're -- the United States house to cooperate with Mexican -- -- I don't I don't think he's gonna -- -- very soon because. We have millions of people were still consuming drugs in this country. And now there's a lot of corruption in Mexico. -- -- -- incredibly powerful in in Mexico sold it is not a problem that's going to be we -- In the anytime anytime soon. It's much -- issue and Susan Fabian that she is made the F asks how is the Spanish speaking community reacting to the language and tone of the GOP. Will all be considered forgiven if Republicans participate in immigration reform. I think Republicans are finally getting it after the election when they realize that Condit didn't get 30% of Hispanic vote. They understand -- really. They can make it without the Hispanic vote actually know what can make it to the White House without the Hispanic vote and unless republic -- supporting immigration reform. It's going to be impossible for them to get a a high percentage of the Latino. So. I I think. Latinos will -- -- they supported immigration reform. But -- many of them continue. Rejecting the idea about immigration reform is needed is going to be very difficult for them -- he's -- vote and they're gonna lose the next election and the next and the next. And and then our last question comes from cliff -- parent. He says and I'm -- his work as an anchor for Univision and host of output down. Are awarding lucrative has -- -- considered working for a large English language news organization whereas perspectives on Mexico and Latin Americans could reach a wider audience. Well I mean I look I'm doing right now but -- as you know there's a joint venture with ABC news so obviously we're offering -- much more with ABC so I'm. Getting the best of -- forms. Now being excited to see Mecca -- some -- -- thank you so much for joining thank you class yes. -- and you thank you trolley that you submitted your questions please be sure to follow us on Twitter at this week ABC and like us on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week ABC.

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{"id":18391620,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: Jorge Ramos","duration":"5:26","description":"Univision anchor Jorge Ramos answers viewer questions from Facebook and Twitter.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-web-extra-jorge-ramos-18391620","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}