Tour the Emergency Operations Center in Georgetown, SC

ABC News' Janet Weinstein meets the emergency team in charge of responding to Hurricane Matthew in South Carolina.
10:20 | 10/06/16

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Transcript for Tour the Emergency Operations Center in Georgetown, SC
Hi everyone this is Janet banana at Georgetown our current line. Emergency operations and that just made calls her Iraqi regions county and I'm editor with Patricia approach. Jackie broke she calm my guys are day. Now long day and she is the CIO public information officer at the county. And so's got tossed a little bit about what does that mean what does this but this is operation center duke. And what does it mean when they governor gets on conveniences are counted accurately. On will the governor's announcement today it's clear that everybody ends only paid basically here is around post end. On some inland areas around our rivers and water resources we'll meet him basically. Pack up and get out in today Omnia. We are. Sitting. Increased mall in force and on the roads today he's we cannot control and now he points on highway. I'm just trying to make sure evacuation once it really gets going home we'll go they'll be patrolling. On the neighborhoods and Sony winner Tom. You know people who are evacuating just. Properties on and right now we are emergency op. Basically our our command days where where all of our staff as at the moment I'm just trying to keep everything. And ordered doing cleaning. Basically just time. So how biggest strikes counting. Optics. And expect everyone to it or any. Amy everything here on the wall. On the red area he's he's as you. Need anybody else they can't believe it Allen's day. Evacuation order. Bluntly it's ending now how many people living thing. On the off handwriting. A majority in accounting. I am majority I was. They work. And so what does it mean for you guys that there's men tree decorations. A bunch of cables here I think you all. Well this is mostly counties we do or. Representatives from other agencies well let's see here him here. He's here. The you know theory here. Here on tightening. Basically is lots of community stakeholders. Together and eager to cash. And pool our resources and teachers are. Your weakness here. Since Monday some of this weekend's. This is. Foreseeable futures. And so how often get a startling. And again. On the we were here a much smaller skill. The last. Last we were. You know full activation. Was almost hear that statement. And historically. To her. And so that's kind of Islam at a rate ever since but if you're tying it earlier that thousand sandbags line. And any payment yes. Just here we are going to be open until. Enemy lines morning. Be ordered several more truck Lewis and apparently. Little after news Ulster Unionists in the mail. And so gonna be alive and days and next arriving percent panic and and about it are long gone shortly after new approach. Well below regardless I hung it so can take a little bit of it or at this hour and here. My little hearing this is public information. The people who were updating the FaceBook page and Twitter account and website they tend to group over here. This gentleman in the dark blue shirt right here in the museum on he's the man in charge he's our hearts and expansion. Director period so he has been probably the busiest person in Georgetown county. Ask me how important recent Q. And so you guys are keeping regular updates on these. So people that are living in areas or pregnant accurate and are worried about the property protect against any change in recent contact. Yeah he got word yeah. And Yahoo! weren't yeah. Just six of any free sources these people who makes sure he liked the sandbags com. River gauges you know whatever is leading to inaccurate and give them Tami comes. Over the years he's charging operations. And so it's a rumor can now spring out of sandbags getting. His next priority and we're working on an additional requests and recruiting pitches he's using shoulder on average. And how many shelters or in any of an era you know what her windshield. He harmonic. Henry T. Is it pretty grim job right here over here we have on this case for public words yeah. You know yeah. Mom now he also are killing at least he didn't have on the. It's what he has written on right now I am Janet from agency reliant park and its union and importance that. Again. We have right now aren't your. EC EO. But obviously working with oh traffic news. Macedonia. So we have a compulsive thing about 670. CP during the Paula zone area in I have a couple of years Georgetown own homes and no one. Which Chinese people in the timely manner. Ambulances only certain transition team. It's search and rescue him assessment while tanks. So right now you guys are mainly in charge of getting people out you guys and going door to door knocking I was here. You're not announced Claire remember hearing here is sandy there was some of that apparently during the flood we cannot do. Right now we shall we we're outweighs. Just give him during this. From carrying her good luck I think yeah. Our law enforcement fatally. Representatives from different agencies we also have DNR ears and Asperger's. Theory we're hearing the eastern city so law enforcement very hurt have been. On the controls are out there in his home all the younger. Traffic so yes I am Jammer Liam honey BC dot com has hit. We're just taking a tour of the birds every since anarchy so what do you guys mainly focusing on right now. Will do wish sources living room booming Shaw assets and employees were traffic control points and only were threatened them. As a friendly cram so far has not done much energy is when it's expected biggest blow people are spinning wanted to suddenly hopefully during daylight hours of the whole lot easier. Yes and yes we're and funny for seven career shifts like twelve hour shifts that means we hold them while okay. Look at my. I'm are. Tired of buying. Relying on agencies act I had so much you work a nine. Calls here you need an advocate shelters. Numbers. Around. Here. Great as have been busy in the getting a lot of calls. Oracle's. You know there wrote that. And this house restaurant and fill out or is that it's unedited right OK and a cable that are left thank you thanks. Oliver ultimately. Death. And the Leverett crops. And I have an ABC news back. This times you tutoring now. I'll if you. We're just coordinating with yes San and then parks and recreation are. Shelter. Programs in Andrews yeah. Your. Okay plotting yeah. This would. So how many people are national Terry now right now 101 resident of 55 people would pre register for more than sorry really wants this inoculations starts. This yeah. Yeah. Patches of people are trying to take your time this spectacular things. They've come to see it just and I do is let them be liken like England to bring weapons which is a good thing. But yeah they're nervously waiting to leave their homes you know you got selectmen and thank you don't come on guys and says there needs me in her home again Randy. I don't buy it and manipulative exactly are we any are telling me to tell us well cleaning. Reliable and easy on and on. Top well we basically develop instant action here foreign. Future auction will be working on a plan. Today for tonight at seven. Angela on the next day that they are working on filling out forms they'll play him. The instances here running this race. The brainchild many yeah. Now they weren't complaining about that yeah it at that keeping it. Organized. Column. My. Thank you for giving us or since compartment and her yeah. This is Janet white steam that continues to don't Wear at the Georgetown county emergency operations center where they're getting ready for he massive evacuations are about to be placed in preparation for her Mathieu. So thank you attorney and here next time.

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{"duration":"10:20","description":"ABC News' Janet Weinstein meets the emergency team in charge of responding to Hurricane Matthew in South Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"42617732","title":"Tour the Emergency Operations Center in Georgetown, SC","url":"/Travel/video/tour-emergency-operations-center-georgetown-sc-42617732"}