ABC News All Access for Feb. 20, 2020

Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months, Elizabeth Warren slams Bloomberg, and a special look at the "Hidden Kingdom of China."
26:28 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News All Access for Feb. 20, 2020
Tonight on ABC news all access long time Folbaum live Roger Stone sentenced to forty months in prison. But will the president step in departed. Plus just a day after that fiery debate performance senator Elizabeth Warren joins the ladies of the view. And our sneak peek at the adorable animals living in the hitting kingdoms of China new majors but from our friends at National Geographic. Good evening to you one GO but he does all of. That and more coming up this half hour but we begin with that big story one of president trumps closest advisors Roger Stone has been sentenced to forty months in prison. For obstructing justice witness tampering and five counts of lying to congress about the Moeller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The sentence significantly shorter than the prosecutors' initial recommendation of seven to nine years which president trump called a miscarriage of justice. When the Justice Department reduce the recommended sentence prosecutors on the case resigned in protest. ABC's chief anchor George Stephanopoulos has the details. In this special report for coming on the air right now because Roger Stone the longtime confidant of president trump has been sentenced in federal court by judge Amy Berman Jackson. Forty month sentence for interfering. In the trunk brush investigation is charged with five counts of lying to investigators obstructed a congressional probe. Tampering with a witness and now the sentence has come down from Judging Amy Berman Jackson. Forty months remember that the original recommendation from Justice Department prosecutors was about seven to nine years. In prison for Roger Stone that was overturned by the attorney general Dave they submitted a new recommendation. To the Justice Department now the judge has ruled forty months in prison for Roger Stone owner that our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. And Pierre the judge gave a lengthy and blunt explanation for her decision. Well basically she said these were serious offenses that Rodgers still essentially have been trying to cover up for the president. She clearly thought that these were offenses that deserved prison time. More than three years in prison doors it is a very significant sentence for a first time offender on a white collar crime like this George it wasn't she also took she took note of the fact that president trump petty had. Had tweeted on the case had spoken out on the case she said that was serious but it would not affect her decision. Absolutely George she should she was very measure today throughout. As she was also quite upset with the way that Roger Stone had conducted himself. Throughout these proceedings they see it given him at varnish was a number of times and it took considerable time for him to comply with a court order. George you'll recall that he was under a gag order at one point he had. Post is something with the judge New York cross hairs so we see today it poses citizen made it clear that. His act up obstructing congress in terms of their investigation. Lying to congress and witness tampering. Was not something that the court could tolerate your an investor appear and it appeared that the prosecutors in court today of course these were new prosecutors brought in after the original prosecutors resigned. After being overturned by the attorney general and they also appeared not to be influenced by the president's tweets. On this case they said the prosecution was right just and they stood by. And the calls for force the sentence for Roger Stone. Georgia was fascinating that one of the prosecutors today apologize for the confusion and from the court. It was interesting to note that the judge set when she looked at those original our recommendations of seven to nine years she thought that that was. Too much in and she would not consider putting him in jail in prison for that amount of time but the prosecution a date over and over. Didn't make the case that Roger Stone did deserve prison time today Georgian. I thought that was very interesting that they kept emphasizing that there were some upward departures and true to what he could be sentenced to. And that they thought that he should get quote substantial prison time OK Peter thanks from us and bring in our senior White House correspondent see bigger for more on this a quote from judge Jackson's Cecilia. He was not prosecuted as some of claim for standing up to the president. Here's prosecutor for covering up for the president. Of course that the president himself as one of the endless of the Protestant being prosecuted for standing up the president. And he's tweeting right during the sentencing proceedings. Remarkable he has not stop treating through all of this despite the attorney general saying that these tweaks make his job impossible to do. George you know there's this case has become a lightning rod here in Washington. Unexpectedly so and prickly really quickly take a look at the tweaked the president just treated up this morning. Basically. It's implying that the air there is it hard to come for Roger Stone it's not a question of if but when he said what has happened to writers don't should never happen to anyone in our country again he then goes on to treat a video. What are Carlson of Fox News talks about writer shown having should be set free. Donald Trump has expressed overwhelming sympathy for writers don't he has said that he is been treated unfairly. Throughout this process they are good friends Roger Stone is and was a longtime