14-year-old claims he's missing boy

A boy found on the street in Kentucky says that he escaped kidnappers.
3:14 | 04/04/19

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Transcript for 14-year-old claims he's missing boy
A teenager in Kentucky told police that he is Timothy Pitts sent. It was a six year old boy who went missing in Illinois and back into when he elevens I wanna go to whit Johnson who's in Newport Kentucky with more. Witnesses so fascinating what's he found or did he come forward what happened exactly. We'll Kimberly good morning to you at this really is an extraordinary story they're trying now to confirm if this fourteen year old. Is who he claims to be which is Timothy pits and that boy who mysteriously vanished from Illinois back in 2011. And this is where all came to a head yesterday authorities say that this. Fourteen year old was wandering aimlessly through this neighborhood and actually ended up. Over here on this corner and neighbors were looking out their windows and one even snapped a photograph of him here. Seeming confuse he was all alone people approached him and asked him what was going on and that's when he claimed that. He had escaped his kidnappers and that they were holding him for years he described. Two kidnappers with tattoos one with a spider tattoo on his neck another with tattoos on his arms. Saying that they were bodybuilder types giving this description of the two men he said at some point he was able to break free and come over one of these bridges this is these. Back behind these buildings the Ohio River that separates Kentucky and Ohio and he came over one of these bridges and ended up in this neighborhood. Now when authorities heard all of this obviously they were concerned not only because a fourteen year old had claimed that. He had been kidnapped but because he was saying that his name was Timothy pits and that case that they've been following for years this was the subject of of many stories long form documentaries about where this missing kid have gone. Back in 2011 his mother took him out of school claiming that it was an emergency for a couple of days they went to a zoo they went to water park. His mom then was found dead in a motel room. An apparent suicide leaving a note that said. Timothy is safe but he will not be found and then for nearly eight years no information about this young man's whereabouts until this fourteen year old kid showed up. In this neighbor us. This is un believable OK so what happens from here he's talked to people he said who he was now what happens. We know that the FBI is coming here to Kentucky we know that. Police from Aurora Illinois which were a part of the original investigation are also coming here to Kentucky it's a multi agency effort they're putting all this together. They're reportedly conducting a DNA tests sit confirm if this fourteen year old is who we says he is. They say that it is possible we could get some results of that DNA test at some point later today. Authorities are also trying to track down those two men believed to be driving a white Ford SUV with Wisconsin plates. Also we've been in contact with family members of Timothy pits and they obviously are are waiting anxiously for some word it's been nearly eight years that they have not known. What has happened to this young man but right now everybody on pins and needles trying to see if that confirmation is there if the fourteen year old. Is Timothy pits and Kimberly are right wing unreal thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"A boy found on the street in Kentucky says that he escaped kidnappers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62169414","title":"14-year-old claims he's missing boy ","url":"/US/video/14-year-claims-missing-boy-62169414"}