Girls in leggings barred from United Airlines flight

"The View" co-hosts discuss the airline's dress policy and whether it's fair.
3:36 | 03/27/17

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Transcript for Girls in leggings barred from United Airlines flight
I have I just think about it. It ignited at times they seem to be under fire right now superb season alleged teenage girls flop because they weren't leggings airline says girls we use in the united employee asked. And when not in compliance would dress code policy for the company benefit chapel. Little over reacting. And I was in a bunch over this because if you look at what I area I. I have a bit there was another part of that period that there was a ten year old girl that had Utley and Ryan that was less and paying customers are well. Yes what's that we tax. We want checked she she was OK I didn't I was on was the man gets on initial X so I just I feel that if you look at the list of attire that they found on unacceptable. If any attire that repeals a midriff. Any attire that reveals any type of undergarments miniskirts. Spandex tops pants and dresses they're all female centric that's correct. I see fit that they. This sort of body shaming and and and they're they're what do they that the the clothing police tonight I just it was I found it very offensive if it was even on both sides inside. But I don't wanna see the dude bout with this mid trips are hanging out I there. Yeah have other lot of supply white crackers so it but that's not there is also anything that is stretchy currently that's what's comfortable to fly like when you think about getting up flight I don't. I don't want to Wear denim I don't want to Wear a dress I don't. Wanna Wear proper clothing it's on it doubled up lot of fat while also not on this list his genitals. Which Jane let teens making grayish so I mean. Perhaps. Nobody can say. We're gonna update our. Thing that women can Wear that people can whack because I'd get that you represented if you slide for our free they've billion. You are representing us. But I think you are idea of what people are comfortable flying and might be a little behind the times so perhaps I didn't want wanna. Talked to some folks 'cause I'm wearing leggings right now and if bosh slime for free app would not be embarrassed to come on Europe. Europe and airline. This stuff. I am just yet trick it's not easy in these and you worked to get to an airport like they cancel they had did not meet their flight app when I think they can just that hey warning you know this because it nice and what are the problem is it's not just arbitrary but it's up to the people at at eight day. It's and sell either make it. You'd have thought uniform thing that you can't everybody has seen if you're slime for free with us aren't are not you have to dress like that has yet to get all the way to the gate yet put all Saturday through security and then they tell panic. Yeah you go I have a statement from the united and I'm the passengers yesterday were united past writers and not in compliance with our dress code for company benefit travel. We read seasonally remind our employees that when they place a family member or friend on a flight for free as a standby passenger. They need to follow our dress they do what I will say to unite against taught I know some of you. Who run united have kids talk to your kids and see what is. Appropriate. For can then maybe they'll find a middle ground because his a lot of people would enemies and for free on your airline who do well Atlantic's because I'm not comfortable and other things so maybe let's talk about acting and dabbled in what you would not be concerned patent. Natalie yeah.

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{"id":46403310,"title":"Girls in leggings barred from United Airlines flight ","duration":"3:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the airline's dress policy and whether it's fair.","url":"/Travel/video/girls-leggings-barred-united-airlines-flight-46403310","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}