Aaron Alexis Indentified as Navy Yard Shooter

DC officials say there were 13 causalities including gunman, victims names not released
25:34 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for Aaron Alexis Indentified as Navy Yard Shooter
This is this special report from ABC news. Slow growing and then -- -- New York with the CBC news digital special reports the mayor of Washington DC is holding a news conference now on the latest on that shooting at the navy yard. Let's listen as the latest on the investigation view good afternoon everyone. As you know we had a horrific tragedy. Just to -- Columbia today. Campus the navy yard. I'm joined. This press briefing. She -- Hear from metro police department. The district director via -- Valerie -- Whose -- as well. Chief Teresa chambers -- park police. And person who were -- ago. House of Representatives. Congresswoman home home when. Let me first of all say -- and we -- know this is repaid horrific tragedy. Certainly one of the worst. Reason. -- this. Here in the US city. We know these kinds of things -- and other places and other city. As you just won't. Let me begin by saying part. Our administration and -- Goes out to -- families and those who. Go to work this morning think it was going to you know work on behalf of our nation working with the navy are working for the navy. Only to have something horrific. Like this to occur. Certainly I want to -- all the first responders. All the law enforcement agencies and the the dozens or hundreds of people who have. Done such a sterling job. Today to deal with this horrific. Tragedy. Now we followed by chief Lanier and then that was -- Chief chambers she chooses to speak and then -- -- Norton. First of -- I think you know earlier today we talked about the possibility -- there -- -- other suspects. One of those has been ruled out that gentleman has been identified. And is no longer a suspect he's been talked to -- law enforcement officials on. There's no reason to continue in the views that he may have been involved in this. There is still yet another person -- a -- earlier that was a person. In the video who was wearing a -- dollars uniform around fifty years of H. Around 510. African American man and we are continuing to look for him. To determine what if any involvement he may have had. There -- many people -- arrested -- that we think that there is a this terrorism involved in this we don't know what the motive is at this stage. Who obviously we'll continue to seek information about what the motive is but. We don't have any reason at this stage to suspect. Terrorism -- and I certainly it has not been ruled out. We now have. A total -- thirteen fatalities. Including the shooter. We had one additional sense. We last convened. That there -- one of the victims who died at a hospital. As a result of the seasons as he he suffered. -- We have not we don't even know most of -- ourselves the identities. These are the victims -- so we have no information to offer about that. And of course we would not do that until we have been able to assure that their families. Their loved ones have been notified so those who may have questions about the identity of the victims -- nothing that we can offer in that regard. At this point. Two other pieces of information on as chief who the new year. To come first of all want to urge once again the people who live in this area to stay out of the area -- is absolutely no reason. To come down here especially since we continue to seek information about the the person. I mentioned earlier -- of rule -- rule out his involvement in this horrific incidents. And then finally. Those who -- -- minute -- -- about the Washington Nationals baseball game this evening that has been postponed. And it's been rescheduled for one of Clark tomorrow -- -- -- -- 1 o'clock tomorrow and his 705. -- tomorrow evening. So with that that information as an update coming on as chief -- to come up and provide some additional growth. Time as the mayor indicated this is still -- very active law enforcement. Seems so there's still a lot of activity going on. We do realize that we still have to move people to the city and around the city it is now. Rush hour approaching rush hour. As right now I can say in terms of traffic -- we want to keep people obvious is far away from. The area -- and actively invest and it's possible. But we have now open to 95395. And 695. We're asking people to avoid the area around. The -- park. And also that and street will remain close and south capital 211 street southeast says the area for an hour asking people to avoid. This is still an ongoing investigation we are continuing to ask our residents and communities and businesses in the immediate area to shelter -- place. And avoid the areas mentioned -- we finish. Doing what we have to do we are hoping and next. A couple of hours to have information one way or the other. What -- we can. Conclusively say we have all suspects or persons involved in this. Accounted for there are some additional updates -- that have been going out and terms the person and that has been identified as a shooter in this case that information we shared by the FBI. We are still asking for any information from the public we have given. Contact information to -- in Vietnam War -- But still anybody -- has information. To pass on these continue to pass them along to the FBI has cases were continuing