Powerball Jackpot Changes New Jersey Resident's Life

Pedro Quezada describes future plans after claiming $338 million lottery prize.
23:13 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for Powerball Jackpot Changes New Jersey Resident's Life
This is the special hopeful. From ABC news now. Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero in New York one man in New Jersey turned out to be that one in 175. -- A million -- Deli worker ped -- quake -- 1338. Million dollars at the power ball a father of five minute immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He says his first priority will be helping his -- right now. That's taking to the lottery headquarters in Lawrenceville New Jersey where kids -- and his family are at a press conference. Speaking right now is Carol heading our executive director of New Jersey lottery let's. Listen at the end of the -- Mr. case that it would walk into illegal liquor and validate the winning ticket. And so -- may have been here than there when he did that. So we learned very quickly that he was the winner that ticket was validated at 4:17 PM yesterday afternoon. This store where he bought it. He bought that ticket along with one cash five ticket. That was certainly a lucky choice for him it was a quick pick ticket a very lucky quick peck. Mr. case Diana and his wife live in Passaic. He's been in the United States for 26 years and he's been operating owning and operating about -- and say. From 2006 to 2012. I believe he is now retired the I'm going to introduce him to -- we have the Jennifer Rodriguez from the lottery who's going to help translate. Because there's a little bit about language difference here so please. Addressed here -- questions to Jennifer shall translate for -- Posada. -- -- -- -- Thank you. -- -- -- And for the. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Well known -- -- NN and -- Domingo. No but -- and hit -- that -- And though they've photo full skirted while battled they'll come -- the -- -- confronted the -- Bailey quit that that I did and album. None of volume -- and I got out of this open as I think. Can you canceling I think they'll determine. When -- look at some translation -- I went to eagle -- -- -- when I found aunt and to my surprise because I did not know that I was the winner that's why many of you caught me off guard there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's what -- -- -- about their family back and Dominican Republic he said I felt pure -- just happened. Weapon and I do think this Hayden also fingerprints -- -- looked in Wilmington. I don't know I have to think about it minus bacteria that. Nobody one of classical and in the opening minute of I'm not what the but I just can't -- it -- has been around. Years and years and. The equivalent of what -- -- it possible for people to -- -- -- -- must sign on for the senate voted to leave the Republican signers when he stepped in removed from the company we're going on this thing that depends upon what question you're about to me. No question yes -- with -- performance has yet. I think those analysts Daniels BC citizens -- -- FaceBook. When money on doesn't totally out of -- -- I'm new novel they got you. Up telephones that I'm launching my this they've been shown live music. Yes imagine having to wake up every morning at five began -- closing close my -- 11 PM of course -- It's very difficult. You. We will. And the -- little -- and 1000 at the end hold on one of CNN. Look at a lot of -- -- without lights has become a daring him. I think it's the -- that it's the future -- Madison new opportunities are vehemently that committee. It. -- -- -- -- -- Who went up again -- classified media without carefully Dominique and a scene don't they found angels -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I myself thinking about my Brothers are -- both my family is devoted to. Yes. In yeah. Say -- he got to put regular. -- holding out over the open becoming the book and a prominent sort of -- -- the out only days. People but it. Almost a couple. In the -- -- -- The question was found when I want to off court at this -- utility that you had the intention of helping a lot of people and you said at the heart. And you -- gentleman's response has been -- -- my family's a -- humble family and without beach. In the -- -- that. Me -- -- out of school. I was that if I could close my eyes. But. