Lawyers For Aaron Hernandez Attempt to Get Charges Dismissed

The former New England Patriots player faces new charges of attacking a fellow inmate and threatening a prison guard, his family.
8:20 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for Lawyers For Aaron Hernandez Attempt to Get Charges Dismissed
I'm -- Cutler and New York developing now another day in court. For former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez this time. For what is being characterized as a legal -- -- in attempts by his lawyers. To have the Oden Lloyd murder charges dismissed and if that weren't enough Hernandez is also being arraigned on charges he attacks fellow inmate and threatens. A prison guard. And the guards family. I -- bring in Jim look at -- WCVB TV it was in the courtroom this morning Jim. Dan -- but desperate times calling for desperate measures that's exactly what we saw the courtroom today. Former patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez his legal team asking to throw -- one of the murder charges involving -- Lloyd but so far. Nothing has changed. There -- -- Hernandez was still looking court during the two plus hour hearing is both sides went back and forth. He -- by his defense to toss the case out -- at least suppress some of the evidence from surveillance cameras. This was. Deliberate. It was persistent. -- some that we've laid out very in the memo. Some of these that in numerous things they did in that vein which we submit are not. Relevance to whether or not he committed this. The defense as prosecutors presented evidence linking him directly to old -- murder one year ago -- him we want to anecdotal evidence including alleged drug use. At a widely circulated picture from four years prior a Fernandez brandishing a gun in a mirror. They called the smear campaign but prosecutors say his alleged actions speak louder than words. The EPA he assisted. The intent I think he's clearly shown from all his actions and not only to set up the production of the -- for the crime. And then all the conscious of guilt about that occurred -- afterwards including his effort. To facilitate landscape -- the other. Individuals prosecutors also described a box found it is -- battle for a home worry allegedly concealed the murder weapon but the defense stayed firm. None of this time. Demonstrators probable cause that Aaron Hernandez. Was involved in the murder of -- And as the -- proceedings wrapped up the judge indicated she would not rule on either suppressing the evidence of throwing the case out. You also mentioned the -- about an attack in the -- -- he was arraigned on those counts however. That's the least of his legal woes right now -- legitimately ask you this read the tea leaves if you can what are the odds that that the judge would -- With the defense's on this. There was some contentious moments in the courtroom because the prosecutor and the judge have butted heads before the past. The prosecutor -- -- judge removed and several cases there appears to be some sort of personal ill will between. You talk about the legal system most legal analysts say while this certainly is an unprecedented. It is extremely unlikely. Jim located at UC VB in Boston Jim thanks so much appreciate that I want to bring an ABC's -- -- Following the Hernandez saga and -- any surprises that you heard this morning from the courtroom. -- a couple one it has to do with -- and we learned a little bit more from prosecutors about why Aaron Hernandez would. Kill allegedly -- Lloyd and they said it had to do with something that Aaron Hernandez had told him. In a bar earlier and maybe he came to regret. What he told him and we don't know what it is the substance of -- we don't know -- it have something to do with that. Double murder in Boston that he's been accused of who knows but we finally heard a little bit more from prosecutors as to why they think Aaron Hernandez. Wouldn't commit that murder because it seems so -- likely Dan he had everything going for him he had a new multi million dollar contract with the New England Patriots. -- that big house in in Attleboro Massachusetts. In southeastern mass and so why and now we we may know at least. Little bit more and that has to do with something that he -- -- Lloyd we're talking about just a few few days earlier. -- you've been following this case very very closely and you know the back story that Jim had talked about as far as the relationship between the defense attorneys and the judge in this case. How then would you rate the chances of the judge actually coming down on the side. Up Hernandez and and dismissing those murder charges. It's a tall order for. Any judge to dismiss charges after a grand jury had heard evidence. And and indicted now we know you can indict a ham sandwiches the old saying goes but it would be. Very difficult vote before you know on trial -- even started which by the way could be as soon as October now we're learning. But it's certainly possible as as a defense -- a lot of the evidence that that prosecutors put out there was just inappropriate and had nothing to do with the heart of the matter. And now there's a possibility that that one of their witnesses that they thought would be a bit more cooperative. For the government may not be so cooperative so the defense -- let's just get rid of -- all. And if you suppress all of this evidence -- that the charges would effectively go away on their own. It's going to be difficult I think and an uphill climb for the defense certainly not impossible though. And the other thing that the defense mentioned is that the New England Patriots have not been cooperative in turning over information. The judge said she would. Issue a subpoena to the -- to the New England Patriots for that information if they can't reach a settlement before the next hearing in July. This case getting more complicated but it is not the phone will only legal world for -- -- -- you almost at this point need to have a legal pad to kind of keep track of what is happening. With this one time NFL player he's also charged in a double murder of two who allegedly. Got into an altercation with him at a nightclub know what what's the timeline of that trial. Well that's that that dates back to 2012 and he's going to be in court on that up in Boston. A little bit later on this month. -- -- -- -- no real connection between the two although prosecutors. In the -- Lloyd murder brought in that other case and said listen this is part of a pattern that we're seeing -- Aaron Hernandez. Prosecutors said today that Hernandez is suspected in at least four different shootings. And now the defense was -- why's that relevant prosecutors said because it shows that he's a bad guy and it shows that he. Had a propensity. To fire guns and so to prosecutors that is very relevant evidence in the -- Lloyd case and that's why they put it in there in the first place. Even though the defense says they should have kept it out because being a bad guy doesn't make you a killer. Prosecutors. In in in each of these cases though is -- to portray Aaron Hernandez. As somebody who. Had a chance encounter. And then it turned into something else and and they they put up on the stand. At least before the grand jury Alexander Bradley who is involved in an altercation with Hernandez. A couple of years ago I I think got to Florida. And in fact had sued Aaron Hernandez because he shot him in the face and -- it was a way to second what's going on with this guy. And Alexander Bradley may end up being a key witness for the prosecution in both north. And now on topple both of those cases her -- -- is also being charged for beating up a fellow inmate handcuffed at the time. Really threatening a prison guard the guards family I mean. Almost to go into NFL vernacular IA -- -- -- -- that -- simply being piled on I mean or just legal sense to kind of go through these charges in this kind of order. Well didn't do. Did that the alleged crimes are what they are in so if there's a crime and -- prosecutors would as they see -- have the obligation to bring charges and and that's where. We are I think the primary charge of murder is going to take precedence and of the murder -- vote Lloyd was charged first. Then the double murder in Boston and then. The the the alleged altercation inside the jail lower Aaron Hernandez is being held and so that's the border. And certainly the murder charges being the most. Serious a lot of moving parts and all of those cases ABC's -- -- keeping us. In line with each of those -- thank you for that appreciate it. And of course you can keep up with the Aaron Hernandez story in real time by downloading the ABC news App Store in -- store for exclusive updates on -- -- For now I'm down Cutler -- New York.

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{"id":24161581,"title":"Lawyers For Aaron Hernandez Attempt to Get Charges Dismissed","duration":"8:20","description":"The former New England Patriots player faces new charges of attacking a fellow inmate and threatening a prison guard, his family.","url":"/US/video/aaron-hernandez-england-patriots-players-lawyers-attempt-charges-24161581","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}