Cruise Ship With Sick Passengers Aboard Returns to New Jersey

Those aboard the Explorer of the Seas Cruise Ship are believed to be suffering from a norovirus.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Cruise Ship With Sick Passengers Aboard Returns to New Jersey
This is a special room. Hello I'm tired and is in New York with his ABC news digital special report coming home early the -- Ill fated Royal Caribbean cruise ship plagued by a stomach bug just docked. In New Jersey the explorer of disease came -- a -- just a few moments ago nearly 700. Passengers and crew is suffering from systems. That are consistent with a -- a virus outbreak. One in five passengers sickened with the stomach bug on that ship the most in more than twenty years but. -- -- -- to just be home from their hellish vacation opened up finally be able to get some relief. ABC's to -- Bradley is out the port in Bayonne New Jersey joins us now with more hopefully. There but not getting too close some on how are you. -- it is over hundreds of passengers horribly sick confined to their quarters waving to us as they arrived in -- this port. Finally making it home. Today than nightmare -- the Royal Caribbean explorer of the -- -- comes to an end. The ten day cruise stopped in mid voyage after more than 600 passengers and crew. Reported suffering a stomach illness that officials believe is the highly contagious norovirus. Vomiting and Nigeria. It almost had no warrant. -- virus spreads at lightning speed. Each infected person generally passes it on -- as many as three other people and so on and so on it's also pass along from contaminated food or water or by touching contaminated surfaces. And it's incredibly hard to disinfect. Up to two to three weeks after you start feeling better. You still are considered contagious Royal Caribbean apologize for cutting short passengers vacations and the company promised a 50% refund. And half off the fair for future crews. But some passengers think that's not good enough -- go to -- Reports. There were almost there are almost a blunt answer is that -- one woman -- -- -- ABC this picture with the caption. Feel like we're in a bubble and the sad thing is they are even doing the right thing for us. Crews have been cleaning the ship and now that it's made it back to port it will undergo a -- sanitation. Before heading back out to -- Again on Friday time and to mom those passengers -- -- to -- home right away writer does the CDC wanna stop and talk to them before they. -- highly get to their -- the comfort of their own home. Who of course -- was an infirmary on -- of these. Passengers have been receiving a regular treatment and care that -- trying to look after them it's kind of interesting actually -- because they are not entitled. To any sort of additional compensation a lot of people very upset. If there -- -- -- half price off of their next cruising gets half of their money back off of this cruise a lot of people want it more. But it. Travel agencies tell us that you're not actually entitled to any additional compensation. That when you receive some sort of payment for being inconvenienced like this that in fact. That's just the cruise company decided do it out of the goodness of their art. Death the kind of thing where they -- go -- can read the fine print and good luck to you -- ABC to -- Bradley thank you so much for joining us. Hopefully those folks get home get some rest. You've been watching ABC's digital special reports on the crew ship. That is just -- in -- New Jersey hundreds of passengers sickened. With the stomach -- anti Hernandez in New York.

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{"id":22288118,"title":"Cruise Ship With Sick Passengers Aboard Returns to New Jersey","duration":"3:00","description":"Those aboard the Explorer of the Seas Cruise Ship are believed to be suffering from a norovirus.","url":"/Travel/video/explorer-seas-cruise-ship-sick-passengers-returns-home-22288118","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}