AAPI communities on finding solutions, igniting voices and taking action

Writer Vivien Ho talks about what led her to “come out” as Asian.
8:19 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for AAPI communities on finding solutions, igniting voices and taking action
Welcome back to our generational conversation on API hate and how to stop bit and I will say. This segment is devoted to solutions and part of it is raising awareness and Wendy's shootings in Atlanta happened I was telling my fellow panelists here that ABC news commissioned breaking news special which is. Very rare an hour in prime time television. And I'm never flying down to Atlanta thinking uh huh wish I had more time here we go you know again just like. But I was so glad that we are able to quickly get that message on the air. For a front Friday night twenties when he prime time hour because we knew we had a mainstream audience. And I felt like now that we have your attention let me tell you about what's been going on in my community for years and so really felt like. A moment and then by the following Monday there was another mass shooting in Colorado and are. Window of opportunity for these conversations closes so quickly so let me get back to the teens from before. Vivienne you said that you recently came out as Asian American what did you mean by bad. I'm you know I actually just about the shuttle lives you know I jumped back I didn't come out as Asian American and Alcatel and Dempsey who shepherds us. A malicious content you know I I grew up in a predominantly white suburb of Austin. And I you know. It was he that was an Asian and I've always been agent he can't hide it Eurasian as anybody can commit Asian American Italian try as he my eating hot that your agent should. But. I. Try to downplay it and I tried to downplay it as much as I. You know EU. You bringing the grand this images are too high and shape you don't bring a dump regional real observers. The year street in your hair and you Wear it Apollo and we just don't. You don't make waves and an ego in you all Amy get other Asian people realize. It just wrong when a little difference. Did something wrong with. Having a culture and you know happening. It just being with people who are like TO. In the next it's nice it's not east's. Absolutely. I grew up. It's sad and scared that you know my family's food smelled funny or that we we've talked funny and now I walk into a Korean American. Restaurant in Manhattan minutes and people of all of all different backgrounds than it instills a great pride. In me but this segment is about solutions so be let me turn back to you because. I know that organizations like the Asian American legal defense fund has been working for decades to get. Voter registration bilingual ballots access T balloting tell us what's going on in Georgia vis a vis the Asian American community especially given that there was so much get out of votes energy around the Georgia senate races just this past cycle. And. First time that George is being. Recognized for where and you be able to build a small and racial coalition where eighty I editors are critical import each party is mainly China alone using language. Reach tree and fleeing the cereals. At McKinley Lee Stewart into our only the latest on May eighteen. Sarah lot of nuances. At that for teens UA ED I am being an. Why people needy hesitated. Then it's because nobody had some youth. Tune me people don't invest the resources G voters their act or under any language matters. And example we are we have done emergency didn't forget what he has he is that results come to fruition yeah Denver twenty Heller. And there's three Eagles. Our results people. Job just look at in a snapshot in time where Theres more teens did not me PI internationally. I had actions he's in Georgia and other places for people to understand we are jazz had an important Carter. I'm married and other people who go to the polls and. I'm Angela I'd be curious you and I both have twenty year old college students I know we don't look at. And yet. You know we have that vision envision a both sides of the equation and curious because your from Georgia what you're seeing. In the activism. The younger generation there's been two recent voter suppression laws. That have been enacted in Georgia and forum you know so called voter suppression laws and thoughts on the activism of that generation moving forward. And the older generation for that matter to. Well so might my twenty year old daughter Julie Chen in Georgia Tech she is so very much in mauled to she's very. She was the first time voter this around and she super excited she did all this research and she's you can really seriously. And I think and then there and there's a large class of Asian American young people who wouldn't traumatize. Pie. The anti Asian rhetoric they were really traumatized by what happened in 2016 nation you'll some sense of responsibility we didn't vote and they never gonna take for granted again and these kids ruling. Our generation that will not take care of her hands so they are out there and they are passionate. And I think a third and into teaching people like me being seen as so. I do you think that one thing I want to caution about it is to kind of puts the stuff with humility and an empathy because I think if someone has little bit older. Come I see some new different sides of these issues and so their passion and love the passion channeling all day long. But I do want them to consider that there are other perspectives in sort of like you know incorporate them into what they're doing. Absolutely that's such a good. Parental note because I know is that there is so much device in this that's created in certainly between communities at times. One of the things that we've learned in the anti API hate attacks is that. A full quarter of them point 5% one in four are perpetrated by people who are undergoing some sort of mental. Break. And so what is that for spot what does that say about a disordered mind doctor Chang that sees Asian Americans as as a victim. But also what does it say about the compassion and the understanding that we have to have about what is going on what is going on you know we see these mass shootings. Week after week after week we see a lot of from you know acting out that may have been happening behind closed doors taking place on the streets who would weigh in on this for us. It's insurance or recognize any bad. The mentally ill that live among us are still are struggling. In my stories is working with them and they are actually fearful. You know they're they're they're walking around the world. Feeling under attack feeling very unsafe and so what we're seeing is a lot of aggression that's a response to that feeling of fear there also. Absorbing what's in the larger culture so to suit you know seeing an Asian America and Asian person is a threats. Is in just the product of a disordered mind it is it is picking up on. And and a feeling in the cults her brain and so they're just they're kind of just enacting what many people are probably. Feeling as well. Except they don't have as many in the same impulse control capabilities to commitment keep themselves from acting on that cheer trains and so you know we're trying to survive and thrive. Even though and many of our communities are really struggling. And you can see the extent of the scapegoating because the people who are often attacks of the victims that we've the reported on there's a Vietnamese family in Texas who was slashed like. You know at a at a Costco or something there's a Thai grandfather in San Francisco who has pushed to the ground and killed. That these are folks who are not even Chinese not that that matters they've never been to China and set to be blamed for a virus. Is is beyond. Nonsense and yet that is what the language that is often. Verbalize thumb by the attackers in the midst of these attacks according to police reports so. Again there is so much to talk about we're gonna return and talk a little bit about. Found the model minority myth and the burden of the high expectations that come with fat. I think some of the amino and to conduct more after break.

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"Writer Vivien Ho talks about what led her to “come out” as Asian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77698559","title":"AAPI communities on finding solutions, igniting voices and taking action","url":"/US/video/aapi-communities-finding-solutions-igniting-voices-taking-action-77698559"}