Sudanese Doctor Describes His Experience With Immigration Order

Dr. Kamal Fadlalla was on vacation in Sudan when the executive order was issued.
3:28 | 02/05/17

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Transcript for Sudanese Doctor Describes His Experience With Immigration Order
And year in your medical residency here yeah once again. And where you from student. Still in all of this first thing happening that traveled. What white and you've got. Yeah Michael league they called me that. That buys all my beliefs yeah people those who. So I decided this. Excuse me. But all this. It's up to him. And took my bloating and everything. To the court. I think it is we'll. Paul Hodes. You have really try to come back sooner yeah. Plug. The Newark and so then this August. And then send some solid in that gold mine that closed down people's gardens tradition. It's a good trying to get. Seventy it. It sent here as a lot of work. Exactly exactly exactly that no I think that you know my equity going to be. How we are following patience put it out fishing. So powerful moment it's. It's. Qualities. You know elect kind of so Tom Cuddy the continent. Can see my patients. When you've heard that this opening. Came up at this judge signed a national. Paula got to get that England book airplane and yeah exactly do a couple of my police friends. That needle. And so silently. He's going to be flying. So immediately apple might. No pathetic. And in one at risk. The and they. You know. What you need. That's visitor and it's hard. Yeah I think got we have to it. Through affiliates there. Young my mom. This evening and it began a very about the actually is going to thank you. Plus with he's listening to fit those officers who. My. The country from the on Saturday people and it's your. Very very disappointed that made this very very easily diesel and look I don't. It did this. Immediately. Effective immediately something. You know. Test. Sanctions passed elected he was fiscally. I'm happy.

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{"id":45283303,"title":"Sudanese Doctor Describes His Experience With Immigration Order","duration":"3:28","description":"Dr. Kamal Fadlalla was on vacation in Sudan when the executive order was issued.","url":"/Travel/video/sudanese-doctor-describes-experience-immigration-order-45283303","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}