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll convince I have to think about it. It would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they US believing -- the lakers have begun -- -- -- that you think he said well I had to hide him. -- -- Get on the meal not dupage over yes -- -- that not all of going to be got to put it that it's. They don't have the idea. And metal don't look at it expected to -- -- the questions for everybody's benefit. -- I was solo the -- -- believe days. -- -- -- You want to get things have been spotted another name do you feel a cost at this moment he says -- Hi. Yeah yeah. If you're at the second had a little epic on the ability I -- it. And then -- keep writing and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- on the -- these vehicles are. Things you say you -- help your family and what they had no way to help them of course like to see them near their -- they're right beside me this summer about it my wife. -- -- when you're -- -- being out of a thousand reasons. -- to what we're no -- that gave Connecticut but and it can have a daughter with such a practice. I think -- beautiful and that I think that -- apple wireless TV Pope Benedict and -- it -- We've gotten so I'm still not clear on that yet. -- But definitely nothing. They're -- -- cleaned and Oklahoma -- they have one point. -- -- -- Doubt -- and understand. And his children the majority in North Carolina and -- being notified until then yes. We'll. In afternoon. Millicent Williams and Williams -- No -- when I even having tented Dominican Republic to celebrate your winnings I still the -- him. What. Seeing as an aggressive advocacy -- table Abiola amiable guy you put -- -- continuing to equal socialism. Often do not -- Never once allowed previous flag at do you consider yourself a prison with fortunes -- well yes I have always -- got continuously and my mouth and therefore I've always had not. -- -- -- from the hit zero. -- -- Not -- Motorola SA -- -- CBS so. I do I don't vocal. King. I don't know exactly how but I will help those in -- -- -- Good and I can all play -- the -- -- 5% CI. We'll be just that you -- the -- is not a they have won the baseball classic today in the same -- name with a -- there wouldn't. Be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That a lot of normally I can't wait and even that's the way. No Politico -- the -- -- them. Please don't continue in just the way he can no longer worth its -- and at the end and he added. -- -- -- -- -- Where food to include that don't go to -- your cash instead of daddy actually I don't know they got hidden at all those millions who do not -- -- to recant your story. Like that. -- And without losing its audience of Riverside and theater with anybody and I think that's you know you know stay at home and I'm -- hiding losses would mean that the -- -- -- -- the -- of yes I already have on the epic -- we should remember one thing. You know mr. case and I think one yesterday. I think it's it's a little more much of a job to think that he would know exactly what they did today it's -- -- 24 hours later. And it. Men. -- -- Cuomo vault that was -- how many times he played a lot of in a week -- took three times a week. No I was annual -- on moment. Sometimes -- on on the sometimes quick. Kimono -- -- yesterday that thing. When lieutenant become double that. I'm Selena it'll have to change isn't meant so much -- -- go to -- -- but it will not change my mind. And when Lugo went away and don't mean whether it's weather and stand up fanatic so they -- -- gun gallons enough. You know. -- -- None advocacy whom he'd found and -- is -- until Seth -- you know I'm gonna get on the -- the into the photos and we'll get out rather civil good yummy and it -- -- SI want to speak about it because my life has changed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is in the -- it's also put it -- -- -- -- feeling put it by Pyongyang. The on the currency. Where I was basically on addressing the loan facility if I tell you out -- greater tell you round fun. -- -- every decade that you see -- -- -- about what I can tell you that was nineteen is always looking to the country. I would think from what got. It isn't everything there that you would like to practicing you're gonna break just right now live yeah -- -- -- and didn't see. People and particularly when I'm not saying particularly I don't know -- -- given go to someone like. If you but -- -- on this. And at the end I had my feet in the -- -- big if you know what -- believe what is gone basic economic and diplomatic as an effective -- it's on the. Norman OK and I happen sort of KIA and -- -- -- can and so influence in Dominica. If you on the -- -- up a thoughtful -- way and yet to be getting from some people in have to be careful something find good people. It. -- -- -- -- -- I think most of it -- -- thinking that senate I don't care Alina Fernandez was a fact because it's the on the -- -- into the -- -- -- is amazing that you and then that economic at a number and I think none of them and so little more liberal but I don't know can be -- Intended okay. Ellis and closed just so we can have a change of clothes. Later. To have been sandals -- the way us are you that every charity you know leave everything behind -- a question and started life. He said I'm gonna start -- -- think about it. -- That I get on an -- -- Douglas perhaps. 