Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly

ABC’s Gio Benitez discusses why the Boeing 737 Max is green lit to fly after being grounded for 20 months because of deadly crashes.
3:32 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly
Geared church travel that was the message from the Federal Aviation Administration to Boeing for 737 Max twenty months after it was ground it. Planes were banned from travel course afternoons to fatal crashes faulty software and company government failures were blamed. But tonight the question what's next for the company and what exactly has changed Jew Benitez has more. Tonight one of the longest aircraft grounding in history is over after twenty months of scrutiny. The FAA approving the 737 Max to return to the sky. Its name alone may conjure up these images to crashes just five months apart. Killing 346. People. Based on all the activities that we've undertaken. During the past forty months. And my personal experience flying the aircraft I can tell you now. That I am 100%. Comfortable. With my family flying on. But for some of the families of those who died that's not enough. We don't have lowered its Michaels Duma lost his daughter Sonja I and one of the Max crashes and is still demanding more transparency from both Boeing and the FAA the. The culture of secrecy continues and this is a plane. I would advise people suits enough client future because. Because we don't know that fixes. Done the job. In October 2018 lion air flight 610 was airborne for only thirteen minutes before it plunged into the job the sea off the coast of Indonesia the less than five months later Ethiopian airlines flight 302 crashed near ought to so Barbara airport just six minutes after takeoff. Killing all. An automated flight control system called MCAS nets fired multiple times in both crashes. Leaving pilots struggling to regain control and altitude of the plane. The system was not mentioned in the pilot man Boeing not only fixing that flaw but rewriting the entire flight computer software. And requiring simulator training for all Macs pilots it CEO calling the Max safer than the safest airplane flying today. ABC news contributor Steve guinier has been following the changes since the beginning. The FA went back in mandated changes to the software mandated changes to the way that information was displayed in the cockpit. Mandated changes to the way crews were trained so this is a very different airplane it's a much safer airplane. And pilots like captain Dennis teenager assuring the public. He won't fly until he is confident in the fixes and has had training on the Max. Yet see the all training. Com will go fly that airplane but we'll flat on our terms. Because we don't like any airport I honestly believe the aircrew in a safe it has been vetted and we are robustly featuring. And you'll take the airlines several weeks to get pilots fully train and wall airlines are eager to get these planes in the year. Boeing still has a long road ahead. The Max will be the most tested commercial airplane ever built. But the real challenge will be for Boeing which has lost the trust of the flying public. Regaining that trust and believe having the public believe that they have made an airplane that is finally safe. And the people are comfortable and paying for and flying with their families. American Airlines plans to be the first to fly the Max commercially in 20/20 on December 29. United and southwest will wait until later in 22 when he walked. GO Benitez ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"ABC’s Gio Benitez discusses why the Boeing 737 Max is green lit to fly after being grounded for 20 months because of deadly crashes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"74286309","title":"Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly","url":"/Travel/video/boeing-737-max-cleared-fly-74286309"}