Teaching Kids to Cook Forms Healthy Habits

Introducing young children to new foods and flavors can have a long-term impact on eating habits.
1:55 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Teaching Kids to Cook Forms Healthy Habits
We know your kids how could kids are more likely to -- it and that's First Lady Michelle Obama's new methods for healthier families there's no question it takes more time in patients. But here's some advice to help you make it happen. Eight year old Palin and nine year old -- are getting a cooking lesson from Tania Steele editor in chief of epic curious. A new section on their website is all about kids in the kitchen with tips on how to cook with your kids at every age. -- want to be organized when you -- with kids. You want to kind of and keep a sense of humor that's very important and you want to get everything out and ready. Kids aged three to five can -- measure sir and cut with a plastic knife. For the grade school set age six to nine you can try cutting with a sharper knife greeting and cooking at the stove top all of this with supervision. There are really -- don'ts for older kids between two teenagers they really are in power he should -- -- they should be able to know how to cook. Seeking -- -- are learning to make some -- -- but you know where it's from. India. -- -- They're discovering some awesome new spices and flavors we add to cut -- -- -- -- -- instead. -- -- -- -- -- -- And if you -- help with the grocery shopping that can help get them excited about new foods also but part of that depends on how much time you have. Tiegs parents say if it's a weeknight forget about it he might -- -- just not to Iraq. Concerned that -- that. But when you have more time a little fun in the kitchen can create a long term impact. I think confused. The -- this -- happens when you're young. We'll stay with -- -- -- What is it and seeing here is -- -- -- And for more awesome sits on what to complete their kids depending on how old they are supposed to link on Twitter at Dr. sapna ABC seven.

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{"id":18719100,"title":"Teaching Kids to Cook Forms Healthy Habits","duration":"1:55","description":"Introducing young children to new foods and flavors can have a long-term impact on eating habits.","url":"/Travel/video/teaching-kids-cook-forms-healthy-habits-18719100","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}