14 shot outside a Chicago funeral home

The shooting comes as debate intensifies about the Trump administration deploying federal agents to major cities. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.
2:35 | 07/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 14 shot outside a Chicago funeral home
Now to the breaking news Chicago where fourteen people have been shot during a funeral the violence coming as the trump administration plans to send more federal agents into the city. ABC's Andrew Denver has the latest. Overnight violence erupting on the streets of Chicago as the debate rages over sending federal agents to fight crime in the city. Police say fourteen people were shot after an exchange of gunfire at a funeral. Community activists saying it was likely gang related Chicago is one of the big cities where the White House is deploying additional federal force. We welcome. Actual partnership but we do not welcome dictatorship. We do not welcome authoritarian isn't. Meanwhile months of tensions have boiled over in. Portland Oregon federal agents protesters early Tuesday crowd tried to break into the federal courthouse ABC's Cano whitworth was there are things are it's. Film and there's. What's your best ear that my eyes are burning. This morning federal officials say though security agents or with in their rights to protect the courthouse a long established federal practice it's well within the authority of the federal government. Also drawing criticism what's being described as a militarized crack down by an identified officers. But this morning Homeland Security officials are pushing back insisting the officers are identifying themselves and calling their actions appropriate. We will not retreat. Are only targeting an arresting those who have been identified as committing criminal acts like any other law enforcement agency does across the country every single day of the week. The surge in violence in several big cities is approaching record levels Atlanta seeing an 86%. Increase in murders Kansas City now on pace for its deadliest year ever just this week a woman was shot in killed. Wall pushing a baby spinach roller. But the mayors of those cities are now being joined by thirteen others in signing a letter to the trump administration. Condemning the use of federal force on their streets reason. The other mayors signed on was because we've had great concerns look at what's happening where dogs. I think this federal involvement it or are you on fire. Attorney general William. All of the victims reportedly in serious or critical condition. Police say they've interviewed at least one. Person of interest Kenneth Mona Andrew thank you up.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The shooting comes as debate intensifies about the Trump administration deploying federal agents to major cities. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71914769","title":"14 shot outside a Chicago funeral home","url":"/US/video/14-shot-chicago-funeral-home-71914769"}