See the New Firefighting Airplane from Global Supertanker

ABC News' Clayton Sandell tours the nations' newest air tanker a 747 that can jet to any emergency fire in the world in 20 hours or less.
11:36 | 05/05/16

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Transcript for See the New Firefighting Airplane from Global Supertanker
A game. Learned in building firefighting air tanker. It is one of the biggest. Thousand gallons either water or Margaret party. More than any other planned by truthful. And what he fifteen was one of the worst fire seasons we have. More than ten million acres burned more than 4600. Homes were destroyed and the cost of fighting wildfires with something around two point one billion dollars and already this year and 46 million fire season we've seen. One point four. Million acres. If the season picked on. Rick ability. Point here it is reducing disease. CEO. Jim Wheeler Jim thanks for jointly receive either disease so could be standing in light. First class here you use for him. You this cleared it out probably done that. First glance at this. We prefer the lower drew one. Now. Are. Here it. Working mom and a practice you let you know you did and I mentioned you can drop almost 40000 gallons of once you need to. How does that compare to the other airplanes in the firefighting fleet around us. We are nearly twice as more and next. Thing. Our. Let me give it to you perhaps a little bit different. You took time he won there. And so instead of having. Why is a plane this big is it overkill by. Other solutions like let's respect. 1000008. Afternoons and you're likely. That's where. And a play in this big how far you go how fast can you know we can look this. Rule. What. I've. Now what does that mean they really believe this he's on a ship fire. Are you Hillary for enough nor should he matter of hours. So almost anywhere in the world we are very short amount of time correct that's why we are mobile and for today. We can be anywhere in the world in twenty hours when feels. Terrific and so these tanks uses well water and air and how long's it ticketed to fill them up once you're on the ground. It's actually own any liquid and injury march brush fire line event shall. We can we can turn the airplane in about thirty to 35 minutes. I fresher eyes and the tanks. And loading the water we have that capability now that ends on the water version area here coloradans burns held. How much does the ticketed people people to fly people to support it once you're out in the field. Politics lock your client doesn't support an injury. We have to violence any. Drop system operator in his home. Monterey is consent changed what ever ground through our lead here which. Pilot flying the plane. When we are all the drop zone and let under you know. All of pickles much and that's Mercury news will we candidates segment had dropped so we can actually box of fire that's what's called. We're available to do those kinds of things almost anywhere in the world at any time. And tell me. What do people might expect to see this plane flying over an actual wild card you have contracts for it. We hope to be falling out of the certification process. No later than early June. Okay and who we have contracts were not able to sign Patrick chip because we have finished certification. We have a number of contracts pending at this moment. That we will start shyness and whose crimes are. Yeah withdrawal with steps first absolutely happy FAA and the sorcerer's. Fortunately for those agencies very interest in this airplane and I think we. But potentially by the worst of the fire season July and August you expect to be here. Yes we do I have to say I'm not sure that's the worst the fire solution look what's happening in Alberta right now. Let's look at what happening Kansas and Oklahoma just recently. Fire season for a long. And they are more frequently have been in the past politics is about ten days dry weather and dry lightning strike and Chara holdings. So this is an all of that there's more upstairs outlets upstairs which he would really slippery course a 747 this suit next month probably. This is also the same type plane that the president Weizman exactly although this woman is much more modern. He's got better electric event here that we can hear what. It was up here. Now this is more yeah what people would expect from their first blast happened right. We have a first class needs. Board. Take care threw it where Paula liked them so everybody that's partly. Loads up art weapons. We go together. That way were not at the mercy of airlines. Front it is different airports. You go what you need to go we go work Paul and sue the crew little little sleep here. Well. We don't make him do that I'll hope we fly internationally. We have a area right here. Actually. Box. Offices and bonds. This high. She it is. They keep you sleep while we rotate crews likeness them why. Literally. Unload. We can leave here cost. How much does it cost you to operate this airplane every hour we don't give them. I'd like to today of flat out today and we certainly we have it's not cheap it's not cheap it's not true Volkswagen. Be reassured. Eyewitness and a thirst for canceling her he had to do what it that's been out here economical. It's. Our cost for drop. Is lower than anybody knows we carry so much. And one amortized costs which were able to cost per hour we will low cost operator. Gallons per hour. How does this airplane fit into. The overall fleet I mean we've seen the DC ten's on the fire lines using the smaller planes. Some date back to the World War II era where you see this plane fitting in overall. What kind of impact of the. A couple of things it's the world's largest obviously. But most important. It is the tool in the tool box or any firefighting agents. In other words this maybe what you need and maybe no matter how small are in my via helicopter 250 gallon bucket answer now. That's not our. Mark. Our market. Farms of archer. One of the unique things about here we talk about her and her two tanks who's operated independent. So we can literally putting Jill artful. Spray on the house right next fire. We can then permanently yours prison armory park next to that. She can save the house opened to stop fire. Kind of a unique in the industry we're very proud. We don't see the cockpit let's take a physical needs are ought. Yes sir Allen hurt. Us. Ever flown home farmers and if were patently. There's room. You have flown 740 sevens for a long time. What's the difference flying a big heavy airplane like. This war to death for firefighting or you know in this mission. We don't use a lot of the automation. Mostly by receiver pants if you will real pilot stuff real pilots out so that makes it reporter's job ever. Still. We really into play. And how far can you have you flown an airplane like this meeting go anyway we can go into it and we've. This bet you thirteen hours is. School. You don't think a 747 as being particularly maneuverable airplane is it good for firefighting compared to others. Well did you know they all have their their their streets their weaknesses. You know fortunately for us we all used to sing thank cable if you go down and reports the saints beat. So we fit in quite well with all the other small to. You. A plane like this must get lots of attention when you show up anyway it does. It is it's you know it's really just another tool in the tool box it might be the biggest. That we all have our strengths or weaknesses you know if you will and we thicker restricts reported that. All right captain cliff hale thank you very much good this thank you for coming. Thank you for joining us that's it from the flight deck here on taker 944. Cynnex time.

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{"duration":"11:36","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell tours the nations' newest air tanker a 747 that can jet to any emergency fire in the world in 20 hours or less.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"38911479","title":"See the New Firefighting Airplane from Global Supertanker","url":"/Travel/video/firefighting-airplane-global-supertanker-38911479"}