to investigate so. I would that sent -- chairman Tim Allen -- her can -- update on the I suspect we do know. -- -- And -- assistant director in charge go to Washington field office of the FBI. It's PA RL AV. We can confirm -- that the -- shooter from this morning has been identified as 34 year old Aaron a -- sense of Fort Worth, Texas. We have posted photographs of -- -- -- on our web site FBI got. And we ask anyone with information about him to contact us at one -- -- call FBI. No piece of information as to small we are looking to learn everything we can about his recent movements such contacts and other associates. -- remains a very active investigation. We currently have our evidence response team. Moving -- -- process the saints where the shootings took place. We also continue to run down every lead and we'll continue to work together on this investigation -- our law enforcement partners. Again -- the public. A look at the photos of the C shooter and a contact the FBI when Annie and all information thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No question. -- Thank you for the opportunity just to -- -- what you're seeing here is team work that goes into every law enforcement public safety. Enterprise here in the DC area every day. Unusual -- over the days the heroism of a number of different entities and their officers. Did make a difference in today's outcome and has the story unfolds we'll we'll learn more be able to share more with you thank you. Just come from the House of Representatives it's not an on lockdown on the stand obscenities is -- -- force the house is not in session today. When this and when when -- -- convenes tomorrow. The moment of silence. -- on yet another heart rate. And -- city for the victims and their families. We take. An attack on a federal facility and power. City personally is intact. Not just on that facility is an attack on -- city. It's an attack on country. I do want to say that the facility itself as one of the most secure facilities and the District of Columbia and we have a long relationship where. -- naval sea systems command. Since we work to bring you. To its present location which started the room who. The entire industry cord or. Which is now thriving. -- or we hope. That. Once the investigation is and once we get back to normal. That the maybe it will be run as it has an -- run ever since the naval sea systems command. Very secure facility it. As an event center and they organizations in the District of Columbia region. -- there almost every evening so they've been able to learn to live with the district yet he has secured. Facility. I mean -- I ask everyone to withhold judgment what happened. This is merely a revolving -- and I wanted to graduate and find. The mayor and the federal officials for keeping honest as well informed as. As they could thank you -- Questions -- what started out there start here. Mary is an issue that he did. Military. I don't know one -- Chief of well. I think only information that we want to really summit gunman will be included information on FBI got and beyond that we're not share any information. This time. Estimated -- has so we can. I don't think I don't think we know that information and frankly. This is a continuing involving investigations. Are certain information -- now preparing to release. The state you know the answers yeah. There you told you earlier that -- war -- Well did you thirteen. Three wounded -- There is the start seeing. People who did. And then there there are probably a dozen more who were wounded. Again we're not prepared to say. What all the reasons some of them may may have been hurt that put it that way. Reasons it's -- real recent information as you know for the what is best part of this. -- -- We don't we don't know that there is second gunman on -- he noted it was a person who was -- did a factor early in this process effectively to. One of them has been ruled out. The other person is certainly not been -- in as someone who was involved in this in this horrific incident. But we're trying to find him to get further information. It. -- I don't I don't think we're prepared to -- there's a lot of questions that are associated with this investigation at this stage. That are best left unanswered one because we may have only partial information. Or they may affect the -- Assistant American. The first the first call firm -- problem -- Arrives. And within. It's literally two to three minutes from police officers were on the scene now internal security had -- engaged. Identify and engage the suspect -- had -- -- that point within seven minutes -- active shooter teams. Inside -- building that into the building. There was multiple allegations that the suspect that was eventually deceased. Both net properties and park police. Our preliminary information. Got -- I don't now -- C suspect is deceased so. But there were multiple incidents within that timeframe. And wish there was gunfight with -- suspect that was deceased. Just. Her. -- is certainly was -- that Juan Ortiz meets in Washington see is officers and the building and moved to the building they -- and it you know about making transmissions and keeping command informed -- but they. Were coming -- -- they went through. Multiple victims there was gunfire still not on this is what. We train for and we were able to pull active shooter teams together. And complements. The partners