50th Anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' March in Selma

On March 7, 1965 more than 80 demonstrators fighting for voting rights were beaten down by Alabama police.
3:50 | 03/07/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 50th Anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' March in Selma
Morning I'm Ron Claiborne and ABC world headquarters in New York this is an ABC news. Digital report. Today our nation commemorates a turning point in the civil rights moment movement. As it marks the fiftieth anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama that was when police attacked hundreds of peaceful activists during the voting rights march in that town. President Obama and George W. Bush former president will be in Selma later today. And ABC's Steve Olson Sami is they are now at the bridge where that violent clash occurred on March 7 1965. With what we can expect to see. And here good morning Steve. Hello to you Ron the Secret Service is here sweeping the city they've blocked off. Many of the streets their authorities. In a boat below. Making sure that there's nothing going on. On the river. We expecting of course to presidents today and first ladies along with thousands of people including some. Who marched across this bridge nearly fifty years ago to this day and were met. With violence by police. This morning the picture many in Selma would like the world to remember black and white families arm in arm. Symbolically marching across the Edmund pettis bridge. You know there's not an unfinished business that. White Selma blacks only young old all united but these are the pictures from the same bridge fifty years ago that have defined this city. More than eighty demonstrators fighting for voting rights were beaten down by Alabama police. President Obama who's visiting today spoke about the civil rights effort Friday. So as not so much about the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because. They believe they can change the cut. They could shape our nation's best. There's a scene in the movie Selma nominated for best picture at the Academy Awards that illustrates the old injustice. Oprah Winfrey who also produced the film plays Annie Lee Cooper her voter registration rejected over and over again. How many KOAT legends and now now. Sixty cents. Me him. Comparisons to current day struggles with police profiling. In the shooting death of Michael brown and Ferguson led to this Oscar winning song from the movie. But in Selma today many are still searching for glory nearly a third of the city lives and poverty. And workers in the auto industry here complained their page fast food wages. Two of the people who were killed here fifteen years ago were white Americans who saw the pictures of Selma in their living rooms and removed to act. And came down to some it's a joint civil rights demonstrators in their protest. One of them was a priest and his widow. Is here in Selma today. Meeting with residents here. Quite an interesting picture last night another interesting picture Martin Luther King the third. Was photographed with the daughters of LB today. All sorts of meetings and re connections that are taking place today. Part of this celebration rock. Okay thanks Steve Steve Olson Sami to ABC news from Selma Alabama and be sure to stay tuned abcnews.com. Throughout the day for all the latest updates on this story including president Obama's remarks in Selma later this afternoon Cecilia Vega we'll have a complete wrap up later. On world news tonight thanks for watching this ABC news did you report I'm Ron Claiborn. Enjoy your net.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"On March 7, 1965 more than 80 demonstrators fighting for voting rights were beaten down by Alabama police. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29465470","title":"50th Anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' March in Selma","url":"/US/video/50th-anniversary-bloody-sunday-march-selma-29465470"}