7-Eleven Stores Raided in Immigration Probe

Franchise owners in New York and Virginia charged in scheme to exploit undocumented workers.
2:17 | 06/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 7-Eleven Stores Raided in Immigration Probe
As 7-Eleven. Several of them of the franchises on Long Island now charged with human smuggling authorities say they -- legally imported workers. From Pakistan to staff the stores. Eyewitness News reporter -- dornin is live in southern Suffolk County Christen. -- -- this is one of the many 711 that was raided this morning I have to tell you people coming here at this point to get their coffee and doughnuts or bagels just. Completely shocked and they see this sign in the front door saying that the -- temporary temporarily closed. And they -- -- more shocked when we tell them what these owners are accused of this 7-Eleven and filled in just one -- and across Long Island that the FBI has raided thus far this isn't video begun at the rate your. Story sold and this morning and there are other raids going on across Long Island as we speak. We're told by the feds that there are also 4711. In Virginia that have also been raided. The -- CDs -- China -- franchise owners are accused of employing illegal immigrants from Pakistan and forcing them to work in the stores. And live -- apartment furnished by the owners the feds say that these owners did not pay full and proper wages. The owners are also accused of arranging they identifications. For these workers. We're told that nine people eight men and one woman had been arrested so far along with twenty -- -- who had also been arrested. I -- people who have been coming to this 7-Eleven instilled in this morning just can't believe it. Oh my god that's terrible I come here every day I know all that all the guys that work here that will very nice people. I can't believe it can't believe it that's crazy. And to -- few expected how widespread this is across the island here are some of the 711 Huntington Islip and cut shot. To -- counts Sag Harbor and green -- of course we did reach out to 7-Eleven for a comment on this are represented. Told Eyewitness News 7-Eleven is aware at today's activity. And has been cooperating with federal authorities during their investigation we will have no further comment until we learn more. The feds say that we should expect several more raids across the country. As they continue to investigate these franchise owners for now we're live instilled in Long Island -- porn channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Franchise owners in New York and Virginia charged in scheme to exploit undocumented workers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19421000","title":"7-Eleven Stores Raided in Immigration Probe","url":"/US/video/7-eleven-stores-raided-immigration-probe-19421000"}