here -- -- national capital region we're -- -- -- disparate. Opposition different agencies could have been a single team and get in the building within seven minutes. It's there's no question what -- -- -- -- -- -- that it active shooter teams that you have and these were officers in blues nuns everything -- -- And are treating the win. Right. That officers in Asia engaged in their first deployment there are patrol officers that are and uniform patrol to include. The officers that are engaged in the last what appears to be last -- site. Uniform patrol officers on routine patrol then responded to the cough. Com on the scene within minutes I think and the years of training and practicing and coordinate with -- partners has been. All four. There there's a Sony but I can't give you an exact times right now where we know obviously there's still a lot of ongoing investigation we get to that. You know this past summer that we're we're not gonna comment on evidence summer rounds are not a common one. You know any details any evidence recovered -- -- Comment one after action type things right now that police officers that are still actively engaged in civil. Working -- threats all that will come later particularly welcome back in two hours we will do one more two hour. Wal-Mart to our briefing and then will won't do another. -- hours later. Yes yeah the last question this. We're not right now -- -- all the -- back at 6 o'clock thank you all very much consumers. And so that's the conclusion of the latest news conference being held by DC metropolitan police about the investigation -- that shooting as the navy yard. This is the man that FBI are trying to gather information on he is -- elect says he is the shooter that was shot and killed after an exchange of fire. Early this morning after he was started shooting. Inside the navy yard and Washington DC. This is what police this is here and this is what the FBI has for information on -- Lexus that he's 34 year old. That he is last known whereabouts. Was from Fort Worth, Texas. But that he is from queens new York and as we just heard they're not only from the chief of police but also from the mayor as well there. Is a very active solicitation by the FBI to try to gather any kind of information to piece together a timeline. Of his whereabouts. One of the things that they would not answer is whether that man had any military background. That's -- that -- that the police chief nor the mayor would make any kind of comment on. In regards to a second shooter. The mayor and essentially said after being questioned by one of the reporters there we don't know if there is a second gunman. They are still searching now. Once aspect that is described as being dressed in a drab olive. Military style uniform. About five foot ten inches a black male between forty and fifty years old. On and those of the specifics that the FBI has been releasing as they've been on the look out since that first call came -- About twenty minutes after 8 this morning. And as we just heard from the mayor updating the number of fatalities including the shooter thirteen people were killed. From that shooting that took place inside the navy yard just after -- just before rather 8:30 this morning. -- areas still very much an active scene police are saying -- in this still. On lockdown and many of the areas there in the navy yard itself still on lockdown and some of the schools and some of the nearby streets have been closed -- although we -- here. But the major highways and expressways as they have been opened up to move traffic around. To make accommodations for that rush hour traffic that's just starting to take place in Washington DC but. A call the from the police department to stay away from that area as they are still. Treating it very much like -- like an active crime scene. From early this morning and the president also offering his own remarks offering. Note of praise to those that work at the navy yards. And calling this cowardly act. But having a great deal of compassion. And at this point I wanna go to Louis Martinez who is at the Pentagon with more information. On the shooter. What else do we know -- the fact that is 34 year old Aaron Alexis the last known whereabouts from Texas. World and we have new information provided by the navy. It appears that Aaron Alexis 34 years old. How was a navy reservist who -- attached to from the -- in January of 2011. For an unknown reason officials here trying to determine exactly what it was -- is being. Detach from the navy but -- he appears have joined in May of 2007. Is recruit. And then became. Known as an aviation electricians -- -- class. Sometime around 2008. A position he. -- held until he was detached from the 2011. So. Now we know that he has some ties to the navy. There's been some reports out there that he may have been a navy contractor working at this -- -- the Washington navy yard we're still trying to ascertain that officials here depending on. -- -- they don't know what his current role was but now at least we have his military record. That shows a 34 year old Aaron Alexis was at one point in the eighty reservists who served in any -- -- them almost four years. And at this point as we as her from that news conference -- that the FBI is really trying to. Put together of a profile from him. Given the fact that the last thing that they know lewis' whereabouts were from Fort