May 17, 1984: Linda Brown on becoming 'the symbol of Brown vs. Board of Ed'

Brown told Ted Koppel on "Nightline" it "took courage" walking into an all-white school 30 years earlier.
2:51 | 03/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for May 17, 1984: Linda Brown on becoming 'the symbol of Brown vs. Board of Ed'
Tonight's insider reports thirty years ago today the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling in brown vs board of education. Banning racial segregation in public schools. It was a bus ride that a third grader named Linda Brown used to take every morning in Topeka Kansas that led to the supreme court's historic decision. In tonight's insider report Linda Brown Smith now 41 with children of her own remember. I had. I made the bomb nationalities and I played with I hit Spanish American friends I had Indian friends I had my friends that I played with. And when September came. They took their school broke the hand and while were blocked from home. To an all whites who but it was very different for me being a black town and I stood on the other side of cancer February waited for the school bath. We can pick me up there and took me to a mouse across town with all black school. And yet commoner was located four blocks from her home. This. A very short walking distance. And being a challenge that age I didn't understand where I could not walk those or block. With their children that I played with baby because of the cholera months he. The father did in fact technique summon their elementary school. And tried to enroll me and that school. I remembered the day that we went over to the school he took me by the hand we walked over to the school walked the end. He in fact talked with the secretary and fifteen with their team oldest child. She in turn went in and got the principal and principal came out and talk with my father and ask him to step into his inner office. And that town NAACP plan went primarily throughout the city. I think it took courage he has for my father and for being twelve of their parents in the city to going to the schools and they in fact I'm here to enroll might now I along with my parents. Became the symbol. A brown vs the way of education in 1954. It made my family stepped out of obscurity right into the pages of history. Brown it was a very meth Terry victory he opened up doors to entertainment. Powell is seen. Education and employment. All Catholics have black. Why has Barbara. After thirty years if you do feel that found a gun off the field. Rich. It's very disheartening to neon sign that her. After thirty years desegregation of schools a still very and that's the issue of Tibet. Linda Brown Smith's forever a part of American legal history.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Brown told Ted Koppel on \"Nightline\" it \"took courage\" walking into an all-white school 30 years earlier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54029041","title":"May 17, 1984: Linda Brown on becoming 'the symbol of Brown vs. Board of Ed'","url":"/US/video/17-1984-linda-brown-symbol-brown-board-ed-54029041"}