Ride Along the Mississippi River with Secretary Sally Jewell

ABC News' Maggie Rulli chats with the Secretary of the Interior about her successes in business and the biggest challenges she has faced.
21:04 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for Ride Along the Mississippi River with Secretary Sally Jewell
Hey nag nag you really airline on the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minnesota and behind me and the interior valley until Sally I cannot leave this in the office. Is mildly. Every other night crew behind as a whole new fell. Thank everybody. Okay. Yeah. Hey me. Beckett did in veered back and you'll ever that today because you're picking up on experience and celebrate the power of women we have all the women coming off something. I am so that are. National parking. Out here on the good morning great look. Here right you think. Yeah. Make up for. I need. We're gonna let you never know what that's the national price. It what you have not gone past I am so you know. Then again I think that way. I get out of weren't asking the question we keep battling an arrogant and down the river as an inanimate debate about how cool that. Some of the national park and look and yeah well you couldn't hear you very young and growing up in Washington State and now being able to be a part. Of that does sound and being in charge of it mean you haven't managed when he responds more important than ever Neeson landed what it's like to have that power and other. Authority in our country. Like citizen on firing responsibility take seriously what kind of particular. Joint. Public lands because I'm in him. Came. This is perceived in that page nine entering the park and and that there. Fred leave some and it multiple I have not tried sentenced sit on the top seven times and they learn more on the when you know negative. For some I didn't see how announcements my high school at climbing club in his days kids. A lot more time in nature and now it is July plays like the Mississippi River recreation area are so important for young people today. Kids in the city sometimes don't even know that nature is accessible to those guys. Yes it's inspiring and privilege to oversee parts of the season here. It's also chances celebrates one. He's the line everybody would like to welcome them. In your position misunderstandings here you called it role on president Obama's cabinet that's. An incredible. You can turn how do you get from you know at fifteen year old kid hiking. Now. Now being a woman who's in charge expecting a second woman every couple that they aren't going to economic. Point. I certainly didn't and it included which consisted strictly true thick thick thick. First thing. I senators. And has been angry. Residents. He. Please name them as coming usual person for the job as a kind of business community I'm tired of Reuters. I started my career in oil gas an engineer and I worked in banking and paying farmers and ranchers and Indian tribes. Mining companies that golfers. Who and then I ended up unless their teen years where are not outdoor retailers. Now that I have this job. It's like all those pieces of my career really fit together but I don't know that president I when he victory Tennessee he's looking to have and rounded up cabinet meeting. People from of his background. Country in the I got lucky to be in his job here I am has been an incredible programs. Are you on a plane at the mention sorry that I Wear my aria at camp today in honor of mayor pat. Ellis. Well yeah we look fantastic you can't see but it looks really isn't strictly. We mention you weren't in the oil and gas field he worked very high up and he worked in banking now you were high and politics. Often those fields aren't. Hilton thing. Heavily male dominated so I'm curious as a woman holding anything from Pakistan where he controls billions of dollars and help. Are the boss of tens of thousands of people. What is at least for the moment you never faced criticism because of the. We have a long way to go do you really early on as inclusive as we used by bees and so. You know certainly you feel the sting of being only cars sometimes. Put up with some pretty silly comments and just changing over time and I think option us continues and it did not work forces and our country. In ways that do this sort of more perfect union. You know I'm not a person of color good. I see places like national parks being under represented. People not feeling well I think that's true for women in the workplaces and also. Maybe being. A little differently being petroleum engineers Mobil oil back in 1978. Working in the manufacturing plant before that and college. Help me understand what it feels like. And how important is that we build a peer group with the children that we also. Celebrate the differences site. So when green meant different perspective. It helps connect perspective. Or ethnic tonight. It again and again. And it makes me. Veteran Stanley. Recognizing the importance. Diversity. In maintenance and governments in Oakland. You mentioned silly comments give meat packing silly comment we've heard time and time again as a woman. Well. I think people it's an easy individuals and you kind of forget next year over Bernard your age a mother and a half bath I'm not nearly. Frustrated that we are losing eleven news excellent excuse. Cheesy as you know the kids and I understand how hard just saying it actually. Keep ridiculous problem and just deputies in the and I liked his city. Examine state government. I'm work for you have two children in preschool. It is actually quite most of them leave them at home. To come to work as a guarantee it could take ten men and women in this image. Ten years later he looked lost more of them and when it. Nightly news women that's hardly any. Day care but it was meant it as green and the others tires. Women because it companies. Recognize people for different reasons and those reasons. At a a lot of switching east where you have a relationship. And somebody likes you and what you. If if perhaps there. Expected he'd appreciate highway. Someone that's. In a little bit from Tanzania and Deborah and that's all that's been my privilege throughout. Woman ask you question now because you mentioned you had two small children in preschool line or and I met equipment for in this question but I. He's question. We're gambling casino every. African outcome of but it is still difficult and I often from women who drink at high if you had your healed. How did you deal way you know I. In business and politics but also having children. I think the reality is from. And he's leaving things behind and but I. I was at a star Ryan. And also. Includes millions. And we in his neck. And gas industry. Didn't get. Eminently people we know. Give us a kind of support. It's even decision to make it. Offers. Offered yet. Currently eight apartments identities. Because. I felt it was self to be. So you know you make little choices and it raises. I certainly too easily. In my mind starts. And now. Another comment that I already said in an interview once was that. Especially nine year old but it's interior. No one's really hasn't a lot of the decisions you