1984 Cold Case: California Home Searched

San Francisco police are searching a home in connection with Kevin Collins' 1984 disappearance.
1:47 | 01/30/13

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Transcript for 1984 Cold Case: California Home Searched
Police closed off the sidewalk in front of the house as they began their probe. Homicide inspectors members of the CSI unit and FBI agents went in and out of the house all day. Two sources with knowledge of the investigation told ABC 7 NEWS. They believe -- resident who used to live in the lower flat on the house may have been responsible for the abduction of Kevin Collins. The ten year old boy disappeared almost three decades ago from this neighborhood. Do you have basketball practice at saint Agnes school in waited for a bus down the street at oak -- masonic. The house Swiss police searched today is across from the church school. After Kevin Bennis a nationwide search ensued this picture was placed on milk cartons when -- the first missing children to be publicized that way. Posters went up. Volunteers scoured the city thousands of tips poured -- to police but nothing materialized. Decades went by until a new cold case unit began reviewing the case again the evidence led them to the resident of this house a person of interest who was interviewed during the initial investigation. Police searched his home at that time but found nothing. The cold case unit wanted a more thorough search. This afternoon a cadaver sniffing dog found something in the basement floor city crews brought in a Jack hammer and began digging through a portion of the concrete. The crew from the medical Examiner's office was called -- when bones were discovered in the ground. Our sources say a man named Kelly lived in the house at the time but that he has since died. Michael -- has lived next door for four decades he knew Kelly and his roommate. Never they -- gaze -- this -- -- -- then they never showed it they have -- can't do it cool and everything. No trouble no -- -- and.

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{"id":18354157,"title":"1984 Cold Case: California Home Searched","duration":"1:47","description":"San Francisco police are searching a home in connection with Kevin Collins' 1984 disappearance.","url":"/US/video/1984-cold-case-california-home-searched-18354157","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}