11-year-old with cancer on the road to recovery after teacher donates kidney

“If it were my kids, I would have wanted somebody to come forward,” the life-saving donor said.
5:27 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for 11-year-old with cancer on the road to recovery after teacher donates kidney
On this Friday we are kicking up a new series this morning called. Feel Good Friday. We'll be bringing you a little good news heading into the weekend and today it is all about eleven year old Gavin sexton. And Gavin was just three years old he was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer but after having one kidney removed. The tumor kept coming back. Radiation treatments damaged his other kidney some patterns parents set out to find a donor or him. Sending out an email asking anyone who was possibly interested to get tested to see if they were a match for Gavin. That's when and Camille a teacher at Gavin school comes and she didn't know Gavin but she did respond to that email and after a delay due to the pandemic. Gavin finally got some good news. I'm you re yeah. Sure yeah. Could soon after the latest turn it over and value of 122 he didn't mean. Yeah oil is still much London. Yeah I hated. Yeah leading beaten I don't know. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah they. Yeah a. I Gavin surgery finally happened this past February. Giving Gavin a new kidney and I was so happy to have. Both Gavin and an AKA mister Weiner joining us this morning Gavin at this communal thank you so much for being here today. Inkster had really hurts so DeVon my first question is for you resell your reaction there. Two finding out that you were getting a new kidney you I'll how did you feel when you found out. That it was someone from your school. I RA is there is centering out of journey to our. Entire shame that it can't trying. Another shady flying. Country and it's 89. There is 900 my millennium buying and in India are releasing me. And it won't Perrier head when you saw that note from Kevin's parents you didn't know this family so well let me just say I need to do this. I mean I guarantee otters and threw me I'm reading. Indeed email from the sacs standards. Ends knowing that us you know. Could be needed this for their child if you're mining can I would've wanted somebody to come forward. And dad and I knew I was busy their car like anti bush and so that just you know it was. It wasn't a no brainer but it is easy to go forward with us so Gavin and described Fermi how you felt physically before. You were able to get this surgery get this new kidney. And how do you feel now compared to that. Oh well. Kind of go to school. And you come her own not in Wellington. Sooner. I can't an error I had armor and guarantee. Can I can't Cindy well that's. Morris form my friend's name. Did you afterschool and Cantonese. They were just looking at some photos of you in the hospital and you're given everybody. A thumbs up sign how did you feel on that moment when you knew that that you had a a new kidney and you were on your way to recovery. I'm seeing. And trays for I don't feel well my. Chilean shell really didn't. Get that. And and what was your reaction no one. Down the line right you're keeping track of about how he's doing and how progress is being made and you then hear from Gammons mom that he doesn't need dialysis anymore. Comment when I heard that he didn't need dialysis. On that yeah. An amazing moment for me. Knowing that he didn't have to go through that every day con me really really happy that I could be a part of. Answer Gavin what do you want to say missions can we know. About what she did Brea. Thank you to. It was making dinner sure incinerated. And anything you want to stay back together and I designs say that. It was an honor truly see you. Hello you know patents. Now being part of your life. It's amazing. And get anything you want to say it to kids who are in that position who are struggling right now and may be losing hope. Tedious and our. Gavin and thank you so much for being hear it really is a pleasure. To talk to look Gavin were so happy to see you doing well and and it's amazing what you've done thank you for sharing your story with us. So you it's our pleasure.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"“If it were my kids, I would have wanted somebody to come forward,” the life-saving donor said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77691770","title":"11-year-old with cancer on the road to recovery after teacher donates kidney","url":"/US/video/11-year-cancer-road-recovery-teacher-donates-kidney-77691770"}