Powerful storm moves 100-year-old ship on Niagara Falls

Severe weather has forced a cargo ship from where it has sat for more than 100 years.
1:44 | 11/04/19

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Transcript for Powerful storm moves 100-year-old ship on Niagara Falls
We moved to a story now that shows the power. Of whether. Imagine this a big cargo ship stuck on some rocks in the Niagara Falls had not moved for over a hundred. Years but over the weekend. You see it there are a powerful storm changed that in our will Reeve has the latest will. Kimberly that hunk of metal behind me is known as the iron scowl a ship that has been stuck in place in the upper rapids of the Niagara river. For over a century it got stuck there in 19182. Men rescued off the vote. And then the ship stayed no one knew the physics of it how it stuck in place with those powerful rapids pounding at it day after day for a hundred years. But it stayed exactly in places became a local tourist attraction people came. To see the iron scout just hanging out in the river very close to those famous horseshoe falls until Halloween night. When. The severe weather moved this ship closer to the edge of those falls it still has hundreds of meters to go. There is still a chance that it will stay in its new place flipped around and turned on its side. Third days weeks maybe even a hundred more years officials. Do not know but they are monitoring the situation to make sure that if it does move they are ready their plan is. If the ship goes over the falls there are two scenarios one it would fall over directly to the rocks below where it would be inaccessible to anyone trying to extricate it. So it would stay there that would be. Its new resting place or it would move further down the river whereupon officials would take it out of the water 101. Years. After it got stuck there in the first place Kimberly. All right well and a fascinating story there.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"Severe weather has forced a cargo ship from where it has sat for more than 100 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"66742523","title":"Powerful storm moves 100-year-old ship on Niagara Falls","url":"/Travel/video/powerful-storm-moves-100-year-ship-niagara-falls-66742523"}