Severe storms in Dallas

A tornado touched down in north Texas, leaving heavy damage and power outages across Dallas.
2:06 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Severe storms in Dallas
We begin with breaking news our first look at widespread damage in the Dallas area after at least wonderful -- a tornado overnight this dramatic video shows the moment the twister touched down and several homes along with businesses. Are damaged in the northern part of the city this morning. And a severe weather threat is not over you can see that line of storms on the march parts of Missouri are also being impacted but damaging winds and possible tornadoes. When tornados in Dallas this morning damage in Dallas and what appears to be a direct hit from a tornado. This dramatic video taken as the twister hit overnight. Radar track the twister for seventeen miles across the northern part of the city. Damaging homes and flipping cars. And I went got my bathtub and let. Pillows and an actress ever meet and just held on and it felt like a train just like they say it. One of the damage homes is owned by pro hockey player Tyler seg and of the Dallas Stars here's the before picture and the picture he treated after the tornado. We'll let you know when the powerful winds knocked down paralyze leaving tens of thousands of customers without power. Windows busted all over the house the gas meter in the back yard sixteenth. Aren't. Backyard fenced trees the patio cover everything was just downed on. This morning there are reports of at least one building collapse along with several businesses damaged including this Home Depot. And the roof of this church now gone just started praying. I. Lieutenant hale on Christie Condrey with watching the cowboys game on TV when the twister came barreling through. We that it keeps turning in the pool our finances down we've lost another charity. But where line I'm never doing it I would be in line. I know is there's probably a lie when I don't care what he. I didn't realize I never want to be in money he and several people were taken to the hospital but no serious injuries are reported from these storms.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"A tornado touched down in north Texas, leaving heavy damage and power outages across Dallas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"66413466","title":"Severe storms in Dallas","url":"/Travel/video/severe-storms-dallas-66413466"}