Super Bowl Super Spending

Genevieve Shaw Brown reveals how people with money to burn are traveling to Super Bowl.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for Super Bowl Super Spending
Turning announces Super Bowl 47 then have some -- have some wings -- those new years resolutions well it's the first time the big game is being held right here in New York City. And first -- -- getting in on the action means dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on everything from Hoover pricey tickets. Hotel rooms and much more and joining me now with the most outrageous travel packages to the Super Bowl. Is Genevieve shop around his ABC news travel and lifestyle editor so nice to see you -- Arafat here and they really don't by the way I sit here in New York City. The game -- actually here in New York but it feels like it because -- so many festivities they're shutting down Broadway. They're shutting down bridges they're shutting down tunnels for this game. And their -- people who are going to be literally dropping thousands of dollars to participate. Thousands of dollars the first package him and bring you -- 40000 dollars and only fill up front actually we're talking huge amounts of money. The first one is 40000 dollars per person seen Regis hotel overlooking Central Park. To better private residence. It includes tickets thinking of course celebrity chef dinners with people from -- -- top -- at Salem ground war. I mean everything you can think of in the transportation all weekend. This isn't really really big deal -- ESPN party. Maxim party forced to -- parties it's 40000 dollars per person per day. Or hotel or that's great but includes other -- is saying you know well well I think the ads and out you. That you have the right it yet experience yes now this doesn't even include tickets cost -- 100000 dollars to star. So this is a private -- it's -- G -- there's only two available for private charter in United States. -- perhaps want to actually give you a little bit of a clue as to how how exclusive. These jets are so. You get a private -- in each way he's from the start things restaurant near city cooking your -- -- -- -- Senior Broncos fan -- -- some rocky mountain oysters to go sell. I cheerleaders just act as that the clintons justice cheerleaders. -- -- -- out your team's colors. -- helicopter service from here -- to anywhere you want and so you know. A big big but that's just gets -- there is still have to pay for the ticket once again absolutely thousand dollars just to get there just to get -- then -- the house for rent which is kind of like if he didn't wanna go to the -- because well that's just reaching many people -- -- -- -- actually interact with them right you can just rent a private home for a 100000 dollars hasn't won 212800. -- 1000 dollars whereas the week seeking to get -- -- -- -- the party I had six bad terms -- after 8200 square feet which. Is -- among -- fifteen minutes from the stadium in north Caldwell New Jersey. App I think shaft I think dealing -- service at Jan ten flat screen TVs it's -- -- -- kind of thing you can't get tickets but he still got a ton of money. You wanna buy all your friends go to this passengers let's have a thousand friends and their interest in the -- can we packed them in. I'll absolutely. No limit to it. There's no limitation for -- -- you -- not about it out if there are there are six on the floor for a thousand dollars a night -- advocate just tremendous experience. Game day really expensive even if it even if you're not doing all of this stuff and you're going for game day. Getting into the Super Bowl is an expensive expensive -- it really ends and -- package from red hot seats it's 635. Thousands in now this is the most expensive when I could find -- -- and -- thirty -- -- expensive what you inspired me and you have gotten yourself -- 635000. Or thirty or thirty tickets on the thirty yard line. It's fully catered I should -- -- But it all -- -- close at thirteen hundred dollars an average credit and I'm thinking it's 635000. Dollars it really should be open -- how much. Thirteen hundred dollars. Thirty -- it seems like that that thing will be run up eventually to about 700000 dollar I think you're talking about because those drinks are expensive facial -- aren't punishing Iraq for an extra 50000 dollars -- -- -- and right maxim party. That's usually -- a 9000 dollars per person so. -- -- thought if you've got the money -- spent. This is assumed to spend at this is going to be huge it's going to be here just going to be great for New York City and for the surrounding areas and for anyone who's going to be enjoying it from home a little block a little wings a little pizza that never heard anybody as a suitable for the 99% say how many -- you do by -- block your -- -- -- -- Genevieve nice chatting with you thank video.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Genevieve Shaw Brown reveals how people with money to burn are traveling to Super Bowl. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"21609102","title":"Super Bowl Super Spending ","url":"/Travel/video/super-bowl-2014-super-spending-nfls-big-game-21609102"}