14-year-old fatally shot on Queens basketball court

Aamir Griffin was playing basketball Saturday night in New York when a stray bullet hit his neck and killed him.
2:48 | 10/29/19

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Transcript for 14-year-old fatally shot on Queens basketball court
Another shooting also in Jamaica queens this one was deadly police believe the victim on your Griffin was an innocent bystander. He loved to play basketball that it attracted in fact the interest of college scouts Amir was playing basketball on a court over the weekend. When a bullet into his life eyewitnesses aboard Kimberly Richardson live in the Jamaica section fronts Jamaica I meet Kimberly. Well the bill huge stretch of this battle the bomb court where Mir collapsed and died it's now covered with candles and balloons. It's really a beautiful tribute to his fourteen year old has mom and others come here they sit in the bleachers and trying come up with some rational explanation. For what happened. They walk away without one because there isn't one. This Marva adored him. The community. Adored him and what happened to him was senseless. But teenager who just a few days ago was in his glory shooting this winning three pointer it was what a mere Griffin loved to do. I've remember him. When he was up baby Joseph lived in the same block with a mere and his family but the grip since eventually moved here to the Bailey park houses were Saturday night in a matter of seconds so many people's worlds. Came crashing down Amir was on these court was hit with a stray bullet and shields I couldn't come yesterday the caught my heart was broke in. Because. I knew that I held that little boy in my arms are a lot of time. I a boy who dreamed of one day playing in the NBA head basketball coach at Cardoza high school where Mir was a freshman. Will he agreed the fourteen year old high potential. Friends called him buddy that's him on the court in August his smile would light up a room. Good. That now every one in this neighborhood the shock that pain. This stretch. We really his manners. It cuts deep he didn't even live it's all fourteen. U of H out before this happened. They can either play the playground anymore. And their children winter they play wit do they go. Police are looking for these men seen running away from the murder scene in the meantime they pay tribute to a mere. And isn't young man caught up in the violence. Something needs to be done acts this. Stop that Collins got to come off fish eggs and did these kids. Now police are confident Amir was not the intended target it's Manley tells me and they are so busy. Planning his funeral right now trying to con may the so many people wanna attends. For now we're live in Jamaica Kimberly Richardson channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Aamir Griffin was playing basketball Saturday night in New York when a stray bullet hit his neck and killed him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66608004","title":"14-year-old fatally shot on Queens basketball court","url":"/US/video/14-year-fatally-shot-queens-basketball-court-66608004"}