A Race at the Bottom of the Earth

Travelers with a love for adventure journey to Antarctica for a race and the trip of a lifetime.
7:45 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for A Race at the Bottom of the Earth
Some people think you need to be out of your minds to run America. It's so. In these people need to be institutional. They're running a marathon in the most cruel and -- forgiving part of the examining -- -- bitter cold icy. Daryn. And to our team. No hit innings -- to to achieve credible but could this goal threatening and each one of the seven what's. They ride -- academics -- gave -- a former Russian research vessel. 92 adventurers from a number of country it's. -- Members I'd like. I'd really unreasonable -- a -- road. -- travel -- convention business. -- -- -- -- I just being dumb struck pretty credible traditionalists often doesn't it let's just lost its. Somebody today -- That makes yeah. -- -- -- -- -- The consistent don't really. From the -- economy is we don't. The bottom of the -- Winter Bernanke is running this to her dad died of prostate cancer in 2009. -- -- It says my dad that -- -- my -- Winter is only fourteen but has competed in races and she was five when she runs to raise money for her nonprofit organization team winter. Didn't she has kids and adults all over the world that. Helped raise that money can't spread awareness by advertising cans and a 100% that this -- -- Her goal is to complete marathons and all seven continents this year's spread her message. Just Manning -- looking -- against the I came -- millions for sensitive man -- happens you and I. Legend and -- The second -- my dad and all the men and families affected my prostate cancer and her mom Donna stealth travels with her and also runs marathons. I know how much each of these races means to her. In its annual license him and Romany. Yeah. She is still in school one of the toughest high schools online pulling in straight eight. An athletic phenom she's also -- for the 2018. Minutes in what's called -- fees with its heart stopping life. These 92 adventures come from all over the world -- the voyage to Antarctica begins at the tip of South America bush while Argentina. This is a journey to stat line -- about the -- into the finish him. They say -- past has erectus is in the world today sixteen -- winds and thirty plus waves reassure us about -- -- should crossed the Drake Passage of 500 mile body of water where massive currents from the Atlantic and Pacific -- -- -- Janet -- on the S Deborah better than. And blue cross and has been traveling to Antarctica for over twenty years. He's the -- expedition leader and it's his job to make sure the runners make it to Antarctica and back alive. Cross and and his crew conducted vital life. The -- that -- -- Clarin index three and that drives -- armored. And make sure travelers stick to a list of international rules created to protect his pristine environments yeah. Runners must scrubbing clean the bottoms of their sneakers and now I'll have even. Second there is only -- even vacuum their clothing. So they don't bring anything on to the -- that could infect the native wildlife. Just setting up the course is an enormous talents. First they must get ATVs on -- some marathon staff can freely and be ready for emergencies. And -- position -- just about there. Tom Gilligan has been putting in this race together since 1995. And spends every year refining cost. -- -- -- -- his job also requires a little international diplomacy. Russia Chile China and you're going have precinct stations on king George island in each must grant permission for the racist -- -- hope. The Russian base commander's name is -- can thank you Margaret -- Marking the course is a windy and freezing job. Good morning that is -- today's race day. Finally the day rise for these 92 happy fanatics. Just getting to the start is an adventure they come ashore from the mother ship disembarking my ex soldiers from a landing craft no roof over their heads for shelter. Just the overhang of a retired Russian vessel where they leave their backs. Water bottles at a few places and no paper -- to -- the continent. No one will break any world records us. Icy slopes it's brutal it's been slow going. There are of course some breathtaking thanks -- -- And delightful distraction. People do get hurt along the way. -- -- These places -- on an even though that I had placed. Everything -- -- at the moment beaudet in my head that doesn't and it's. -- -- -- -- -- very right now it is. -- -- It's an obstacle with every. This is amazing. -- -- Did this for my dad. When you had injuring you have to go -- you have to plan. I didn't put off a lot of things that he wanted to dance. Saying I did -- but then he custom made plastic cans and that's finding -- -- sons what I can and now waiting until on the alleged gun winters. Finishing time a respectable four hours and 49 minutes. Pretty good -- the surroundings and now she's the youngest person ever to complete -- marathon on Antarctica. A trip like this as many rewards. -- extra days kayaking. As an evening back in -- Watching other species with different styles. And different sizes. For winter that's four continents down three to go before December 31 if she's to make the Guinness book of world records. And for everyone. All the wonders you encounter when you actually do them to the -- of the. And and the.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"Travelers with a love for adventure journey to Antarctica for a race and the trip of a lifetime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"19415432","title":"A Race at the Bottom of the Earth","url":"/Travel/video/race-bottom-earth-19415432"}