100-Year-Old Educator Is 'Still Doing It'

Eugenia Bumpass has been teaching since she was 20.
1:01 | 09/10/15

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Transcript for 100-Year-Old Educator Is 'Still Doing It'
Eugene bump this is at home when she surrounded by books things are definitely. Picture that's up. For mrs. bump this is also Louisa County this is where she grew well started going to school it five. In teaching at twenty have never stuck. At 100 years old she's time generations. I have had people earnings being what do you tainted you know dislike initially issue Matheson. I'm sit I'm dean teens. The teacher and librarian spent her Summers traveling the world but her roots have always been here something always felt the Mets had released. It was those on the Hong moments from students that her hooked on teaching all but certain that adds life don't. And you don't think chief cap and some current feisty young teachers. Pay attention to that feeling in students you have her support these youngsters who start man I am. Their government they could keep placement. And will back him.

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{"duration":"1:01","description":"Eugenia Bumpass has been teaching since she was 20.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33669790","title":"100-Year-Old Educator Is 'Still Doing It'","url":"/US/video/100-year-old-educator-33669790"}