confidant of president trump this is a relationship. That goes back to the 1970s. And in the eighties. But really Roger Stone became. A symbol for Donald Trump and not just because he was front but the KC he became someone who Donald Trump painted as persecuted as part of this which hot this mole or probe and he did not want to let that go in so really this became still became a symbol of everything that Donald Trump sought wrong in the smaller investigation. Of course Joseph Jackson also said that one a stone's mother's with a shield. President trump the big question right now we've seen a spree of pardons from president trump this week will he pardon Roger Stone. Yeah I mean it really seems like this is being that the worst kept secret in Washington georgians it seems like there is a pardon to com. It could be hours it could be days you write I think we're all sort of waiting to see but I don't think this is going to be a big surprise to anyone when in fact if Donald Trump park partners Rackers. Roger Stone has been sentenced to forty months in prison by judge Amy Berman Jackson in federal court also find 20000 dollars on charges of lying to congress. Tampering with a witness we return now to our regular programming coverage will continue on ABC news live and of course a full report tonight. And world news tonight we did here. Our thanks to chief anchor George Stephanopoulos and the team there in Washington. And we're gonna turn now to one of the president's staunchest defenders in congress appearing on the view today giving his take on that big question. Whether president trump should pardon Roger Stone take a look at this do you think. Trial should pardon Roger Stone. I do and I think that it requires a lot of you can't. Of the part and Palomar. I write all my heart and a lot seventies I had people. Bill Clinton including four dollar and I've got other people don't Clinton pardoned sixteen people or member of a Puerto Rican terrorist organization. The planned murders up front however and you got your idea and I got it back elderly a look at what's in the right when we do when we designed our constitution there were vestiges of the British monarch he. That Americans still have some reverence for and one was the notion. That the executive that the sovereign could extend. Unlimited gray did you say here's how proud I I don't resent it well I got an element of -- I have written Imus subject to break she says that what you I recall was borrowed on times that I am I went out what I would not getting out and asked can't we agreed that perhaps that part in power needs to be reviewed and curbed so great question in Federalist 74 Alexander Hamilton writes that the reason we have the pardon power is to serve as a check on a criminal justice system. Which if allowed to run wild could create a great sense of Sanguinetti in our country and so I think that if you look at the original intent of the pardon power we cannot be limited and again but Roger Clinton 46 people Obama pardoned over 17100 Bill Clinton pardons 459. Congress did you answer to the question is whacked. I would I would agree that Rodgers I don't should be pardoned OK for no other reason other than a double standard in this country. Where people like Peter struck Lisa page and Jen Aniston. Brennan unit and have not had any concert at what I can I'm gonna just ask you how about rob. Blagojevich to flee like the Children's Hospital was that a good or I'll all of Gaza got to know very much about. Governor of Illinois. I did into dollar II know Roger I don't know blog go and I'll leave that to others because well. Congressman Matt gates they're asserting Alexander Hamilton's Federalist papers to say trump should use apart in power as a check on the justice system that he has criticized state would ABC news for the latest on the and coming up next year senator Elizabeth Warren. With the most tweeted about candidate from last night's debate in Las Vegas and she's not done on loading on former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg. See what she had to say on the view plus Ben Affleck speaks out on his struggle with alcoholism and an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. You're watching ABC news all lax us. I like to talk about who were running against. A billionaire who calls women fat broads. And horse faced lesbians. And no I'm not talking about Donald Trump and talk about Mayor Bloomberg. And that was presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren who came out swinging at last night's debate. Against billionaire Mike Bloomberg he made his first appearance on stage alongside his fellow. Democratic candidates nothing seemed to be off limits Elizabeth Warren's fiery performance has been making headlines she talked about the. Contentious debate. Her criticism of Bloomberg earlier today on the view take a look. Count process and last night was your night and from the clip we played you pull no punches how you feeling about your performance. You're not I feel good about it I had a job to do and I came and I did it. Yes you did this is Joyce speaking senator. Now you you needed any good night after very disappointing finishes in Iowa New Hampshire. You are very impressive last night very forceful but my question is Al here my question is what's it mr. wreck took a little by going after. Fellow Democrats are not going have to trap all what you're trying to go live to Bloomberg sort of like it day by proxy to get to trap what are you doing that. What the Democrats have to pick. The person who has the best possible chance of beating Donald Trump so this is about beating jobs for up its who's going to be able to do that. And yesterday Mayor Bloomberg announced. That everyone should drop out of the race except himself and Bernie Sanders and they