Worth, Texas. And then obviously being born in Queens New York but it seems as -- they're they're really trying to kind of put together a timeline for where he may have moved and or or travel to. Since the last time he was seen. While that it all seems Italian and the -- record that we have here shows that he served as an electrician is made. Any within aviation unit based in Fort Worth, Texas. Believe they're not there is actually -- navy air base in the Dallas Fort Worth area. And this presumably where he worked. But then -- that's where he was the trail for him ends in January 2011. When he was attached for some reason. Com I think there's been some stuff out thereabouts impression with a lot that he may have had -- trying to see if need be there -- some tie in to that but for now at least we can. Verify that he wasn't about Fort Worth area where in what happened in between those two years still a mystery for us. Do we know from these pictures Louisiana going to -- spot are these pictures are -- mug shots are the at these shots that he had taken. Well when he enlisted in the Navy Reserves. Not -- these are mug shots from an incident that happened in 2010 when he was arrested for India that discharge of a weapon. I don't have many in my much ground truth about the incident itself -- but I do know that this firing the weapons what led to his. Being detain and arrest -- Ergo the mug shot and what we're trying to see is if there's -- cause and effect here we between his navy service and -- -- in law. Prosecution -- -- Has the FBI said anything about any potential connection to this other person that they are looking for. This this this other man is five foot ten black male between 4050 years old. The mayor had mentioned something -- that. That this person was seen. On a video. -- -- when pressed for reporters to talk about that video the mayor. Did money going to any kind of details and that has the FBI said exactly -- any kind of connection or at this will be just try to. To pinpoint any people that might have been in the area that might -- -- other had a weapon or. Has some kind of suspicious activity. You know it's -- -- any -- yet. Police have not back down. From this notion that there was another individual potentially involved in this. So they -- run to ground truth whether in fact until they can discount that there was not another shooter in here in this case incident. They wanna run that by and and make sure that that is not the case but until that is until that's proven they're gonna continue on with this. -- that's one of the reasons why they found that other individual that they thought might be a person of interest. It turned out that he was located. And he had -- the connection. With the shooter. But again and like you said mixed signals coming from authorities about war health certain health certain ER. That there is another individual. Involved in this but they -- -- this to ground truth -- given how serious the situation is really is right now. And we also heard about any new information as far as the actual locked on itself because again. That area has been. -- -- -- put on lockdown since since shortly after that first call came -- just before 8:30 this morning along with -- surrounding area. You know as -- been reported there have been some of the major highways have been opened up but a and there's been -- -- to stay away from that area. But our FBI or DC metro police -- -- handling the logistics as far as keeping people out of that area have they given any indication of when they might -- opening up some of the streets. As you noted and it's been almost eight hours since this happened. And I think out of an abundance of caution want to make sure that. Anyone -- the surrounding area is safe and so that's what I didn't take any chances of that said I was told by any official just recently that. The lockdown itself is really concentrated on that 1 -- in the morning and focusing on all day building 197. NEC systems' headquarters building -- is currently. Security. This to shelter in place or other buildings on the need your campus is kinda little little looser and it is for the one. At the building 197 cracked in the focusing their attention and they're being very meticulous as how they -- Hard ABC's them a chance that the Pentagon Lou I will let you continue to gather information on this story of course as we just heard from the latest news conference. Coming out from Washington DC's mayor and the police chief there that Aaron Alexis the shooter involved in this morning's shooting at the navy yard. Was shot dead and right now police are asking for anyone to give -- to provide them any information. On a timeline of his whereabouts of their most recent couple of years. His most recent known whereabouts was in Fort Worth, Texas he was born in Queens New York but. Aside from that the FBI has really released very little information. About the profile. Of that suspected shooter and of course as we've been saying they are still. Looking for another person that could potentially be involved with this a man that is described as. Having -- -- and drab olive military style uniform. Forty to fifty years old somehow spotted in that same area. When that shooting took place at the complete report on abcnews.com. For now I'm Dan -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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