100. Look again in this material may want -- -- -- get -- -- and national holiday an identity and that's how hot golf club how to analyze them in the -- and you'll -- the fennel -- -- But don't you remember about cookies and but -- -- these -- is about as having erased whatever it was that I mean before I can't fall. Let me get everything look at that Kidd. Whenever she wants him. A. That you want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No London today. I think to signal an incident that -- again. If you. Work that. And don't say and -- that it's gotten any policy that it is considering. Went into the digital who we have people of the -- and I don't mean one the process I think -- who -- -- -- -- -- get a -- -- -- -- -- I feel I've I've heard just the thinking he still may be at could be that winner and when it was sent -- -- that kind of filmmaker -- and send them last landing inside. You tell anybody. Foot -- than any other government -- look at it cannot happen. Pick in the book suitable period through Saturday from which to me your name -- -- -- -- instead of it Fahad Al whale me. At his state of the pianist and I don't understand the mindset of the people of -- -- I think. -- Case closed about something and it began and that'd be -- and I didn't. Good -- coming to hold a -- environmental created coming to Holland street food aid. Seek seek the a bank box -- -- Contained to -- whether you guys really got. The question was when you saw yourself on the news with your wife what did you think he has it's real action Abraham. Did you hear that the liquor store and would you please review it later it was slightly bigger. -- -- the -- game -- -- -- then sat in the Barcelona -- every avenue that he gave and I believe -- -- Arafat has a host of buying. No. -- when they -- get coming home. I really couldn't don't sit under the -- -- the -- the little unknown and he hit the -- whether the good side -- what do they look for -- Solid bill store is located on my way to -- -- -- -- work that so when I saw the commotion outside I said I figured well maybe they'll winning think it was openness thought. I've made it so that's my stuff. Compare sales are suing them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would you like to tell all other Hispanics that work hard wake up -- every day. Just like you and responses to pursue your screen. And believe in god. Not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When -- got on the hit me. And moonlighting. -- the industry. -- -- -- It's extraneous lately I think it's give us -- -- Clinton. Speaking about -- the -- Not mixing them with -- down -- -- and being in -- lending opponents of Britain's. We'll tell us to buy happiness -- I can say is that I feel very happy as god has blessed us with this price. Total. I don't. -- nothing nominal capital -- on the quantity to them and the but did you feel when -- -- Altman say hey I'm the winner hey it's me on the prize winner he responded I have no -- my heart wanted to come out of my check I had no way. -- That is -- for the latest yeah. Yeah. Country -- -- -- how did he conquer you and he responded with my beauty. Yeah. And the next thing implemented the -- -- Seneca. I'm not saying that he an -- and that -- moms and councils and doesn't want your son your only season ninety's yes. We work. Close together and formed having -- friends of of many years and it's very close of every -- Waiver. On assignment and bluesy haunt and at -- home. David -- passing Gordon -- from the ages of 23 to five years. You don't. Who know him well in any event. One. He fingerprints -- go to. You'd think about investing in Dominican Republic and Mexico out his response I'm thinking about -- And anyone until we win last night that the U celebrating won't enter the water get together. They're never I don't want to compound -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The question and it. We celebrated together with my brother and it's been my mother had that's what we get after finding out. Okay thank you very much everyone I think that's -- thank you thank you. -- -- And we just heard from the 338. Million dollar. Powerball winner handed -- kids -- Who learned he won just yesterday if -- -- -- decides to take it all now a lump sum total will be 100 and fifteen million dollars after taxes he said earlier his first words when he realized he won war I and the other. Because -- a father of five and a grandfather of one says he plans to help his family both here and in the Dominican Republic with his millions saying his family is humble and -- And now not -- war. He's still trying to -- his mind around his good fortune and doesn't yet know precisely what he will deal with all of his money but he says he'll buy a nice car and he says his wife -- we heard from at the end there. Can treat herself to whatever she wants. He does not plan to immediately stop working at his bodega where he worked from 5 AM to 11 PM most days. A very very lucky man and we're all thrilled at his good fortune. This is meant ABC news special report on Tanya Rivero in new York -- we're going to return you now you are regularly scheduled program. Assistant special with the from in the ABC news now.

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{"id":18816125,"title":"Powerball Jackpot Changes New Jersey Resident's Life","duration":"23:13","description":"Pedro Quezada describes future plans after claiming $338 million lottery prize.","url":"/US/video/338-million-powerball-jackpot-jersey-resident-pedro-quezadas-18816125","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}