should decide who the nominee will be. Well I take exception to that I've been told to sit out to be quiet enough in my life. I'm ready to stay in this spot I want to attract more high thought. It because what we have to do is get our nominee we get them wrong nominee we lose to Donald Trump. And that's why I started the way I see it. Mayor Bloomberg has spent 400. Million dollars in order to buy his way onto the stage. Does that make him the strongest nominee well let's just start with the fact. That he's a billionaire who has a history of arresting women's. The two examples I can't calling them fat broads and horse faced lesbians. You know. The American people are not gonna take kindly to that. So it's not good enough to learn about it after hits our nominee. It's important for us to raise Nell and see wind it is. That Michael Bloomberg is a risky candidate for the Democrats he is not the one who gives us the best chance of beating Donald Trump. We need someone with rock solid values. Who had such history. Well getting changed. And who knows how to fight I hope you heard that part last night we sit well. All that I'd ever accused of is telling a few bad jokes. Really then why did you sell enough money are given to get on women. Yes. Yes it's just that answered just doesn't cut it and he could have stood here last night and say dad. You rot. I'll let all of the women who have nondisclosure agreements with me right now. I wait so you can say whatever you want about your assigned to the story. But note he is is that non disclosure agreement to take his billionaire position. And he describes although she was just this or she was just that. No we can't do that we cannot let him get away with that. Too many men have gotten away with that for far too long and it stops nail. No one can win the democratic nomination without the support of the African American community and I think that mayor Bloomberg's. It's. Policies on stop and frisk and and redlining. At have been abysmal. But he still enjoys some. Support in the African American community what do you say to that. You know what. I don't know why that's their take someone who understands us probably better than I do but I'll tell you this. I listened last night to his apology. For stop and frisk. And I thought it was just wholly wrong he talked about stop and frisk out was unintended. That people were hurt. And completely glossed over. That the program from the beginning. Was targeted on African Americans and Latino man. That's what it was designed to do this what's it like an accidental. Oh my goodness we're so surprised. And when people were protesting. In New York the city he was mirror up pointy and help. What was happening. No he couldn't hero. So to suddenly years later days before he announces that he wants to be president of the whole United States. He suddenly comes up with all. I'm so sorry that I had a plan that inadvertently. Hurt people. No that is just simply not good enough. It reveals. His character. It re feels his understate ending. Of race in America. Quite the conversation there on the view with senator war we're gonna turn now to a Good Morning America exclusive Diane Sawyer is one on one interview with Ben Affleck. His battle for sobriety the effect it's had on his children. And how these themes are reflected in his new film the way back. All in their vulnerable revealing and eye opening conversation take a look. We're really. Ben Affleck strides into the Xavier high school in New York through with his signature high octane energy. He is fast talking funny. As the gym would do varsity basketball team. Preparing for a playoff games but I don't live in you have do but I got a very good deal. Affleck has a new movie coming out called the way back. It's about a group of young basketball players who need to believe in themselves and a struggling coach who need states to. That he could overcome addiction and reclaim his life. Which what's made us on this issue. OK here we oh nice to see you the next student and looks great I think you're 27 reader prisoner who you know 47. Like I sent you the same time. It's quite visible 47 you can see a market where so. A Hollywood star. Is ready to talk about the fault lines of addiction in his life I didn't do I got sober. When I was younger when I went when in 2001. Which right now look at as a sort of a JV version of what. Really. The problem is also were for a couple years in them I thought you know I want magistrate court to no person and I wanna have wine at dinner and so on and I and you know. I was able to. I was able to four bout. Eight years he too is as he kept a kind of balance. He married a beloved actress they had three children forcing Israel as they drag races. Today. And his career as a director brought him a whole new dimension in Hollywood Ben Affleck. Thank you thank you all very. But he says he learned that sooner or later you're vulnerabilities. Can find you. I start to drink more and more and more and it was really hard for me to accept that that 1000 alcoholic I was second school back I was fine before. You know I just take a break as you just vote out I'd seen it I'm OK you don't mean this is it me. And I started drinking everyday I come home from work start to drink and I just centered Raton pass on the couch. He since he had wrestled depression for years and added there was rocking this in his marriage. And the potent family history we didn't know. Of those little boy whose grandmother took her life and that alcohol and Arabic to its his aunt was an addict. So was his father for me seeing my dad was just she tried every day in the house life. And that's back out worse that was really really painful and I always said I'll never be. I'm never do. I wish she had been sober during those forward Beers