Carnival Cruise Line Brings You Chocolate Goodness in a Cup

ABC News' Charli James learns how to make Carnival Cruise Lines' famous melting chocolate cake before National Chocolate Cake Day.
16:42 | 01/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carnival Cruise Line Brings You Chocolate Goodness in a Cup
Tomorrow is national chocolate cake day and of course here at ABC news we want to make sure you're ready and so we're down here at. Butter lane bakery in New York City where Carnival Cruise Lines has set up a little to worry all were one of their most popular dessert. Me I'm warm chocolate melts. I'm Charlie Jane and we're here wit. Diana frowned and bakery she is leave answer and he decorators bargaining her and she's gonna walk us through. This recipe along with some other friends we have here. Or at eight. Where it started. Just tell you wrote that how hard does but what about ability it's not a heart skill level you do not. Here women have to care about it like me I'll inspection. But as long as you're going but I am wrong. Like went nuts thinking there's not a lot of room. She didn't your pet day and while another recipe it directly and why do you think that this does. I think that chocolate is probably her and I was. And also there's something that's getting an answer that's work is no it was me or even knew its action. Is it just makes it one side. This desert it it went when it comes out of the oven it looks like it's difficult but turns out it's not seen me. This at home. On them for your friends and and show up a little. Let's get started. Only lady Diana I've heard I'm and you name exactly from the culinary education about five years ago I worked for I've been here is at all a lot of didn't file pop pop. He it at factory and all that parliament be taken that. Not be headed. And I'd the end meet he's. Mind you gotta practice. Things have nothing warm. Season you'll see that everything have been better for you that little. Case you are confident our I heard that right on your hands. Hate your treatment there they found that no. Portion of the what you think now and sends me not to stop. Red wave fans look. Florida fire. They won't warm. Anything. Round them. Here and we'll. Credit cell. A line. They now you again. Yeah who is the straight out of one mile and city okay. And could even for people who didn't win gets wet it could be a we're not. And yeah working back. Even this chocolate. Equality we'll be really loud home after. Me I. You're telling. Cloning. Did you burglary. Can go ahead and start foreigners pop into the. Very. I'll see. Economy. There tumbling and and it averaged fast track. Yeah I'm things look good but. Now they. History and it. From Saturn two K but all them. Yeah hit on their name. Now he about it how I. He sat. Not. I think they can't tossing greatly. Yeah. OK good. Outlining. 00 yeah. Ingrid recorded the way and this whole foods should do it happened quite nice convenient than just minutes. Yeah. A bold. Photograph. If you think. I'm taking a lens to look at. Their work. Saturday night at her Diana say the press that he. For about eight cakes have been many paint. In. A check. We are going to use a little bit of magic of television T group. Kids eat cake. Limits ready but they're going in the oven. Yeah I don't hear or read anything that he and they're going to be for about it and that's how it keeps that Nelson center of the gathering outside. Maybe I'm not. And forty and it's all cuts but some of them softly this. Aren't. I wouldn't you aren't bad. I look too tough. I feel like I could do that. Can hear well. Nothing chocolate cake in the eyes. I lowered to. Wherever it. We're gonna dig and see them melting. Pregnant calcium in. French army. You know volunteer right now. OK yeah. Lots of them I'm looking up at Oxford day. Heat the melted partly. It not to make sure that you don't. Burn off a layer skin without. Given yeah. I'm gonna get a trying to make up its landmark. They fired home. And here it so to show off your next dinner party here. Can we don't how simple it like. Let me in so many of these kind of day but. It looks a lot harder when it don't know exactly. To Diana and everyone at thunder and then of course to carneval. There's over ten million of these little Melky cake there on the jets every year. And you can join the heart and thumbs up. Do yourself a favor and indulge. Tomorrow for national chocolate cake day. Glad they are able to help you out here on ABC news digital thanks for watching I'm Charlie games a season.

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{"duration":"16:42","description":"ABC News' Charli James learns how to make Carnival Cruise Lines' famous melting chocolate cake before National Chocolate Cake Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"45075225","title":"Carnival Cruise Line Brings You Chocolate Goodness in a Cup ","url":"/Travel/video/carnival-cruise-lines-brings-chocolate-goodness-cup-45075225"}