The World's Only Polar Bear Jail

As polar bears wait for the ice to freeze in Churchill, Canada, sometimes they get close to humans.
3:43 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for The World's Only Polar Bear Jail
-- town where polar bears outnumber the people 1000 to 800. There is bound to be a turf war this. Is Churchill Manitoba. And win the 11100 pound residents get out of line. This is where they go -- jail the world's first and only. -- was -- tracks at all longer. Bob Windsor is probably the first polar -- sheriff ever -- with Manitoba conservation. And when bears get too close to town. You either drive them away with an airborne. Or worst case scenario round them up. And hold them in jail hoping to break that happens. By holding them in the facility. -- -- safe for -- both thirteen days just the average. That number that come about his. You know substantially. After they've done their time the bears are sprung from jail. Hoisted by helicopter and release -- outside of town. Over Churchill's tundra the world's foremost polar bear expert doctor -- -- struck. Explains why the bears are spending more time in town. And less time hunting for seals. -- How brazen do these -- get. Shotgun in hand Mitchell -- helped chase away a bear attacking his neighbor. Only yards from his front door -- -- circles -- lines. Spiritual progress here bill -- the neighbor survive. And Mitchell brushes aside the idea of living somewhere other than his hometown of -- -- his fingers through his own. Forever it's used for some resistance console while it's. Seattle -- entrances to Baghdad where -- pretty -- bad. Yes polar bear survival means a high fat high protein diet. Aside from seals there are no alternatives. Scientists shoot down short term solutions like. Feeding the bears for huts and they alone it could cost a million dollars a month. And would create even more stress on the human -- relationship. You know I -- -- -- ABC news Churchill Canada.

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{"id":20895655,"title":"The World's Only Polar Bear Jail ","duration":"3:43","description":"As polar bears wait for the ice to freeze in Churchill, Canada, sometimes they get close to humans.","url":"/Travel/video/worlds-polar-bear-jail-20895655","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}