make and we're not humor to the matter what you do you make someone. And that is often true commitment and get high enough up you have to make really hard decisions and unfortunately have to be positive. When you get hot and this unfortunately familiar decisions aren't going to make every single person happened but I think and as women were sort of informing me or call him. And so as a woman who has. Run and billion dollar company that runs a large portion of the government trying to do with the fact that your decision and leave something happening. Novel and alleys. And recognizing. Any decision. In my case I think. This decision. Sending. Proud. That really. So it's. Not easy we'll. Yours but. It's making. People the it. I'm gonna sic the moment you could you're talking about young people and the decisions you make and so. Maybe things we have this awesome flotilla happening behind us look everyone that the part of our minds around. Yeah. Let's just tuning and we are live in the Mississippi River in think Minnesota which is crazy because. Isn't that they were in the middle others in our country we're chatting with secretary of the interior Sally Jewell. And protecting a lot of things today first. What it's like to be a woman working at a high level in politics. What it's like to be awesome woman doing awesome thing but secretary you certainly are betting that description I would think it doesn't mean more awesome. Some people. Now have everyone. And what's invite. Do anyone trying to do anything you clearly followed your passion. And what advice would you give to someone who wants to do that same thing who wants also followed their passion and help our. Authors state machines to be here. That means spending time in nature exercising eating right getting good night's sleep last picket picket tonight. And surrounding yourself. You know people care. I'm surrounded with people that care and map out an average. Got a degree and a oh. Adding he began enthusiasm and I guarantee loosely swelling 99 she's doing great things nicely well at night knowing I'm doing great things because. Not just take care myself that. Doing things that fuel missile and fueled heart and I think we all in our Wear can all you know lives. Up. And I also appreciate appreciate talking about the relay challenges people face whether. It's as a woman in her as a minority here just as a person trying to do their best ever went isn't talent is so its eyes on us to bring Allen. So that with an opinion of the day we're all on him he's enjoying an opinion that ended the and the eagles' nests. Beautiful day. Via. I'm. I a lot of get back to enjoying our relaxing. You can't have done and it. I would back asking quick question which Agilent and enjoy enjoyment but for now. Attorney all around you can also enjoyed the beautiful view as unions. And. I here. Things out. They added appeared just checking out that welcome back I'm Maggie really here at ABC news real common Mississippi River in Saint Paul, Minnesota and behind me doing all the work that likes to all the talking. As secretary of the interior Sally Jewell. Alley with the Pentagon and killed. Hit a quick pace. So today we're kicking offers theory that celebrates powerful women also winning getting off something in his right talks about. Secretary of the interior to look here at some amazing things from running a billion dollars up. Multi billion dollar company and Ari act now managing more than three siblings plan. She's kind of boxy gotta the big. But also I'm very humble public. So again thank you so much for joining us we're gonna wrap up our show here by. I think some really hard hitting important questions at valley and their unbeaten British short and asked the gonna learn a lot about our new friend let me get fed up. Certainly not if there were curious how you get to where Martin out so what was your very first job. I snipers. Well I picked strawberries and child. I knew that I didn't want to do that some respect for people in this country. Artwork away. A middle school stamp. Protect can't plan on cigarette packets. And reminds parents had a business a business. I babysitting. And really I can't college I served food and possibly in my. After that irony. First. And to uncle her understanding what this man. Now if you break secretary of the interior what would you be doing today. Probably this yeah pat pat pat pat I got here. It's a Friday. That you work in my job and then. Hours after day it. An opportunity do right now. Over canoeing right now but what is your favorite outdoor activity if you heard choose a 83. Not well liked them. And let's get it out hiking. Sale. Can. And time. A best mounting ever summit it and spoiler alert Secretary General has on the lot of quietly put this. Count me first and announcing. Them here. The I just love. The most. Extraordinary trip summoning. A shouldn't. Mean. You're really selling us apnea. The climate in which is certain that. Its. Hand. It managed. To benefit science across the country. What is someplace that's still on your must visit nature in America (%expletive) it let's. Look at him. Haven't done an excellent. There are lots of place that everybody else we think. Compact. So unless that bucket list emerged. Is that. It is something it's just. I volunteered to accompany him let's check Soriano got we expect. I somewhere in natured event to a billion times you'll never get sick you. And happy memories here the most companies place. And an opportunity to look at 950. Years of high school on England. Everytime you that and a would be considered it's just expert. I. Here we stand. I'm honored and didn't sound with the I have killed my neighborhood. Or actually be on my. Three adjectives that he would they declined I think that's one. Confidently moved. Yeah. Your inner woman. A. I like it's hitting just laid out. Nine. It's important yes. Be. Turned. Out. I. Or I. A our. Nobody more and it was wonderful that's my final question. It's on the going to be. Washington State or Washington. I love my songs from Pacific. Knew the answer to Atlanta. Now on the topic you. How good idea. And it. Kennel lights are out from there needs between. People. You can find our. Harry I think he's so much thank you for Angel of and a pleasure. Bennett let there will mean not considering that you can poignant and I is that now having critical element while. And I thank you so much million unit. As siding off from here live on the Mississippi huge thank you thank you figure out scheduled for sharing some of her with him at and also just sharing. The beauty of America with the let's look at knock it over that we are in the middle of a huge city in America yet it still plenty. Of nowhere you know. I don't like. It I.

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{"duration":"21:04","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli chats with the Secretary of the Interior about her successes in business and the biggest challenges she has faced.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41674459","title":"Ride Along the Mississippi River with Secretary Sally Jewell","url":"/Travel/video/ride-mississippi-river-secretary-sally-jewell-41674459"}