but what he's taught me is how important it is for me to be sober now during these formative years for my kids. He's his his mother was his rock. But as has finally broke apart he vowed never to repeat it. As the hardest thing for you to be honest with yourself about. That I was gonna get yours. That that I'd never thought I was in the divorce stated wanna get divorced that it want to be divorced person who really didn't wanna be. A split family my children. And it. Upset me because it meant I wasn't well thought out what's and that was so painful and some disappointing. Union itself it myself. Two times in the last three years he went to rehab. Always worried that his drinking was affecting the children at the center of his life I really don't want my children to pay for arrests. I'd be afraid for you or to be afraid for me which is one of the heart parts of being the child about out. She think what if my dad history what if he tests to stupid if he hands while TMZ. You know and Doug my news fees and other kids to watch it reflects that exists and obviously I saw a little bit us a little bit about it. So yes I guess I did watch some of the whole. Whole thing I know what's looks like to be trucked to washed. I'm relapsed broadcast around the world. And pieces a wake up call about the dead he is determined to be. But it the last half of the year often just got to be that this will pick a lot of the swim meet. I'm just that's where the parents. It's in the cracks it's in the moments where that you're just take them back from soccer. And they say some the profound of the talk about how they're really feeling about something and it's like. That's where you get to be the parent that's the joy of it and that's I don't want to miss. Until he wanted to make the movie about the underdog team that signs of Dick to re on the other side. The coach who comes to believe that what is possible. Is stronger than of his past my favorite scene in this movie and little bit of a spoiler. Is where the my character loses job. Because it's really about consequences. And you understand how. Desperate he has to not have to suffer those consequences now pay intellect can be return you say that we're paying. Their faith tinged earth. Was it do. Its. New go somewhere. It's very painful do dorsett very painful caused Robert painful it did disarm you know if there's an. That your child is suffering that that's a level of pain that is just not gotten pass easily forgiven. Not easily forgotten. And it's. It's hard you're not gonna avoid causing its paying all pain pain as part of life I take some comfort in that. I'm doing my very very best. And I hope that that is you know. You know I it has to be good I have to add that we did you have the choice have to be the man I wanna be at this point I don't have any more room. Four. Failure that act. Ben Affleck they're revealing how important it is to talk about these issues our thinks to Diane for that report. And when we come back here on all access pass to one of China's most remote and wild as natural kingdom stay with us we'll be right back. And you're looking at a terrifying show stopping emergency. That's circus delays Beatles love show when this video obtained by TMC acrobat is seen gliding in the air. Then plunging to the ground circus delay saying quote. The show stopped to allow the emergency team to safely bring the artists backstage. Where he was immediately taken in good care by the show's medical team. That just shows how dangerous these stunts or luckily that performer has nonlife threatening injuries and expects to be back in the show soon thank goodness for that. And finally here tonight we are taking you wanna journey through China is hitting kingdoms going deep into the vast bamboo forests of central China to seek them does. In their natural habitat it's all part of a Nat geo special of that. The giant panda. This country. It is her native home. She's China's national animal. And she happens to eat a lot. A man who. The giant panda hostage who scored. Five course on each home. How did this phone that works like Tom. She can grip it's almost like a monkey. Unique and powerful jaw muscles help colorblind government tough standards and give her. Recognizable. Round face. A few million years ago. The pandas S justice preferred to eat more. These days. They're mostly vegetarian. Then flew it's low in nutrients. So the average man needs to eat a lot of it. We're a long time. Around twelve hours every day. Perhaps that's the reason for this panda mother's big round belly. Own needing. It's because she's just gave birth to her every tiny panda prince. That's only two weeks away he weighs less than a pound. I knew going panda is one of the smallest mammal spoon. Compared to the slice off the patent. They're also born blind. So this little one meets his mom full everything. For the next two years. She'll stick by his side. And teach him all but she knows until the days he's big enough to strike out on his own. With more confidence. He becomes more adventurous. While she shouldn't stray too far. Alone. Baby pandas. Are vulnerable. In some of China's Lawrence. General traditions like Jack. And leopards. The cubs been gone too long. The mother panda needs to find him. With poor eyesight. How does used to heightened sense of smell to hate each other. She catches sends. And colts to him. This 200 pound loan. Mean look soft and cuddly. What she's more than capable of fending off any producer that threats and school com. And who doesn't love fan does to be sure to check out the hidden kingdoms of China airing in a two part special premiere on Saturday. At nine. And that does it for this half hour of ABC news all access I'm GO Benitez and this is ABC news law.

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